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Brilliant pro Tibet protest ongoing in London today

josh dreamspirit | 06.04.2008 14:01 | Analysis | Social Struggles | Zapatista | Sheffield | World

comments called for as protesters steal the limelight

The parading of the Olympic Torch across London today has been totally hijacked by the "Free Tibet" movement....brilliant absolutely brilliant.I wonder how much the cost comes to for London council tax payers in terms of the police operation to escort this tainted Torch across the city.Disgraceful that the I.O.C. gave the games to Beijing.
China out of Tibet now.

josh dreamspirit


Video of the attempted Olympic flame grab!

06.04.2008 16:13

Copied from liveleak, .AVI format.

Good job guys!


List of incidents along the route!

06.04.2008 17:21

A number of arrests are made after protesters try to board the double-decker bus carrying the torch when it arrives at the stadium.

A protester rushes forward and tries to grab the flame from former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq.
She manages to keep hold of the torch and two people are arrested.

Two activists are taken away by police after attempting to put the torch out with fire extinguishers.
The men, Martin Wyness and Ashley Darby, say in a statement the relay is a propaganda campaign by China to cover its "appalling human rights record".

The Chinese Ambassador to London, Fu Ying, carries the flame through Chinatown in an unpublicised change to her route.
She had been due to run near the British Museum but there were fears her presence could be a flashpoint for protesters.

At least 1,000 protesters gather opposite Downing Street where former Olympic heptathlon champion Denise Lewis takes the flame.
Several demonstrators attempt to run towards the torch, some trying to jump the barriers which line the pavement.
Many are bundled to the floor by police, who were out on foot, on bicycles and mounted on horseback.
The crowd reacts noisily, booing and whistling and shouting their protests.

Police decide the torch should travel along Fleet Street to St Paul's Cathedral by bus, rather than held by a runner, after it is surrounded by a group of 100 protesters.

BBCS NEWS website 18.21 today

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Lotsa pictures here and a video

06.04.2008 17:44

You can see from the picture gallery how popular the torch is, running through London in the hands of sporting heroes barely visible behind walls of cops and weird looking Olympic security guards in blue tracksuits. Well done all.

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Police violence

06.04.2008 18:23

At Trafalgar Square the crowds were mostly pro-Chinese flag wavers. Just a few pro-Tibet.

I saw police violence towards a cyclist in Parliament Street Whitehall. I was standing there thinking the torch would pass all the way down towards Parliament Square, but didn't see it so amybe it was taken down some side street - does anyone know? I couldn't get anywhere to see Downing Street due to the massive crowd of demonstrators. I saw this cyclist approaching where I was - nowhere near where the torch would have been and moving away from Downing Street - so he was obviously no threat to anything including the torch. Not even sure if he was demonstrating. A police ran straight into this cyclist and pushing him right over - I would be surprised if he wasn't injured in some way. Totally out of proportion and no consideration for possible injury that could have been caused. Attacking cyclists is not democracy in action.

Brian B


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