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2 Zapatistas assassinated in Simojovel

23-02-2004 18:13

The assassination of two zapatista supporters in Simojovel - the Assembly of Good Government "Centric Heart of the Zapatistas In front of the World" denounces this double murder and the system of impunity which allows such crimes.

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Beyond TV/Do Summat events 16th-19 Feb at the University of Manchester

07-02-2004 12:01

DoSummat: Get Clued Up
Beyond TV/Do Summat events in Participation week (16th-19th Feb) at the University of Manchester Students Union

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Leeds Central America Solidarity Group invite YOU to our ceilidh

31-01-2004 13:49

everyone's welcome!

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Zapatista film night in Edinburgh

30-01-2004 13:07

To raise awareness of the Zapatista struggle, the Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group is organising a film night in the Forest Cafe on Sunday the 8th of February.

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Indymedia Cinema Tonight! - Zapatista Anniversary Screening

29-01-2004 15:27

London Indymedia Cinema - tonight Thursday 29 January!

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"Trading Freedom" Film Screening

28-01-2004 13:13

Scots against the FTAA
8 pm, Sunday 8 February @ the Forest Cafe, 3 Bristo Place, Edinburgh

8 pm, Monday, 9 February, venue changed to Mono Cafe, 12 Kings Court, King Street, Glasgow, G1 5RB

"Trading Freedom: the secret life of the FTAA" offers an explanation of the Free Trade Area of Americas, a proposed economic zone that will regulate the economic activity of one-sixth of humanity, overriding local democracy in favour of "rights" for multinational corporations throughout the Americas. This film is the story of those who resist - indigenous struggles, working-class organizations, women in rebellion, media activists, and a huge network of NGOs.

"Footage from Chiapas, Quebec City, Sao Paulo, Akwesasne and Tijuana, plus the combined efforts of over 100 videographers, photographers, free radio outlaws, writers, editors, techs, and rabble-rousers make this the perfect evening out." -- Luther Blisset

The film is presented by the film maker from Cambridge Imc and by the Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Campaign, Indymedia Scotland, the Camcorder Guerillas, and the Glasgow Chiapas Solidarity Group.

In addition there will be a screening of "Voice of the Voiceless" - a documentary film about Radio Insurgente and footage from the latest FTAA protests in Miami.

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23 homes of zapatistas burned down in Montes Azules

26-01-2004 23:32

The Human Rights Center Bartolome de las Casas transmits this denuncia received yesterday, 22nd of January, 2004, regarding the burning of houses and the detention of the citizen Joshué Jiménez Cruz in the community Nuevo San Rafael, located in the Montes Azules Biosphere reserve.

Human Rights Center Bartolome de las Casas 23rd January, 2004

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Indymedia Cinema - Zapatista Anniversary Screening

23-01-2004 17:53

Indymedia Cinema @ The Other Cinema

Zapatista Anniversary Screening

Films in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the Zapatista indigenous uprising.

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Riot Police Storm Indigenous Town in Mexico Leaving Two Dead, ...

19-01-2004 19:06

Wed Jan 14, 9:04 PM ET -- Mexican riot police (thugs and murders)
Dissidents battled police Wednesday in a small town south of Mexico City after police entered to reinstate a mayor run out by opponents.

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Tlalnepantla repression update

19-01-2004 18:42

FYI the situation is deteriorating. Three human rights observation
missions tried to enter Tlalnepantla yesterday to look for refugees living in the hills above the town.

One group was small, and was able to pass, but as they walked through the woods a police helicopter was following them, (hovering only 100 feet above ground) and so the refugees ran away.

The other group contained people from Atenco, and was greeted by 200 riot police. Without warning, they were attacked, tear gassed, and bones were broken. I was almost arrested (and would have been deported) but was able to escape when the police were distracted.
One German international observer was detained and we believe he was deported.

The third mission arrived at nightfall. We sent only women, and so the police were obliged to let them pass. However, they were heavily escorted by police. They delivered food to women and children hiding in
their homes, afraid to turn on the lights or go outside. Their husbands are missing. One baby died because medical care was unavailable. My wife, a doctor, was able to treat some people.

This story is simply not getting the attention it deserves. It is worse than Chiapas, where the people and their allies are at least in a position to defend themselves.


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Riot Police Storm indigenous autonomous town, south of Mexico City

18-01-2004 23:06

State of Morelos, Mexico
January 15 2004

Last January 11, the inhabitants of the municipality of Tlaneplanta in the state of Morelos gathered in the public square for the setting up of the People’s Autonomous Council.

It was following several repressive acts and the violation of common law by the State authorities that the inhabitants, gathered in assembly, decided the appointment of said council.
However, and despite the fact that the State governor, Sergio Estrada Cajigal, had declared publicly that no display of public force would take place, yesterday (14 January) at least 800 operatives forced their way into Tlaneplanta to take the Town Council. In the confrontation that ensued at least 1 rebel died and another 12 people were injured.
Article extracted from “La Jornada de Morelos”.

Translation of the feature from Chiapas Indymedia Centre.

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Anarchists need your help!!

15-01-2004 00:41

Phase 1 of the revolution has been done now we need to move to da second phase!
When I came across this I thought they needed da help.

Brothers & Sisters,
Help your people achive this objective. We understand dat yo all very busy trying to understand the 20004 capitalistic box. Da box is there to to destroy you and your collectives.

Love from yuganda collective!

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Chiapas, Mexico: Beginning the New Year in Reality

09-01-2004 01:24

A description of the new year's events in La Realidad, and how movements in the US need, now more than ever, to try and learn from the examples set by the Zapatistas.

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EZLN 10 Years After, The Struggle Continues

08-01-2004 22:01

EZLN, 1st January 1994

1st January 2004 marks 10 Years since the EZLN's uprising in Chiapas (Mexico's south east), and 20 years of modern Zapatismo.

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Analysis: GOP Losing Early Battles

07-01-2004 16:01

Why did RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie attack 's
Bush in 30 Seconds campaign with all his might on "Fox News Sunday?"

Because it hurt like a killing blow.

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Sheffield Zapatista Party

04-01-2004 20:47

Solidarity with the Zapatistas
Sheffield people celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Zapatista uprising.

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Zapatista 10th Anniversary Cellebration In Barcelona

01-01-2004 21:30

EZLN Party Flyer
Zapatista solidarity new year´s party in Barcelona´s area of L'Hospitalet

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Zapatista Clear Spot on Resonance104.4FM

24-12-2003 10:25

Clear Spot 19:00 - 20:30 GMT Thursday 1st January 04 Resonance104.4FM in London and streamed worldwide at

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21-12-2003 16:58

come along and bring books to be read, discussed, written, swapt, given as gifts or burned. we will decide which books are to be burned and soak them in parafin overnight for the book burning the next day.

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>>DIRECT ACTION - JAN. 31st, 2004 against Borders, states and capital

20-12-2003 14:02

>>DIRECT ACTION - JAN. 31st, 2004 against Borders, states and capital

Europe-wide day of action in solidarity with immigrants, called by migrant
groups from around Europe. A gathering is being organised, for January 17th. More details soon: