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Media Training Makes A Difference

Peter Muldoon | 11.09.2007 11:52 | Culture | Education | Liverpool

Britain's youth is often dismissed as delinquent, riding roughshod over local communities, vandalising and victimising to its heart's content. But by providing the opportunity to make their voices heard in the local community, Halton Access to Media (HAM) is empowering them to become confident, articulate and productive individuals.

An innovative media training course in Halton is setting the record straight for young people in the Borough.

Aimed at 12-18 year olds (up to 25 if the young person is homeless), HAM's reACT course provides hands-on experience of the technologies involved in, as well as discussion of the issues surrounding, radio broadcasting.

Funded by Comic Relief and Children in Need, students have the opportunity to create programmes in professional Studios, using the latest audio editing equipment. It has been HAM's great pleasure to have helped many young people grow in confidence and employability as they learn more about this exciting area.

Indeed, for those interested in British society and politics, the media plays a crucial role in the democratic process. This is a perfect opportunity for young people to learn more about this aspect of life in Britain today.

HAM is a not-for-profit, community broadcaster based in Runcorn. After our successful Ofcom application for a full-time licence, Halton Community Radio is now looking forward to being on air permanently, bringing the very best music, chat and information to local people.

If you have any queries regarding Halton Access to Media, Halton Community Radio or reACT, please contact me on (01928) 835290. Alternatively, you can email me at

We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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