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Oaxaca 3rd November

03-11-2006 22:41

Timeline of recent events in Oaxaca Mexico available in English...

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Investigators slip up in Brad Will case, while seven journalists hurt in Oaxaca

03-11-2006 20:35

Latest report from Reporters San Frontiers on Oaxaca and journalist injuries and deaths. Plus three of the five arrested for the murder of American flimaker and journalsit William Bradley Roland have escaped from custody.

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Press Release: Reporters San Frontiers investigates Brads death.

03-11-2006 15:01


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Mews From Mexico

02-11-2006 23:59

Some recent emails from Mexico regarding the situation in OAXACA.

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NOW-attack/evicton radio and APPO stronghold

02-11-2006 16:18

the mexican government ocupation forces in oaxaca, the butchers of the federal police (PFP), the army and van fulls of armed paramilitaries. are attacking the APPO resistance stronghold, and host to Radio Universidad, radio resistance, apporadio - attacking the University.

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Mexican embassy covered in symbolic blood

02-11-2006 13:54

On Wednesday night, London activists threw red paint to symbolise the blood of the people of Oaxaca on the walls, stairs and doors of the Mexican Embassy

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demo mexican embassy

01-11-2006 21:58

again, again, again

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Brad Will and Oaxaca discussion and films

01-11-2006 21:13

Bradley, 25 October 2006
At the rampART social centre (15 rampart street, London E1 2LA)
this thursday evening (2nd November), from 8pm...

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Oaxaca solidarity film evening.

01-11-2006 15:06

Federal Preventative Police (PFP) are still advancing on the city of Oaxaca in the hopes of dislodging the Peoples’ Popular Assembly (APPO.) In the face of an impending military occupation of their city, determined residents are resisting the invasion without resorting to violence. We'll be showing video testimony shot by authentic journalists determined to document the truth about the Mexican state violence.

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Update on Mexican Embassy arrests at Oaxaca/Brad solidarity demo, Wednesday 1st

01-11-2006 14:23

The eight people arrested at the demonstration held outside the Mexican Embassy in London on the 30th of October, have just been released today wednesday 1st November.

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Brad Will Memorial Demonstration Video

31-10-2006 22:30

2 min mpeg1 video of the protest at the Mexican Embassy, Monday, October 30.

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Photos: Mexican Embassy protest in London (30.10.06)

31-10-2006 11:25

Police and protesters clash outside the Mexican Embassy in London (30.10.06). The protest was about the US cameraman Brad Will who killed in Oaxaca, Mexican.

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Photos from London IMC screening at Mexican Embassy

31-10-2006 09:41

IMC Banner
A selection of photos from the IMC screening of Brad Will's final footage at the Mexican Embassy, 30 October 2006.

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In memory of Brad: Pigs go wild

31-10-2006 02:45

At 5pm protestors gathered at the Mexican Embassy on Hanover Square in London.

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4 arrested as London joins Oaxaca protests

30-10-2006 21:06

Attempts by imcistas to project Brad Will's final and fatal footage onto Mexico's London embassy were thwarted tonight when scores of police sealed off the area and provoked violent clashes with demonstrators.

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Solidarity demonstration at the Mexican Embassy in London

30-10-2006 19:19

At 5pm this evening, Indymedia and solidarity activists and friends of Brad turned up outside the Mexican Embassy in London to show solidarity with the uprising in Oaxaca and the state murder of Indymedia journalist Brad Will, 36, of New York City. Initially, there around 30 people, but this quickly swelled to a mass of 60-70 or more people. The initial presence was marked with banners and a small noise demonstration, before the Indymedia Tricycle turned up, followed thereafter by a samba band and audiovisual equipment.

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Oaxaca: Pacific Mobilisations in front of Mexican Embassies

30-10-2006 17:20

Following the occupation of the Mexican City of Oaxaca by the army, an international appeal has been made to demonstrate against the repression to the OAXACA workers and its population.

Demonstration in London: 30th October, at 5pm in front of the Mexican Embassy in London, 16 St. George Street, Hanover Sq., London W1S 1LX. Indymedia London is planning a screening of Brad Will's last footage right there.

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News from Mexico City

30-10-2006 14:19

Subject at mexico city
Body: Protesters, police clash in Mexico City

Sympathizers of the movement that controlled Oaxaca City for months faced off with police in the capital on Sunday

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Call to all independent journalists to support the struggle in Oaxaca

29-10-2006 22:18

The Network of Free and Independent Media in Mexico has published a statement to the people of mexico, the people of the world and the media.

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Electronic Blockade of Mexican Embassies and Consulates

29-10-2006 20:54

Electronic Blockade of Mexican Embassy and Consulate Websites In response to a call to action to remember Brad, show solidarity with the teachers and protesters of Oaxaca, and attempt to interrupt the invasion of Oaxaca that Fox is beginning, join this electronic blockade of the websites for all of the Mexican embassies and consulates in the United States and Canada.