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UK Education Newswire Archive

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UCU Abandons Israel Boycott Campaign

28-09-2007 16:03

UCU has emailed members with a notice declaring that UCU had consulted their lawyers and discovered that proposed academic boycott of Israel was illegal. Thus, as the notice alerted, "UCU’s Strategy and Finance Committee was unanimous in today agreeing a recommendation from general secretary Sally Hunt that any academic boycott would be illegal to undertake and cannot be implemented."

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Iranian University Chancellors Ask Bollinger 10 Questions

26-09-2007 23:51

Seven chancellors and presidents of Iranian universities and research centers, in a letter addressed to their counterpart in the US, Colombia University, denounced Lee Bollinger's insulting words against the Iranian nation and president and invited him to provide responses to 10 questions by Iranian academics and intellectuals.

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Alternative Fresher's Fair this Friday

26-09-2007 15:20

This Friday (28th Sept):Manchester Alternative Freshers Fair 2007- NOT a student only event!

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LSE Director ignores assault on academic freedom of Palestinian students

22-09-2007 10:43

LSE staff and students have written to LSE Director Howard Davies to protest his stance on debating a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. In his reply he ignores the plight of Palestinian educational institutions under Israeli occupation.

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Philippines: Another Scandal rocks Arroyo regime

22-09-2007 01:29

ZTE deal to cost US$527 million after 20 years of repayment

Wearing white elephant masks to depict the potential character of the controversial national broadband network (NBN) project, members of the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) staged a picket outside the Senate Tuesday in time for the Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on the project won by Chinese firm ZTE Corp., and stressed its debt burden on the Filipino people.

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KLibera: Life's not cheap in Che(a)pyuk?

21-09-2007 13:28

Kibera Drive Times
News of another squatter war in Chepyuk 300 miles northwest of africa's
largest squat Kibera reveals the west side of Kenya's hoodless generation next.

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suicider worlds end, or . . . . we remember EACH of us. "CYBERBULLYING". "stop".

21-09-2007 12:50

latest news, suicide from tower overlooking hyde park, london, 10.30 a.m, eye witness thoughts about stopping this happening, with reference to latest news about the world waking up to the effect of "cyber-bullying" - a worlwide factor, but also a metaphor for all of us, the way tech is getting used against peoples happiness - by a few inadequate bullies, cheats or frauds sacrificing others to cover-up their lack of thought - for others - the worlds - or for their own imminent future -

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C.U.T.S ( Communal Use Textile Studio), Liverpool.

20-09-2007 09:55

A Newly-opened community resource for creative textile recycling in Central Liverpool, with sewing studio and screen-printing facilities. Details of up-coming workshops for October and November 2007.

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Anti-City Academy Teachers Take To The Trees

12-09-2007 19:36

The Sports Ground Under Threat
Following six months squatting a threatened sports ground, teachers against the Wembley City Academy took to the trees to avoid eviction.

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Media Training Makes A Difference

11-09-2007 11:52

Britain's youth is often dismissed as delinquent, riding roughshod over local communities, vandalising and victimising to its heart's content. But by providing the opportunity to make their voices heard in the local community, Halton Access to Media (HAM) is empowering them to become confident, articulate and productive individuals.

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IRAQ: Between Dealers and Death Squads

10-09-2007 15:35

On May 12th 2005, the United Nations organization which monitors drug trafficking announced that Iraq "is about to become a transit station for transporting the heroine, which is manufactured in Afghanistan and is heading towards Europe through neighbouring Iran".

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Imperial College's wilful dilapidation of Wye Agricultural College

09-09-2007 09:08

The Wye Community Farm tender for the tenancy of the Wye College Farm has been rejected by land agents acting on behalf of Imperial college. it is another further kick-in-the-teeth for local residents of the village of Wye and former Alumni of Wye College...

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Hill Holt Woods Project 2

03-09-2007 13:08

Hill Holt Wood (HHW) is a 14 hectare deciduous woodland situated on the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire border, just off the A46.

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Hill Holt Woods Project 1

03-09-2007 13:03

Hill Holt Wood (HHW) is a 14 hectare deciduous woodland situated on the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire border, just off the A46.

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Israeli fans cursing Prophet Muhammad

31-08-2007 15:00

A group of fans who were on the plane with the team were caught on video singing songs against Muhammad and Muslims.

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Landmatters Coop gets planning approval!

25-08-2007 09:45

Great news! Landmatters Co-operative - a permaculture community of 18 people, who own and manage 42 acres in South Hams, Devon have won their appeal against South Hams District Council's decision last year not to grant them 5 years temporary planning permission!

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Uncertain future in Liberia

24-08-2007 10:59

A petition for restoring communities in Liberia has been launched by and the Liberian Networking Organization, as former refugees return to areas without adequate shelter and safe water.

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11th hour - movie references obscure

22-08-2007 12:08

The new USA "save the world" movie "11th hour", with all its celeb backing, seems almost to obscure the things it tries to explain, but include "blindspots" - or "logic jumps" - that have the - perhaps unintentional - effect of distracting the people watching it from - in these days of "subprimedebtboombustcrashes" is as hard to miss as a Flood.

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Paredes muertas de mi propia soledad

20-08-2007 20:45

Fotografía del autor ( autoría propia )
El día que mi costilla me falte–mi nunca bien valorada Mercedes–me falte (deseo en verdad irme antes, dado que las mujeres son más diestras en defender y entender–polluelos de las familias–, a sus hijos), iré a dar con mis quebradizos huesos a cualquier residencia. ( ... )

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Local Scouts visit Climate Camp + other photos

17-08-2007 14:38

scouts learn about renewable pedal power
Today, Friday 17th August, several local groups toured the climate camp, along with several local residents who moved onto the site to camp.

One group was a local scout group with some of them doing their environment badge. They came for a tour around the infrastructure including the solar showers, compost toilets, solar panels, wind generators and power providers, the indymedia computer tent and rinky dink the pedal powered bicycle sound system. Living locally their homes are under threat from the Heathrow airport expansion.

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