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UK Education Newswire Archive

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Low cost veg in Lenton and Dunkirk

08-01-2009 13:58

This community project offers people a large carrier bag of seasonal veg for just £3, sold weekly at 2 community centres by volunteers.

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The Romanian ‘orphans’, for whom ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) are now fundrais

08-01-2009 13:44

Roelie Post’s book "For Export Only; the untold story of the Romanian ‘orphans’" is
essential reading for anyone who has an interest in this issue. 'The reader is taken along on an eight year travel, and will be shown the story of the Romanian ‘orphans’ from a different light, where global politics and private interests compete with the rights of the child.' Extracts below.

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Systemic aspects of academic repression in the New World Order

08-01-2009 13:24

It is generally acknowledged today that every single individual freedom, including of course academic freedom, has been effectively undermined, both on account of the systemic limitations imposed by the form of the system of market economy developed in neoliberal globalisation, and on account of the corresponding limitations imposed by the semi-totalitarian transformation of representative “democracy” in the aftermath of the 9/11 events. (…) unless universities are directly controlled by society itself (which, alone, could express the general interest) and the academic community, i.e., teachers and students, no real academic freedom is possible. (…) A democratic paideia, therefore, presupposes a struggle for radical change not just in the educational structures but also in the socio-economic structures, (…) there is little (if any) relation between market needs and human needs in the market economy system, in which what determines “market needs” is crucially conditioned by privileged social groups, through the concentration of income, wealth and economic power at their hands. It is therefore only within the context of an inclusive democracy, which institutionalises an equal distribution of political and economic power among all citizens that one could meaningfully talk about academic freedom.

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Palestine Solidarity Initiative Slams Silence Over Gaza Genocide

07-01-2009 18:56

The founders of the Palestine Solidarity Initiative ( have condemned the university's "hypocritical silence" over the atrocities being committed against the people of Gaza by Israeli military forces.

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European Social Center Conference in Barcelona

02-01-2009 11:42

BARCELONA/, 2009, January 8-10.
Network is Coming.

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Protest Against the Israeli Ambassador's Visit to Warwick Uni Campus Tomorrow

30-12-2008 15:19

We've learnt that Ron Prosor, the Israeli Ambassador to the UK, will be speaking on Warwick Campus tomorrow at midday, as part of the Limmud conference. Clearly this is very short notice - it's been kept under wraps as far as I can tell. If you can make it along to protest, then please do, it's really important to have a presence, given the current situation.

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Resistance to Salford University job cuts gathers steam

22-12-2008 17:19

Around 150 job losses have been forecast by opponents as part of large cuts across the university, along with the slashing of courses and funding.

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Sarkozy backs down in face of student unrest

16-12-2008 23:57

Protests over education reform turned violent last week, with students clashing with police in Brest, Rennes and Lille, all cities in northern France that have fallen on hard economic times.

"When you see people confront each other with such violence, when you see the pillage, when you see what we have seen in a country like Greece, obviously it makes us think twice," said Sarkozy.

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ARK (Absolute Return for Kids), EIM Group and Subprime Mortgages

16-12-2008 20:24

Arpad Busson, chairman of 'charity' ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) is also chairman of EIM Group; involved in the Subprime Mortgage disaster which stripped so many people of their homes. He now sponsors Academy Schools in London to help the 'disadvantaged'.

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Italian Anomalous Wave rebellion: General Strike reports etc:

15-12-2008 14:51

There is still a lot of activity in the streets of Italian cities from the Anomalous Wave movement. Last Friday a General Strike called by several unions saw actions, demos and shut-downs all over Italy. Here are some reports from the day.
Also good news of the taking up of The Wave by the ever-expanding school students movement who held a national assembly on 7th Dec. Finally, the evicted Horus social centre in Rome was re-occupied during the General Strike! Italy, Greece, France, Germany - the different movements are still out there keeping it real! Be inspired!

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Sarva Shikha Abhiyan - Indiscriminate spending continues unabated

14-12-2008 01:04

It is very difficult to work honestly in the present system, as many as peoples involved in the Govt. purchase, worked with their hidden agenda's along with vested interests. If they purchased through approved source of supply then local official's of the Education Department feel free to approve sub standard materials, said Naresh Kadyan of PFA Haryana, further he said that deal should be transparent & with the manufactures to avoid any complications.

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UCU sticks to its policy on Palestine/Israel

13-12-2008 17:00

The University and Colleges Union (UCU) passed a motion at its national congress in 2008 calling on members to consider the implications of Israeli universities' complicity in the occupation. A group of anonymous members have threatened to sue the union. The union has stood by its policy but the solicitor for the members has claimed erroneously that the union has backed down

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British Academics receive warm welcome for their contribution to Civilmedia 08

11-12-2008 21:53

This short report highlights British researchers remarkable workl at the Salzburg Civilmedia Conference 08'

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The Bologna Declaration: Mobility of students

11-12-2008 18:44

The Bologna Declaration amplify its rhetoric with the mobility of students.

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Italian Anomalous Wave rebellion: General Strike, Friday

09-12-2008 18:15

General Strike poster Rome Dec 12th 2008
Here are some more snapshots of the debates and actions that are continuing across Italy. Also important is the discussion that comes from the Wave re: the murder of Alexis in Athens last weekend and Greek plans for education reform. Not only this but the actions around house occupations in Rome and the idea to re-occupy the recently evicted Horus social centre.

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Greece, Thessaloniki: Communique from the Ocupied School of Theatre

09-12-2008 09:07

Alexandros was our friend, our brother, our son, our classmate and our comrade.*** please repost it to other indymedias ***

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Parents V Patents II

08-12-2008 02:14

"So everyone has a role to play; its not just the media, despite the fact it is often the target for complaints about marginalisation. Friends, family, neighbours, workmates and service providers can help the one in four of us affected by mental health problems live more easily with chalenges we face."

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Nottingham Trent University backs down in dispute

07-12-2008 21:44

According to the University and Colleges Union (UCU) website, Nottingham Trent University (NTU) management have backed down in their bid to derecognise the trade union and cut back on reps' facility time. This is good news for workers at the uni.
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