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Movement for Justice in el Barrio - Fighting to Win and Visiting UK!

07-12-2007 13:51

Movement for Justice in el Barrio, a New York based (mainly Latino migrant) community organisation fighting against gentrification through direct-democracy, and fighting capitalism as adherents of the Zapatista's Other Campaign, want to tour the UK in 2008.

They want to meet with and exchange stories and lessons with anti-gentrification groups, anti-capitalist groups and migrant groups here and begin planning actions against their main enemy, their London based landlord.

Some UK based organisations are up for making this happen, but we need more help.

If you or your group might be up for helping organise the tour (funding, organising transport and crash space etc) or if you might be interested in putting on an event with Movement for Justice in El Barrio in your area, please get in touch at:


To learn more about Movement for Justice, read the following re-post from and visit:

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Very Important Womens Caravan of the Other Campaign in Mexico Needs Help!

06-12-2007 17:27

Please see below and donate, even if only a few quid it can achieve more in Mexico than it can in UK - spend this weeks beer money folks!

If you wish to join us in the effort, help us with a donation. Please contact: caravanaamericadelvalle(AT)

( replace (AT) with @ )

Lastly, sorry the spanish is one block of text, I dont read spanish so dont know where would be right to break it up! Apologies.

In love, rage and solidarity.....

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Help needed for women to attend Third Zapatista Encuentro

05-12-2007 18:57

Help! us bring 20 exemplary women, social strugglers from Mexico and the world to Chiapas, southern Mexico! The América del Valle Caravan is seeking help to carryout this historic delegation to the third Gathering of Zapatista Communities with the Peoples of the World “Comandanta Ramona”, with the expressed central theme being women, which will be held the 29th, 30th, and 31st of December, in the autonomous municipal Caracol of the La Garrucha.

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Move into the Light?: Postscript to a turbulent 2007

28-11-2007 16:34

"Move into the Light?: Postscript to a turbulent 2007"

By Turbulence

At the beginning of 2007, the Turbulence collective commissioned 14 articles from around the global 'movement of movements', asking authors: "What would it mean to win?" We edited their responses into a newspaper and printed 7,000 copies, most of which were distributed at the mobilisation against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany, in June. A few months later, we want to return to the question of winning.

As we resume our search it's no surprise that we keep coming across the problem of visibility. When we think about winning, our eyes are drawn to things that are highly visible or easy-to-measure, such as institutional or legislative change, the opening of a social centre or an increase in membership. That's where the light is. But we also need to assess victories in the less tangible though just as real realm of possibilities. Winning in this realm may involve increased potential, changes in perception or patterns of behaviour. Yet these seem to exist at the very edge of the luminous zone.

This problem leads into another: our experiences create their own luminosity and consequently their own areas of darkness. When we think about winning we are drawn to movements, people and events that are familiar to us; and we have expectations about how things should turn out if they are to constitute a victory.

So how can we overcome our night-blindness once we move beyond the familiar?...

To download the new Turbulence booklet, "Move into the Light?", as a PDF go to:

To help distribute the booklet, or to offer a translation, please write to:

A web-banner linking directly to the article can also be downloaded from:

Copies of the booklet can be ordered via our website,

And, as ever, we're keen for comments, criticism and feedback on the text.

The Editors

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Join the Zapatista solidarity demo at Mexican Embassy!

26-11-2007 13:10

Zapatistas welcome the solidarity caravan against repression to La Garrucha, Car
The autonomous indigenous zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico are under serious threat. Several are menaced with violent eviction, either by the Mexican Army, by paramilitaries or by organisations armed and funded by the state.
To show solidarity with the embattled zapatistas, supporters will demonstrate at the Mexican Embassy in London on Monday 10th December.

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Zapatistas attack Mexican government's flood preparations

23-11-2007 12:18

Writers on Chiapas Indymedia have slammed the Mexican government’s response to the flooding crisis which has hit the country.

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Venezuela: Interview with an indigenous activist

15-11-2007 15:55

* As part of the 2.300 delegates in the second Zapatista and indigenous community’s international reunion, which took place last July in Mexico, members of the wayuu community delivered a truly important message: Venezuelan indigenous community’s situation is very different than the declared by the government people in Caracas. El Libertario talked about the experience with Jorge Montiel, member of the Maikiralasa’lii.

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VIDEO: Ashonti Alson speaks at AK Press Event on Zapatistas

13-11-2007 13:10

Alson, a former Black Panther and Black Liberation Army activist speaks about his experience of revolutionary activism in the US and what he learned from the Zapatisas.

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Bomb explosion in Chile in solidarity with Mapuche political prisoners

10-11-2007 21:21

Friday Nov 9th, 2007, at 12.40pm

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testimony of Nicéforo Urbieta

06-11-2007 02:42

I’m sending out the testimony of our comrade Nicéforo Urbieta, arrested and subsequently released on November 2 in Oaxaca.

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Anarchy, how stupid is that?

04-11-2007 20:49

Is anarchy stupid ?

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wave of repression in Oaxaca, Mexico

03-11-2007 23:09

The URO government is up to its old tricks again. This morning some of the comrades from VOCAL called to tell us about a new wave of repression against the demonstration today, November 2, the anniversary of last year’s victory against the PFP. At this moment (6:00 p. m. central Mexico time) the situation is not clear.

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New York Communities Together to Fight Gentrification

26-10-2007 21:15

Zapatismo in Spanish Harlem
The Movement for Justice in El Barrio, Inspired by the Zapatista Other Campaign, Brings New York Communities Together to Fight Gentrification

By R.J. Maccani
Special to The Narco News Bulletin

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The Vícam Declaration: “we will defend mother earth with our lives”

22-10-2007 22:30

Reports from the Encuentro of the Indigenous People of América are still coming in. I was hoping to share with you an English version of the Encuentro's "Vícam Declaration," but I've not yet found it available in print...and the task of translating from the audio recording seemed too daunting. So here in its place is a solid piece by Hermann Bellinghausen:

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Oaxaca Solidarity Gig in Liverpool

21-10-2007 01:54

Outside Next To Nowhere last night, England fans trudged through the streets after their hopes for the desperate glory of international conquest were dashed. Inside, we celebrated internationalism by raising money for some of our current favourite anti-imperialists, those from Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Encounter of the Indigenous Peoples of America

15-10-2007 19:15

Picture from the third day of the indigenous gathering

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Chiapas Solidarity Gig in Liverpool

12-10-2007 21:32

UK Chiapas Solidarity Collective and Liverpool Social Centre invite you to a benefit gig to raise funds for Oaxaca activists

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Postal dispute: High court blocks Monday's official action

12-10-2007 20:25

The High Court has blocked official strike action planned by the postal workers' union for Monday and Tuesday.

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Few more picture from Vicam

12-10-2007 16:20

Encuentro Vicam, 11 de octubre