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UK Zapatista Newswire Archive

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Mass arrests of Zapatistas in Chiapas

05-02-2011 12:27

116 Zapatistas living near the tourist resort of Agua Azul, were arrested on February 3rd during a protest against their eviction from the tollbooth leading to the tourist resort

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EZLN communique on the death of Don Samuel Ruiz Garcia

30-01-2011 21:05

The EZLN breaks a long period of silence to express their sorrow at the death of Bishop Samuel Ruiz, who walked alongside the poor and oppressed people of Chiapas for over 50 years. He followed Liberation Theology, defined as 'the preferential option for the poor'.

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A Man of Peace: Don Samuel Ruiz 1924-2011

30-01-2011 13:56

Don Samuel Ruiz Garcia, bishop emeritus of San Cristobal de Las Casas, a man of peace who accompanied the poor, the dispossessed, the excluded and the forgotten in Chiapas and the world, has died at the age of 86.

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Need for Zapatistas to spread the truth

09-01-2011 16:57

The Zapatistas and their supporters in “The Other Campaign” are being accused of kidnapping a prominent right-wing Mexican politician. An articulate denial of the kidnapping charges published in Spanish by the Zapatista movement argues that this accusation is another pretext for aggression in Chiapas. Please add your signature to the letter in support of the EZLN (below).

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This Weekend London Sat+Sun Dual Power Meeting

03-01-2011 18:30

Callout for anyone interested in more than just marching round the
park on March 26. We want to draw up a map and a plan. Space invaders,
poets, musicians, climbers, trapeze artists, parachutists,
balloonists, hang glider pilots, tunnellers welcome!!

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Announcing 40 Scholarships in Authentic Journalism in Mexico, May 2011

28-12-2010 00:41

Narco News announces 40 scholarships for the 2011 session of the School of Authentic Journalism in Mexico.

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Screening of Reel News No. 25 - Edinburgh 16 Dec.

25-11-2010 02:09

In the global war between rich and poor we need: Reel News – 90 minutes of activist video.

Featuring inspiring community organisation and struggles from North America plus the fightback against the Westminster Government’s plans for schools in England and the historic joint strike by transport unions against cuts in London.

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Text of leaflet for Zapatista Solidarity International Day of Action November 27

23-11-2010 21:39


In 1994 the Zapatistas reclaimed land in Chiapas Mexico from greedy and absentee landlords, because they believe that the land belongs to those who work it. The last 18 months has seen a new phase of attacks against the Zapatista communities aimed at retaking their land and resources for exploitation by corporations. The attacks have also been aimed at adherents to the Zapatista initiated ‘Other Campaign’ made up of communities struggling from the left and from below. Today all over the world people are demonstrating to highlight the repression as part of the 1000 Rages, One Heart Campaign.

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Zapatista Solidarity International Day of Action Nov. 27

23-11-2010 20:53

Join us on a international day of action for the Campaign Thousand Rages One Heart, The Zapatistas Communities Live! (

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Justice for Bety and Jyri: killed by paramilitries in Oaxaca

21-11-2010 23:29

Signatures are needed: Justice for Bety and Jyri

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'Rural cities' to control and exploit indigenous lands in Chiapas

21-11-2010 18:05

The Government of Chiapas resettles indigenous peoples in new larger rural communities, ostensibly to improve their quality of life. Behind this hide economic interests and a plan to dismantle the EZLN.

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Chiapas News November 2010

16-11-2010 01:18

BoCa en BoCa 9 : English Version – November 2010

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Text of Zapatista Talk @ Bookfair

16-11-2010 00:45

A Thousand Rages, One Heart: ¡The Zapatista Communities Live!

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Writer on Zapatistas gives talk on his new book in Glasgow

15-11-2010 20:01

Centre for the Study of Socialist Theory and Movements
Tuesday 16th November, 2010.
John Holloway (Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla in Mexico)
Crack Capitalism: the New Anti-Grammar of Revolution
Time: 5-6.30 pm, 915 (former T315), Adam Smith, University of Glasgow.
All Welcome.
Bridget Fowler ( Co-Director.

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Venezuelan Community Organiser in Cardiff

15-11-2010 18:48

Tuesday, November 30 · 7:00pm, Main Building, Cardiff University, Park Place (opp. Student Union)
Will include a screening of extracts of the acclaimed film documentary "Inside the Revolution" that Joel Linares features in.

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Justice for Bety and Jyri: killed by paramilitries in Oaxaca

09-11-2010 22:45

On April 27th, in the vicinity of the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala, Oaxaca, a humanitarian observation mission was attacked by members of the paramilitary group UBISORT, Alberta Cariño Trujillo and Jyri Jaakkola were killed in the attack.

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Moving Building Meeting London 11 Dec

07-11-2010 22:57

Liberation: Beyond Resistance
Building a People's Assemblies Movement
Saturday 11th December 1-5pm
Birkbeck College

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Autonomous Community Oaxaca Demo Mexican Embassy London Mon. Nov. 1st - 3pm

25-10-2010 20:27

Day of the Dead Demo Altar

Protest for San Juan Copala at the Mexican Embassy – For Autonomy and against Impunity

1st November 2010 from 3pm

Demo-Altar outside the Mexican Embassy,

16 St. George Street, London, W1s 1LX

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Autonomous Community Oaxaca on the TV Plus Other Chiapas News

18-10-2010 23:15

San Juan Copala, the autonomous community features on:
Unreported World
Mexico’s Indian Rebellion
Friday 22nd October 7.30pm
Channel 4

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Chiapas News - BoCa En BoCa 8

11-10-2010 00:01

New human rights group in Tila and Tumbala.

Ejidatarios from Tila demand justice

The Abejas (Bees) of Chenalho support the harassed Triquis of Copala

The JBG of Oventik denounces the displacement of 170 Zapatistas.


Other resistances: Argentina: National Congress of the Movement of Indigenous Campesinxs (MNCI)