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Screening of Reel News No. 25 - Edinburgh 16 Dec.

Martin O'Neill | 25.11.2010 02:09 | Culture | Workers' Movements | Zapatista

In the global war between rich and poor we need: Reel News – 90 minutes of activist video.

Featuring inspiring community organisation and struggles from North America plus the fightback against the Westminster Government’s plans for schools in England and the historic joint strike by transport unions against cuts in London.

Thursday 16th December from 8pm
Autonomous Centre Edinburgh
17 West Montgomery Place

Followed by Q&A with one of the film makers.

Free, but donations welcome.

Trailer here:

The films:

1. Detroit: Rising from the Ashes (33mins.)
Capitalism abandoned Detroit years ago, leaving it derelict and overgrown. Now, communities are being rebuilt through growing their own food in 1,300 urban gardens.

2. Detroit: Art Explosion (18 mins.)
Alongside the food growing is the start of an incredible explosion of art – much of it political.

3. Movement for Justice in El Barrio
Fighting gentrification (17 mins)
Inspired by the the Zapatistas and adherents to the Other Campaign, MJB are successfully resisting gentrification in New York.

4. Save Our Schools (14 mins.)
The Tories are threatening to turn every school into an academy. Made with the Anti-Academies Alliance.

5. RMT/TSSA strike (10 mins.)
Historic joint action from the transport unions to stop 800 tube station staff cuts, with all the safety dangers that will come with them.

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Sorry it's from 7pm.

26.11.2010 00:21

Sorry it's from 7pm.

Martin O'Neill