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suicider worlds end, or . . . . we remember EACH of us. "CYBERBULLYING". "stop".

bounceback spprt, rvngr/ nqry crw . . . . etc | 21.09.2007 12:50 | Education | Globalisation | Other Press | London

latest news, suicide from tower overlooking hyde park, london, 10.30 a.m, eye witness thoughts about stopping this happening, with reference to latest news about the world waking up to the effect of "cyber-bullying" - a worlwide factor, but also a metaphor for all of us, the way tech is getting used against peoples happiness - by a few inadequate bullies, cheats or frauds sacrificing others to cover-up their lack of thought - for others - the worlds - or for their own imminent future -

. . . . I saw a person fall from a tower on my way to work today

YES, if each of us is as "special" as others - these days, too, as new ways to "bully" people, using tech, gets coverage in todays broadcasts (R4, 21/9/7), the fact is that tech is affecting the way "the audience" reacts - almost as if the scam was to distort peoples idea of what "homo sapiens" was.
It seems the attitude of certain people in the media (daytime R1, tabloid or "freepapers" or "quality" supplements, etc) seems to almost "guide" reactions to the persecution of others, so that people get a sense of "complicity" with these crimes, or shrug, or collaborate with them - or - THINK loads of others are - that its "cool", to allow the very few sad, inadequate types that do bully or trip up others to pretend its somehow superior to actually DOING things - as if there were FORMULA ONE championships for nudging the people trying to steer, or "tripping-up" races.
But, these days, it seems that new tech is almost getting distorted in a DELIBERATE way to get used this way, as if it was the old "dual-use" tech from the bad old coldwar days - but we are supposed to "blame the kids" when the hi-tech opinion influencer tech used against them is spinning them into "fashions" that are "fashioned" by bitter old operators that have sold their talents cheap.

1 "What number of those dots could YOU afford to miss. . . . if each was 2k in your pocket . . . . tax-free" - a paraphrase of the "big wheel" speech from "Mr Lime" in the old movie about the person trying to get a few cheap dodgy bucks trying to sell poisonous fake medicine to kids in post-war Austria, despite the fact that they died slow, painful deaths from the side effects of this "wonderful new cure-booster", followed up with that typical "we got non-stick casserole dishes from the nuclear arms race" warbux conperson spin.
The movie ends with that lengthy chase through the sewers, as the slimeball doesnt get away with it, if you remember, but that speech is often seen as the "crux" of the secularism-without-ethics rot in "modern" society - that all the bits of the "political spectrum", in different ways, seperate from . . . . tories as much as social democrats or liberals, in ways that alter over time.
Its the "do-as-you-might-others-do-to-you" WE ARE A SOCIETY sentient reaction against "walking by" that is what is under ALL other social codes, rules or laws - in folklore too - but is eaten away from within by the slack shrug, the duplicity of frauds that try to kid each other they get away with it - or - these days - that try to get others complicit, or to degrade or cheapen others too when they comprehend that they dont.

There is too much "short-term"-ism in the appreciation of the strategic effect of "new" tactics - to some extent that refers to the way we judge old "traditional" economic patterns in the world too -

- it is time for a serious discussion of the way new tech, with "old" patterns of that mesmerist "trauma-spin" is trying to sell us a world that doesnt have much imminent future at all - dystopia 0R with wonderful "tomorrows world" labour-saving machines that let us have more time OFF work, etc

I wasnt going to let a person go by as a mere "commuter on the tracks".
Big cities dont always seem to encourage or support people have the time to act like people. Sentient. Of each other, or their OWN "big picture" OR the rest of the world. . . . a bit of extra time, a bit less debt, a bit less getting scammed by the distractions of lousy cheap opinion influencers - THEN we could call each other "homo sapiens"again. "Wise"???? We aint up to "dumb sentient" these days, but our "tech" is pushing us the wrong way.
(- when the fact that people in the USA were "snake-oil charmed" into amazing mystery interest rate mortgage debts by people with as little as a single hours "training" means the entire UK economy plays "boom-bust-crash-queue" pictures over the TV, but we see the cheap opinion influencers defend a dodgy set-up thats shown its broke (got so twisted with alleged "deregulation" that its seems to also fail as the cash-laundry for the criminal "minderbinder" warbucks schemes it was twisted for)

YES, the word "to suicide" as a verb, from old "covert ops" or new "kids" technology, is a fact, YES it seems that we should have that word "GLOBICIDE" for the S T U P I D I T Y of what we are doing to OUR OWN imminent futures too - but all enquirers might decide, in the "global autopsy" -

- we were pushed.
It was set up to LOOK as if it was the "nature" of people,
but most people HAVE SEEN IT, come to their senses,
. . . . we shouldnt let tech-mesmerism, distraction ploys, inertia or a few criminals thugs screw it all up when we are waking up in time

. . . . a different "movie reference" -
Darth Vfagin drags one of his own deafened, confused, sacrificial pawns into his own control room - in these "last days of the frauds" - unsure of his "powers" further away - having tried all over the city, with all types of others, to create that "SEE MY POWER, YOU" (?) EFFECT, to attempt that old desperate wizard-of-oz "the-total-cyber-slavery-weapons-are-here-at-last" deception-ploy. . . . as used from that other bunker in 1945 . . . . rigs a bit of the audiences emp-reaction, forces unhappy minions in ushered commuter vehicles to drop them off outside, with the "we could do this to all of you, in all places" lie - the usual scam . . . . but it aint working. . . . then shouts . . . . "but IF aint working, IT WAS THEM"
CUT-OUTS. . . . FAKE COMPLICITY - a metaphor.
But it takes a heck of a lot to get A FEW people to react that way. We shouldnt allow the rotting fingers of a few ex-coldwar opinion influencers,( with all those misused "defence of the realm" techniques to choke the future from all of us, or those misguided decades of research into certain odd, little talked of technologies (with the accelerating effect of computer power ) to "sell us all to each other" cheaper . . . .


bounceback spprt, rvngr/ nqry crw . . . . etc