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UK Zapatista Newswire Archive

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Why DID they "remember St George" . . . . then try to recuperate him ????

23-04-2008 14:31

seeing as its "St Georges Day" today, as current debates discuss if we should call it as a Holiday, a few bits of the backstory you mightnt hear about in most places

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MJB Tour comes to Sheffield

23-04-2008 12:27

The Movement for Justice in El Barrio tour will be hosted by Sheffield Anarchist Federation on Wednesday 7th May @ the SADACCA Centre. The Movement for Justice in El Barrio is a social justice campaign from East Harlem connected with the Zapatista movement who fight against gentrification of their neighbourhoods and exploitative landlords.

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Immigrants Fighting Gentrification!

17-04-2008 09:13

Speaker tour - Immigrants Fighting Gentrification in NYC
7.30PM Thursday 8th May 2008 at the Town Hall Tavern, Manchester
Part of the International Campaign in Defence of El Barrio

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Olympic Movement .. !?

10-04-2008 05:52

Making UK Human Rights Compliant by 2012

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Brilliant pro Tibet protest ongoing in London today

06-04-2008 14:01

comments called for as protesters steal the limelight

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Mexico on the brink?

29-03-2008 12:13

In reponse to government attacks, indigenous join the ranks of the ERPI.

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Repost of a report of protests outside Chiapas State Government HQ

27-03-2008 21:01

English/Spanish Translation report of hunger strike and police reaction in Chiapas by an eye witness Gabriela.

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Go Zap 2012

26-03-2008 17:47

Invitation to 2012 Picnic, This Sunday

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Forum in support of Political Prisoners took place in Oaxaca

19-03-2008 19:37

From the 14 to the 16 of March a Forum to give a voice to political prisoners and spread awareness throughout the country took place in the city of Oaxaca.
During this forum we listened to the denunciations and testimonies of cases such as Atenco, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Tabasco where the injustice and the violence of the State manifest, whilst unjustly holding dozens of compañer@s prisoner.

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Political Prisoners On Hunger Strike In Chiapas

18-03-2008 15:04

Around 40 indigenous political prisoners in Chiapas Mexico are on hunger strike to demand their liberty. The protest has now spread to 3 jails in Mexico's most southerly state.

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Nottinghamshire Zapatista Solidarity

18-03-2008 01:28

Does Notts have a Zapatista solidarity group - if not lets start one!!

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Proposal for Coordination of European Campaign of Solidarity to the Zapatistas

10-03-2008 22:07


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Oaxacan prisoner David Venegas is released.

08-03-2008 19:37

After 11 months illegal imprisonment, David Venegas Reyes 'El Alebrije' has been released.

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Chiapas Solidarity Event in Liverpool

05-03-2008 22:15

Sunday, March 16, 2008
2:00pm - 8:00pm
next to nowhere
96a bold street
Liverpool, United Kingdom

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Zapatistas condemn invasion of community by state police

01-03-2008 19:45

The Good Government Council of Morelia denounces the events of 21st February in the Zapatista community of Bolon Ajaw.

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Introducing The Solidarity Without Borders Campaign

25-02-2008 12:08

Dear comrades,

We are writing to introduce the Solidarity Without Borders Campaign, a
coordinated, sustained, three-pronged campaign in solidarity with
immigrant and indigenous struggles across North and Latin America.

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Repression in Ciudad Juatez, Mexico

20-02-2008 03:05

The repression has included all the critical and urban sectors of Ciudad Juarez, from the curfew against minors, outside any lawful order and despite the opposition of the families of young people; the assault of the residents of the Colonia Lomas de Poleo by the state and the Zaragoza brothers [one of the richest and most powerful families of the Ciudad Juarez oligarchy, also suspected of involvement in the “femicides”. They are one of the owners of the Corona Beer Company so BOYCOTT CORONA BEER!, translator notes] who have made an illegal claim to the land where the “colonos” (residents) live, and now the harassment and imprisonment of the compañeros of collective and social organizations.

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Oaxacan teachers occupy secondary school controlled by the scabs and government

16-02-2008 22:31

Schoolteachers affiliated to the Sección 22 branch of the education union SNTE (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores en Educación) - the main protagonists behind the Oaxaca revolt of 2006 - have occupied a secondary school in eastern Oaxaca under the control of the Sección 59 scab union branch.

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documentary:a little bit of so much truth (Oaxaca rebellion)

13-02-2008 22:41

a little bit of so much truth
In the summer of 2006, a broad-based, non-violent, popular uprising exploded in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Some compared it to the Paris Commune, while others called it the first Latin American revolution of the 21st century.

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15-II-2008.- Contra la Represión en Chiapas: Día de Acción Internacional

12-02-2008 12:42

Poster del Día Internacional de Acción por las Comunidades Zapatistas
Llamada al día de acción internacional el 15.02.2008 por el respeto a la autonomía indígena y contra la represión en Chiapas