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Chiapas The Resistance - Caracol 4 Morelia

07-10-2004 15:06

Chiapas: The Resistance continues with a report from the Mexican daily La Jornada on the zapatista movement in the Morelia zone.
(translated by Edinburgh/Chiapas Solidarity Group from Indymedia Chiapas, September 2004)

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Chiapas The Resistance - Caracol 5 Roberto Barrios

07-10-2004 14:53

“Chiapas: The Resistance” continues with a report from the Mexican daily La Jornada on the zapatista movement in the northern zone of Chiapas.
(translated by Edinburgh/Chiapas Solidarity Group from Indymedia Chiapas, September 2004)

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The Fourth World War: Interview with Rick Rowley of Big Noise Films

25-08-2004 13:41

Fourth World War

From the front-lines of conflicts in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Palestine, Korea, 'the North' from Seattle to Genova, and the 'War on Terror' in New York, Afghanistan, and Iraq, comes a feature-length documentary from Big Noise Films. The product of over two years of filming on the inside of movements on five continents, "The Fourth World War" is a film that would have been unimaginable at any other moment in history. Directed by the makers of "This Is What Democracy Looks Like" and "Zapatista" , produced through a global network of independent media and activist groups, it is a truly global film from and for our global movement.

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Edinburgh Demo in support of The Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela

14-08-2004 22:00

Edinburgh Demo in support of The Bolivarian Revolution

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Birmingham Indymedia screening: Zapatista - 5th August

04-08-2004 16:40

Indymedia Argentina - Eye of the Storm Films
Birmingham Indymedia are screening Zapatista and Indymedia Argentina - Thursday 5th August 8:30pm @ the mac (Midlands Arts Centre)

The film will be followed by a discussion facilitated by a local activist who has spent time in Chiapas with the Zapatistas.

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We need people eating…

28-07-2004 17:12

Due to amazing achievement which was reached by our vegan restaurant – that people are bringing more food than they are eating - we’re calling you! Liberate us! – ‘Come and eat!’:-)

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zapatista night - chiapas reality check and discussion

02-07-2004 13:52

information, discussion and film night around the zapatista hystory - 20- and where this movement for the indigenous right and demand to "rule" themselves is heading to at the moment - 10-. how can we in the northern city learn from the reality indigenous people are building in their rural,town and city autonomous comunities in chiapas and in mexico. what is autonomy? why?

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Subsistence Economics: Avoiding Capitalist Exploitation

25-06-2004 19:55

"Subsistence economics doesnt appear in any statistics or gross national product.. Everyone may only take as much as he or she needs for survival.. The resistance communities have shown that a life is possible beyond paid labor and dependence.. Self-sufficiency gives them an impressive strength.."

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15-06-2004 12:34

The next In The DocHouse screening is a fantastic double bill examining the destructive and futile nature of excessive consumerism, the effect it has on the individual and the more devastating effect upon whole communities.

Sunday, June 20th at The Other Cinema, 4pm
Thursday, June 24th at The Ritzy, 6.45pm

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Zapatista Coffee vs. Starbucks, Oxford

02-06-2004 15:02

Report and photos from Starbucks, Cornmarket Street, Oxford

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Assaults by "Peace and Justice" against Zapatistas in Tila Denounced.

20-05-2004 10:55

San Cristóbol de Las Casa, Chis. April 26. The Good Government Junta (JBG) "Semilla que va a Producir"in the northern zone, informed today about an assault against Zapatista support bases by members of the "Peace and Justice" organization in the Tiutzol ejido [common land] (Tila township). Now the effected indigenous people find themselves displaced, although the details of their situation are unknown.

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The Zapatistas Reject the War on Drugs

11-05-2004 15:18

Alcohol and drugs prohibited in the Zapatista communities

Mexican Police and Army Grow and Smuggle Marijuana, While the Indigenous Rebels Don’t Touch Drugs or Alcohol

By Alex Contreras Baspineiro - Narco News South American Bureau Chief, May 8, 2004

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Students in Mexico are victims of the Dirty War

03-05-2004 04:10

In the last few months, several students have been attacked and beaten by undercover infiltrators for trying to have a voice in the university councils and the center of activism at UNAM - Okupa Che Guevara - is under threat of eviction. The current situation with Pavel (see below) has had very little coverage outside of the university and has continued to be declared by the media as a suicide.

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Zapatista refugees to return to Zinacantan

24-04-2004 21:44

The zapatista refugees, forced to flee from their homes in the Zinacantan area after the armed attack on the peaceful zapatista convoy on 10th April, are to return to their homes this Sunday 25th April. The zapatista committee of good government for the Highlands region of Chiapas has appealed to national and international civil society to accompany the villagers on their return. International solidarity is important to ensure they are not victimised.

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Two Statements from the Corazón Céntrico de los Zapatistas Delante del Mundo

19-04-2004 11:10

Originally published in Spanish by the Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities
Translated by irlandesa

Two Statements from the Corazón Céntrico de los Zapatistas Delante del Mundo Good Government Junta

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pictures from Chiapas: demonstration on Emiliano Zapatas anniversary

13-04-2004 10:03

arrival of the zapatistas in zinacantan
Here are some pictures of the demonstration by Zapatistas at the 85th anniversary of the death of general Emiliano Zapata, in the highlands of Chiapas in Mexico.

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4ww screening in Edinburgh

27-03-2004 15:49

Video fourth world war

A war without a battlefield.
A war without an enemy.
A war that is everywhere.
A thousand civil wars.
A war without end.

11th of April, 7.30 pm at the Forest, 3 Bristo Square, Edinburgh.
Presented by the local "Dissent with the G8"- network group Reshape.

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AP Report: Zapatistas increasing military training and recruitment

24-03-2004 10:32

The following Associated Press report has been taken from the Chiapas Link mailing list, a reliable source of information about the Zapatistas struggles.

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festival of resistance - Blackwood

17-03-2004 18:33

An open invitation to laugh in the face of doom and have a dance before the storm of global capitalism.
Bring what you expect to find: live music, lights, juggling skills, climbing workshops, love and talents.

Blackwood woods, (protest site), Blackwood, south Wales

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Monster Makers at work

07-03-2004 19:31

History is full of Monster figures, but none come close to khomeini and those who gave birth to him & Islamist terrorists.