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Local activists protest circus cruelty

led | 15.04.2010 20:30 | Animal Liberation | Culture | Education

Local activists protest circus cruelty

Evening circus demo
Evening circus demo

In the eerie Toton twilight, Nottingham animal rights activists are currently holding daily protests against the notorious Great British Circus pitched at the Japanese Water Gardens (which already has moral black marks against it for the condition of its fish tanks and its exotic pet shop).

There were no problems with the police and the response from the public was generally positive.
One customer came out appalled by the visible signs of beatings she had seen on a tiger.

Forcing animals to perform in travelling circuses which is condemned by the RSPCA as "very harmful", may soon become illegal especially after the damning conclusions of a Bristol university study into circus animal welfare which is the most respected scientific analysis of the topic to date. Animal circuses are already banned on most council land across the country because of the cruelty.

In the woefully small cages of the Great British Circus, tigers, camels, zebras and horses must spend most of their lives, the little exercise they get being "broken in" and trained to perform their unnatural repertoire for gullible punters most of whom will never see the fear and suffering they are causing by patronising such medieval forms of entertainment.

For more information on animal circuses see the Captive Animal Protection Society website:

To get involved with Nottingham Animal Right's efforts to stop all animal cruelty, see:



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