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Free Food Give Away - 31st July 2008

Alex C | 06.08.2008 00:11 | Animal Liberation | Education | Health

The Nottingham Animal Rights crew take great tasting vegan food to the masses and get the facts out about McDonalds. The overwhelming majority of the public are delighted by delicious food and more than slightly concerned by the dubious ethical practices of everybody's least favourite (alright KFC & Burger King, joint least...) fast food chain.

Gimme a pizza the action alley cafe style...
Gimme a pizza the action alley cafe style...

Dotty's cupcakes... yum.
Dotty's cupcakes... yum.

Trust your fruit...
Trust your fruit...

Following kind donations from Alley Cafe, Dotty's Cafe, Veggies, Screaming Carrot and some home-baked goodness vegan food took over Nottingham for a productive few hours. People gushed in awe at Dotty's cupcakes, and went crazy for Alley Cafe vegan pizza. McDonalds customers (or should it be ex-customers..?) got a taste of what a real burger should taste like - the veggies burger, 100% tasty and minus dead flesh and assorted nasties that crafty Ronald McDonald sneaks into his kitchens.

Leaflets were on hand covering all variety of great reasons to go veggie (or even better vegan); be it for animals, the environment or our health.

Veggie food never looked so appealing :) For anyone interested in similar events in the future, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Peace, Love & Compassion

Nottingham Animal Rights

Alex C
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