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Action Beyond Leaders

Your Generation: Students Together for Climate Action | 10.11.2009 17:27 | Climate Chaos | Education | Oxford

**Action Beyond Leaders**
-Empowering Students in the fight against Climate Change

Meeting on Friday 13th November at 1pm in RadCam square

Explore consensus decision making through an open meeting, planning for positive change in the university.
Have your say on climate change and the action that we need to take against it.

At last week’s climate camp on Magdalen Roundabout we had a “Where Next for Oxford University” discussion and came to the decision that we should have an Action Meeting. The idea of the meeting is to demonstrate consensus decision making and to show everyone the time, thoughts and efforts that go into planning an action. It was decided that it should be somewhere high profile within the university and we would discuss various ideas about things that we wanted to change. The meeting should be open to everyone to bring their ideas to come up with a suitable action before the end of term, ready for Copenhagen.

So, on Friday 13th November we will be meeting at 1pm at RadCam Square where we will then move on to a university building and demonstrate concencus decision making in the best way possible: deciding on action to take against climate change!

What needs to change?…You decide!!

Your Generation: Students Together for Climate Action
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