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UK Zapatista Newswire Archive

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Democracy village, Press Release

22-06-2010 10:58

The case of Boris Johnson vs Democracy Village at the High Court
Tony Benn’s testimony for the defence, Jun 21

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13-06-2010 22:36

SYNOPSIS: The Peoples’ Front in Defense of the Earth (FPDT in its Spanish initials) brings together a number of villages and farming communities on the outskirts of Mexico City, including San Salvador Atenco. In 2002 they commenced a process of peasant resistance to the plan for a new airport that would expel them from their land. After an intense process of social mobilization, the airport project was cancelled. After its struggle The FPDT became a national and international reference for Mexican social movements defending their land.

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update on the caravan directed to San Juan Copala

08-06-2010 21:04

links to the timeline of the caravan directed to Copala

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caravan to Copala - proceedings

08-06-2010 17:25

the solidarity caravan is in the road to San Juan Copala

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Autonomous Organisation in the Zapatista Communities

30-05-2010 23:13

Below is a link to an article on autonomous healthcare in two Zapatista Caracoles based on talks in Scotland given by someone who has been working in the zones for the last two years as a health promoter. The second article is an interview with the same person that deals more with autonomous organsiation in general in Zapatista communities.

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Thanks to the Zapatistas

28-05-2010 19:53

Originally published in Spanish in Mexican newspaper, La Jornada, this article considers what we, Mexico and the world owe the Zapatistas.

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Mexican Community Besieged By Paramilitaries Calls For Second International Humanitarian Caravan June 8th

26-05-2010 19:00

The Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala in South East Mexico has been under siege for several months by paramilitaries backed by the ruling PRI party in Oaxaca. Electricity and water supplies have been cut, schools shut and there are no doctors.

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Chiapas and Oaxaca News May 2010

24-05-2010 17:18

BoCa En BoCa/Word Of Mouth No.5 May 2010

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Battle for Parliament Square - Come, Resist

18-05-2010 20:24

In my life time there has never been a time so pregnant with revolutionary possibility in Europe. The 1st window of opportunity to add to take advantage in the UK may be about to pass, as state functionaries prepare Parliament Square for the Queen's state opening of parliament next Tuesday. Sanitation is not free speech! Come support Democracy Village and ask your friends and every other progressive radical group you know too - the times are a calling for revolution. Let's try and keep the square in the hands of the people!

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There are to be more evictions in Zapatista areas; they warn that they will defe

10-05-2010 19:18

“We love the Earth; we work it, care for it, and protect it. For this reason, we are ready to defend it all costs.”

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Autonomous healthcare in the Zapatista communities

04-05-2010 17:42

“You can't think about health and not think about the river”.

This article is based on information provided by a compa who has been working to train health promoters in two different areas of Chiapas.

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Terrible attack on solidarity caravan in Oaxaca, Mexico

02-05-2010 18:47

The UK Zapatista Solidarity Network condemns the attack on an aid and solidarity human rights convoy travelling to San Juan Copola in Mexico. 2 people killed by paramilitary gunfire.

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Armed attack against Peace Caravan in Oaxaca, Mexico: Two activists dead

29-04-2010 01:36

A paramilitary attack has resulted in two deaths and three missing, two of them comrades of the Red Kaos. The attack was carried out by a paramilitary group observing the convoy, which started yesterday in the Triqui region.

Beatrìz A. Cariño and Tyri Antero Jaakkola have died. Noe Bautista Daniel Venegas and David Arellano, Red Kaos's collaborators and all members of Vocal, are missing.

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Oaxaca: Paramilitaries Ambush International Aid Caravan, Two Dead

29-04-2010 00:28

San Juan Copala, Oaxaca - On Tuesday afternoon at about 2:50pm, people believed to be paramilitaries affiliated with the ruling party of Oaxaca ambushed an international aid caravan en route to San Juan Copala. At least two people are reported dead.

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May Day 2010 Zapatista Benefit Glasgow

28-04-2010 23:00

Saturday 1st May


The Flying Duck

142 Renfield St

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Press Release - Solidarity Caravan to the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Co

27-04-2010 07:40

Caravan of local social movements and international observator tryin toward the militarized area of San Juan Copala, under threat of paramilitaries

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Statement from the UK Zapatista Solidarity Network

20-04-2010 23:05

Statement in defence of Bolon Ajaw from the national meeting of the UK Zapatista Solidarity Network


17th April 2010

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Chiapas Newsletter No. 4 April

18-04-2010 22:24

Boca En Boca/Word of Mouth

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!Zapatista! Public Meetings Additional Info

18-04-2010 20:58