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Federal police reported at Oaxaca radio station

29-10-2006 20:08

In the last few minutes the IMC live feed claimed the Mexcian federal police (PFP) were advancing on the occupied university radio station and were already in the building.

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Messages from Oaxaca

29-10-2006 16:04

Messages from Oaxaca About the situation there.

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Nottingham response to the killing of Indymedia volunteer Brad Will in Mexico

29-10-2006 11:57

I am writing this article to start working on a response from Nottingham to the brutal killing of Indymedia volunteer Brad Will, while filming at a demonstration in Oaxaca, Mexico on Friday. While Brad worked with New York Indymedia, these issues effect us all and solidarity actions have already taken place in New York, San Fransisco, Chile, Brasil, Canada, and have been planned to happen all over. What could Nottinghams response be? Some people from the Oaxaca region came to speak in Nottingham nearly 2 years ago when their situation grew from bad to worse. Now the situation is one of state assassins, violence and continues repression. What shall we do?

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Mexico: Killing a journalist can't kill the resistance

29-10-2006 06:58

Mexico's repression and the people's uprising: "In this social context, several independent international and national media were present in Oaxaca spreading the stories of the Oaxacan people's struggle. Will Bradley Roland, correspondent of New York City Indymedia, also arrived to the city of Oaxaca." - And was shot.

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video of brad - indymedia volunteer shot dead

29-10-2006 06:51

dont complain organise.

they killed one of us

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Llama EZLN a la solidaridad con Oaxaca

29-10-2006 02:37

México, 27 de octubre de 2006. El subcomandante insurgente Marcos, delegado Zero del EZLN para La Otra Campaña, desde Buaisiacobe, Sonora, en el norte de México lanzó un llamado nacional e internacional para movilizarse "exigiendo la salida inmediata del asesino Ulises Ruiz, el castigo a él y sus sicarios y en apoyo a la APPO.".

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news about mexico, a photograper of indymedia was killed

28-10-2006 05:57

news about mexico, a photograper of indymedia was killed
Body: from narco news:

Repost of an article from Mexican Activists.

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Living the Co-operative Principles

26-10-2006 13:41

Kiptik Co-operator building water towers
Workers' co-operative donates to Kiptik co-operative community in Chiapas, Mexico to help them build water systems, stoves and create murals to build independence.

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EVERYTHING4EVERYONE update and today programme

24-10-2006 13:24

"resistance" cafe' is open everyday from 12 a.m.; sumba drumming @ peace mural from 5 p.m.
2nite cinema showing "the corporation" @ 8 p.m.

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Zapatistas defend village against violent eviction

18-10-2006 11:21

Zapatista families in the northern zone of Chiapas, Mexico urgently need solidarity in an important struggle to defend their community against a violent threatened eviction.

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everything4everyone today program

17-10-2006 11:47


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13-10-2006 11:16

we are currently facing eviction from the theatre we have been occupying to protest against its demolition to make way for luxury flats and offices.
profit profit profit Vs people people people

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Troops threat to protestors in Oaxaca, Mexico

05-10-2006 13:15

The Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group has issued urgent appeals to the Mexican Embassy in London, to President Fox of Mexico, and to other Mexican authorities to urge that the Mexican government desist from sending in the military to attack protestors in Oaxaca, southern Mexico.

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The Zapatistas and the Other: The Pedestrians of History

01-10-2006 23:54

This document is especially intended for and directed toward the adherents of the Sixth Declaration and the Other Campaign. And, of course, to those who might sympathize with our movement.

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Bilingual Bulletin from Oaxaca

01-10-2006 19:22

A rough translation of recent events in Mexico from Irene. Streets have been renamed to honour the disappeared. Anybody who can make a better translation from the Spanish to the English is invited to do so.

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Bullets and Barricades in Oaxaca, Mexico

21-09-2006 16:41

Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group has issued an urgent call for people to denounce the repression in Oaxaca, Mexico. A mass social movement is demanding the resignation of the State Governor in this southern Mexican state. At least six activists have recently been shot dead, as each night barricades go up on the streets of Oaxaca City.

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Activists call on Chavez to recognise 'AMLO'

17-09-2006 16:53

PEOPLE POWER: Protesters picketing the Mexican embassy in London on Saturday
from tomorrow's morning star (2006-9-18)

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"Walking, We Ask Questions" - The Other Campaign in Harlem, NYC

02-09-2006 11:11

(Repost from

“Walking, We Ask Questions”
The Other Campaign in Spanish Harlem

By RJ Maccani
The Other Journalism with the Other Campaign on the Other Side
August 31, 2006

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Two Days in the Life of Oaxaca's Revolution

02-09-2006 11:04

(Repost from

A Neighborhood Organizes to Hold a Radio Station and Protect Citizens from Police Repression

By James Daria
The Ricardo Flores Magón Brigade Reporting for Narco News from Oaxaca
August 23, 2006