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Parents V Patents II

Schiz No Joke | 08.12.2008 02:14 | Education

"So everyone has a role to play; its not just the media, despite the fact it is often the target for complaints about marginalisation. Friends, family, neighbours, workmates and service providers can help the one in four of us affected by mental health problems live more easily with chalenges we face."


Roadblocks to a wholesome 21st Century UK youth society. Because of the continuing removal of life saving services through budget cuts in the NHS mental health department. The fall out of the mental health bill hugging a profit based health care by pseudo-science in this case die hard psychiartry. Ignoring and neglecting be it willful or not the voice of a stigmatized population. The arrogance and fear mongering through professional control. A disrespecting of the other through a dismal lack of faith in an all powerful loving creator has caused a rethinking of 'Relapse', a weakness of the will consequently fine tuned by compulsory medication . For the soul survivor now be a freedom pass, the exodus into the tried and tested and now ASBO prone unit of a faithful, loving and caring family continues despite painful loses. God is faithful. Disregard the stigma. Stigma is no excuse. Run to God. Free your soul.

Schiz No Joke


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  2. Run to God? — Nonsense