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Occupation at Middlesex University

Middlesex occupiers | 04.05.2010 13:50 | Education

Students currently in occupation at Middlesex University in protest against the closure of the whole philosophy department, which comes after a series of university cuts in the humanities across the country.

After a meeting with the Dean and Deputy Vice Chancellor was cancelled by the Dean and Vice Chancellor, students are now occupying the admin area of the campus.

Security attempted to stop them entering the corridor and called the police, however the police decided to take no action. The students are now sitting in the board room (around 5 feet from the Dean’s office door), waiting for the Dean to show up and address our concerns.

Students are unanimous in our demand: allow us the meeting you promised us. We have voted unanimously to remain here in occupation in protest of his refusal to meet us.

For more information about the closure, see here:

Middlesex occupiers


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