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Free Skool Week in September

Ivan Illich | 30.07.2008 14:46 | Education | Free Spaces | London

There will be a meeting this friday, 1st August, at Bowl Court Social Centre to organise a week long free skool in London at the beginning of September.

A free skool aims to confront the hierarchy and inequality which dominates learning. It stems from a belief that the control and institutionalisation of education is wrong and as communities we need to reclaim knowledge in order to develop self reliance. The free in free skool refers to the freedom of learning as well as learning outside of the monetary system. It directly challenges the elitism of the expert and 'doctor knows best' attitude understanding that we are all equal and can learn from one another.

The week long event will hopefully include workshops, skill-sharing and discussions on many topics. Ideas thus far include ceramic oven making, permaculture, squatting, rocket stove making, digital photography, pedal powered wahing machine, gender & autonomous spaces, basic web design, amongst others...

If you would like to help organise the event, facilitiate a workshop/discussion or have ideas for topics to be included then please come along to the meeting this Friday 1st August from 6pm onwards at Bowl Court Social Centre. Alternatively, if you can't make it, email

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