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11th hour - movie references obscure

xxxx | 22.08.2007 12:08 | Education | Globalisation | Other Press | South Coast

The new USA "save the world" movie "11th hour", with all its celeb backing, seems almost to obscure the things it tries to explain, but include "blindspots" - or "logic jumps" - that have the - perhaps unintentional - effect of distracting the people watching it from - in these days of "subprimedebtboombustcrashes" is as hard to miss as a Flood.

Its the "sharks", yes, but its also the stupid "economy", stupid.

This extract from the new "blockbuster" "wake up world" movie (- after the last Democratic near-Presidents movie broke the subject out of the alt. moviehouseghetto) shows the way lengthy words often have the effect of twisting a punchline into a mystery at the same time as disempowering all the people that watch it when they aint quite sure they comprehend it but somehow think its their fault . . . .
(comments in brackets)
("sic" is a way of saying"it says here, but- hmmm,
is it,see what I mean)

. . . . "the most basic thing (sic!) about ourglobal economic economic system
is that its a subsystem. The larger system is the biosphere, the subsystem
is the economy. The problem, of course, (sic! again) is that our subsystem, the economy, is geared for growth. Whereasthe parent system doesnt grow; it remains the same size. So, (sic! again-again) as the economy grows, it displaces, it encroaches upon the biosphere ("EH, YOU WHAT?" is the scientific response) so this is the fundamental cost of economic growth. Its what you surrender when you grow."

So, words twist to obscure, to - in effect - trigger a confusion effect for most people. Of course, its wrong too, but to the extent that it DOES have a crucial, accurate message, that "message" is possible to explain without confusion etc, OR tripping into the same trap that causes its mistake.

The cash,"credit" economy aint a good representation of the actual world economy, or what the people in the world see as value in the world.
Why? Thats due to the fact that if people sell the same item to other people nine times, the "cash economy" is nine times the cost of that item bigger, but in fact the actual world economy has only got bigger by that item.

So, yes, different, but the "quiet" message - perhaps unintentional - in the prior version is that you have to have less things, if you choose a sensible world without rip-offs, climate turbulence, poison, waste etc.
Phrasing it in a different way is to also explain that without the stupid waste, rip-offs, poison, slavery, "tax-havens", loopholes, ETC ETC ETC ETC we all have more. The "actual" economy - thats good for people too - gets bigger, happier, faster.
Getting played off against each other, distracted, or told we're stupid when we ask good questions or expect people to talk straight - THATS what the world needs less of.

(a few people suspect that the script, etc, of the movie might have got gotten to by "opinion influencers". . . . this seems all too possible!
A thesaurus, or a chat with your straigfht talking friends that are good at cutting the crap is perhaps a good idea - but if the movie does the sort of "INCONVENIENT" mass market thing, its probably a good idea to see it, to defuse the bullshit misconceptions of "its-all-too-complex!" when its all got pretty f****** straightforward these days. People didnt fall for the idea that people waking up to the need to DO something about climate turbulence were trying to steal their fortnights holiday, they dont need to fall for the idiot idea that their "poooor little minds couldnt POSSIBLY comprehend ALL THIS" spin either.)

scroogle "remember wireless prog" for a reminder of the recent surfacing of prior "full spectrum fakery uppery" of a few ex-secret-police-academy- rejects "cunning plots" in the straight media recently. . . . but the exclusion of the old "white russia" types from the tale ( - playing "tail wags dog", of course - ) might have meant a few people missed out on the essential "quis custodiat custodies" moral of these "pasts" breaking out of the vaults - with the key update of the "PPP" watchers getting a bonus for "crying wolf" - or, in actual fact, creating new bogeypersons. . . .to function as "patsies" when prior plots unravel or peace "threatens".