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Uncertain future in Liberia | 24.08.2007 10:59 | Education | Migration

A petition for restoring communities in Liberia has been launched by and the Liberian Networking Organization, as former refugees return to areas without adequate shelter and safe water.

24/08/2007 – As part of its new initiative to work with communities groups, launched its first joint campaign today together with the Liberian Networking Organization to call for greater efforts by regional leaders to restore local communities in Liberia.

Many Liberian refugees are currently returning home to an uncertain future. Almost two-thirds of communities in Liberia do not have adequate shelter, while forty percent of the population does not have access to safe water. Meanwhile, the majority of health facilities and educational institutions depend on NGO assistance to operate.

Meeting the challenge to provide communities with adequate shelter, water and education is vital for future development in Liberia. “This should be considered as a focal point for the government and its people collectively and with the cooperation of the international community,” said Moses Zayee Jr., executive director of the Liberian Networking Organization (LINO).

Explaining the new strategy by to conduct joint campaigns with local actors its director, Kasper Jon Larsen, said: “Local communities are the first to experience threats to human security. They are the true experts on the scale of a problem and its possible solution. That is why e-activists is now launching a new initiative to work together with community groups.”

The joint campaign calls on regional leaders from Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone to work together to ensure refugees return home to safe communities. In particular, attention should be given to the school system, as education is paramount to ensuring the future development of Liberia.

Visit our website to join the call on regional leaders to ensure that Liberian refugees return to safe communities with adequate shelter, water and education:
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