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Workshop recordings from #SheffBookfair

17-05-2015 21:47

Audio from Workshops and discussions at the Bookfair

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Squat Eviction in Mexico City - Chanti Ollin

09-01-2015 01:04

solidarity banner drop in chiapas
Early morning of 7th January, Chanti Ollin was evicted violently by police.
But the resistance continues..

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Beyond Development: Alternative Visions from Latin America

11-09-2014 23:12

First translated edited edition:
Transnational Institute / Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. August 2013
Originally printed in Spanish ‘Mas alla del desarrollo’ by Fundación Rosa Luxemburg/Abya Yala Ediciones in November 2011.

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An Attack on the Zapatistas is an Attack on us all: A Call to Action in Support

17-05-2014 10:59

Justice for Galeano; Stop the war against the Zapatista communities
Week of action: May 18th-24th

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“Two Weeks of Worldwide Action: Juan Vázquez Guzmán lives! The Bachajón struggl

15-04-2014 19:28

Convocation for the

“Two Weeks of Worldwide Action: Juan Vázquez Guzmán lives!
The Bachajón struggle continues!”

From Thursday, April 24th to Thursday, May 8th, 2014: Juan Vázquez Guzmán lives!
The Bachajón struggle continues!”

From Thursday, April 24th to Thursday, May 8th, 2014

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Zapatista Support Bases Under Attack: Call for a Week of National and Internatio

14-02-2014 20:17

Call for a Week of National and International Solidarity “If they touch the Zapatistas, they touch all of us”, to be held from February 16 to 23 2014

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Zapatistas: the wealth of dignity

01-01-2014 13:05

How the Zapatistas, on their twentieth anniversary, are still changing the world

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EZLN Support Bases in San Marcos Avilés, Chiapas, Mexico, Denounce Aggressions

28-12-2013 16:20

A renewal of the attacks on the Zapatistas in the community of San Marcos Avilés. Report by the human rights centre published.

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Zapatistas: twenty years after

28-12-2013 11:48

Mexican journalist Luis Hernández Navarro reflects on the enormous significance of the Zapatista movement, on the 20th anniversary of the uprising.

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Support for San Sebastian Bachajon

17-11-2013 14:45

The struggle of the compañerxs is of great relevance at a global level for the proposal for an autonomous struggle, based in their indigenous worldview ) and for the freedom of the indigenous peoples. National and international support is essential such as the letter campaign promoted by the by the UK Zapatista Solidarity Network.

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San Sebastián Bachajón, 6 months after the assassination of Juan Vázquez Guzmán

24-10-2013 06:06

The ejidatarios of San Sebastián Bachajón denounce the murder with impunity of their leader Juan Vázquez Guzmán, and request the intervention of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation to protect their rights and the integrity of their territory.

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Zapatista Solidarity at the 2013 London Anarchist Bookfair

12-10-2013 14:36

11.00am - 12 noon
The Zapatistas: Latest news and relaunch of London Group
News from the Little Schools of Freedom

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Words from the General Command of the EZLN, to the Indigenous National Congress

20-08-2013 15:52

The Indigenous national Congress has just been re-launched in Mexico to unite the struggles against megaprojects, mines, dams, theft of water and lands.

This is the Zapatista word to the Congress.