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Workshop recordings from #SheffBookfair

ZKT | 17.05.2015 21:47 | Free Spaces | Workers' Movements | Zapatista | Sheffield

Audio from Workshops and discussions at the Bookfair

Free Spaces - mp3 35M

Zapatistas - mp3 33M

Nationalism - Talk - mp3 29M

Nationalism Discussion - mp3 47M

Unfortunately due sound pollution audio from the first workshop was un useable

‘All property is theft’, and when it’s empty USE IT!
WORKSHOP ROOM 2: 1pm-2pm

A discussion on some current and past projects making use of empty buildings to meet needs, not make profits, in Sheffield and further afield. If you have been involved in any such projects please come along and discuss successes, challenges and experiences. Or just come along to find out about some interesting stuff that is – or could be – happening in an empty building near you.

Zapatista Resistances: The Struggle against Dispossession
WORKSHOP ROOM 2: 2pm-3pm

The four wheels of capitalism are dispossession, disdain, exploitation, and repression. Hear an update on the resistance of the Zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico, against dispossession, and the connections to our calendars and geography.
The Learning and Teaching Collective “Don Durito” is part of the UK Zapatista Network, which works in solidarity with the Autonomous Zapatista Communities and the EZLN in Chiapas, Mexico.

So many varieties of nationalism. Why we oppose them all

Talk and discussion

Support for nationalist movements is not just the preserve of the xenophobic and racist right like UKIP, the Front National, Jobbik etc. It is even more dangerous in the hands of the mainstream political establishment who daily drip feed nationalist poison because they are the ones setting the agenda of worker against worker. Yet from Ross-shire to Rojava there are many who claim that there still can be a “progressive nationalism”. In this session we put the entire “national question” under the spotlight.

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