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Autonomous Community Oaxaca on the TV Plus Other Chiapas News

Martin O'Neill | 18.10.2010 23:15 | Oaxaca Uprising | Zapatista

San Juan Copala, the autonomous community features on:
Unreported World
Mexico’s Indian Rebellion
Friday 22nd October 7.30pm
Channel 4


Displaced Zapatistas from San Marcos Avilés return home

Autonomous Supporters Describe Their Last Days in San Juan Copala

The War against the Zapatista Experience - Hermann Bellinghausen - Autonomy Doesn’t Take a Break

Chiapas, Mexico Selected to Host the 2011 Adventure Travel World Summit

Police raid silences Chiapas community radio station

15 more prisoners convicted of Acteal massacre released

Mexico’s Ageing Rebels - The first generation of Zapatistas looks back

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