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THURSDAY 24th-London Indymedia Oaxaca Speaker workshop and benefit - 7pm - late

22-05-2007 13:06

THRUSDAY 24th start 7pm, mexican food not bombs, workshop, discussion with indymedia oaxaca - benefit. films, Music & Party till late.

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Indy Oaxaca Infonight reaches Bristol

16-05-2007 22:04

Kebele social centre and Kiptik are hosting an info night and update on the situation in Oaxaca, Mexico as part of a speaking tour organised by the UK Zapatista solidarity network. With Bristol’s population roughly similar to that of the city of Oaxaca, we look forwards to being inspired by what others have achieved!

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Tea Party lives on

13-05-2007 08:15

Basta etc

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Oaxaca Indymedia Speaker comes to Manchester

11-05-2007 13:18

Saturday 19th May 4:00pm at the Saffron Restaurant, 107 Cheetham Hill Road

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Zapatistas Marching for Atenco

09-05-2007 23:28

Reposting of an article circulated on Myspace from tochtli (all lower case)
Mexican Politics needs quality translations from Spanish to English. Many articles are circulated in Spanish of interest to those involved in Social Justice of any kind.
Myspace may be Murdoch - but it comunicates massively.

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Oaxaca Indymedia Journalist comes to Liverpool

08-05-2007 20:57

An IndyOaxaca compañero who is indigenous to the mixe territory of Oaxaca and an avid community radio, video and print and independent media activist with Indymedia Oaxaca is coming to talk and show films in Liverpool on Thursday 17th May @ Friends Meeting House, School Lane from 7pm.

Read more about the Oaxaca Uprising pages on Indymedia UK

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Indymedia Oaxaca Info-night comes to Birmingham

08-05-2007 16:39

An IndyOaxaca compañero who is indigenous to the mixe territory of Oaxaca and an avid community radio, video and print and independent media activist with Indymedia Oaxaca is coming to talk and show films in Birmingham on Wednesday 16th May @ Rooty Frooty at Digbeth's Custard Factory from 7pm - 9pm.

Read more about the Oaxaca Uprising pages on Indymedia UK

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EDO MBM court case 8/5/7 call for support of protester

07-05-2007 22:09


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67 years jail for Atenco leaders

06-05-2007 16:27

Key leaders of the peasant struggle in San Salvador Atenco, Mexico state, have been sentenced to 67 years 6 months in prison, in a vicious act of class revenge. Atenco was stormed in May 2006 by hundreds of Federal police, who killed two, raped dozens and injured many more. The conflict goes back to 2002 when the peasants of Atenco prevented the theft of their land to build a new Mexico City airport.

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Letter from Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group to the Mexican Government and Res

03-05-2007 19:34

In reference to the latest news we have received from Mexico and in commemoration of last years events in San Salvador Atenco.

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Federal Army Harrasses Zapatista Commanders

01-05-2007 14:37

Federal army aggressively harasses Zapatista Commanders and delegates of the Other Campaign.

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Comunicado: Hostiga ejército mexicano a Comandantes Zapatistas

01-05-2007 12:21

Ejército federal hostiga a comandantes zapatistas, delegados de La Otra Campaña, esfuerzo civil y pacífico con otra forma de hacer política, por nuevo constituyente y nueva constitución

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participation not false representation

30-04-2007 12:50

Power to Imagination
from liberal to political democracy ~!

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The Interweavings of the Plan Puebla Panamá

24-04-2007 19:24

CapitalismThe formal re-launching of Plan Puebla Panamá by Felipe Calderón in Campeche coincided with the opening of a new line of credit to Mexico from the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) for 2.5 billion dollars for infrastructure, such as the reactivation and/or execution of various projects, apparently unconnected, in benefit of big capital.

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Indigenous Representatives from All América, and the World, to Gather October 11

24-04-2007 19:22

By Brenda Norrell
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

April 23, 2007

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Campain for the Defense of the Indigenous´ and Peasants´ Land of Chiapas

20-04-2007 08:59

we convoke all civil and social organizations and persons of good faith to participate in the Brigades of Observation for the Land and the Territory (BOTT)

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Detention of David Vengas, APPO member, adherent of La Otra, member of VOCAL

18-04-2007 00:55

David Venegas Reyesafter being beaten by police authorities
David Venegas Reyes, member of APPO, adherent of La Otra, and member of VOCAL was detained last friday in Oaxaca. David was beaten and tortured following his detention, police authorities have charged of drug dealing after placing in his bag 22 grams of cocaine and heroin.

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Zapatista Comandantes Arrive at Mexico-US Border

14-04-2007 00:46

Marcos: “We Will Come and Stay With You, Without Guns, Only With Our Words”

By Brenda Norrell
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

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Oaxaca film night on Thursday 12th April 7.30pm

11-04-2007 12:51

@RampART creative centre
15 Rampart St London E1
(off Commercial Road, nearest tube Whitechapel)

Screening of two documentaries to be followed by a discussion.

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EZLN en La Otra Campaña: no basta con denunciar, es necesario empezar a proponer

09-04-2007 02:11

Delegación Zapatista en Mazatlán
En 2001, los tres poderes del gobierno mexicano desconocieron los acuerdos de paz firmados con el EZLN en 1995, un año después del levantamiento indígena armado de 1994. Tras ello el EZLN ha iniciado nuevas e imaginativas estrategias de lucha en lo interno, en lo nacional y lo internacional. Una de esas estrategias de lucha es La Otra Campaña. Muchos críticos de La Otra Campaña, apostaban a que La Otra Campaña se desarticularía tras las elecciones de julio pasado. Ello se aunaba con la sangrienta represión instrumentada por el gobierno mexicano contra La Otra Campaña en todo México, lo que incluyó crímenes de lesa humanidad. A pesar de ello en estos días La Otra Campaña inicia una nueva etapa.