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UK European Social Forum Newswire Archive

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Another World is Possible! - Oxford ESF Meeting 3rd June

25-05-2004 16:34

Meeting to organise for the European Social Forum 2004 which will take place in London 14-17th October.

Time and date: Thurday 3rd June 7pm-9pm
Place: Oxford Town Hall Council Chamber

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Report of Latest ESF Organising Committee, May 16th@LSE

19-05-2004 23:15

Dear Indyfolks

Sunday May 16th saw the latest Organising Committee meeting of the ESF2004UK process. It was eventful to say the least.

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Chomsky on Social Forum

19-05-2004 21:32

Noam Chomsky, author, linguist, university professor and political
activist joined the Another World is Possible! Network in Budapest,
for an afternoon of discussion ranging from the war in Iraq, social
movements, the media and the corporate agenda, to consumerism as a tool of
social control. The video of the debate can be downloaded in english from

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Oxford Social Forum Meeting - 12th May

11-05-2004 14:48

Oxford Planning Meeting for the European Social Forum - Wednesday May 12th - 6pm

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TAZ Noborder rivesaltes2004

10-05-2004 09:12

A call in relation to the organization of the NO BORDER TAZ at Rivesaltes, near Perpignan in French Catalonia 2004

from august 20th to the 29th

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Colchester Forum report

09-05-2004 20:58

A report of what went on at the Colchester social forum and what was decided.

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Call for volunteer Interpreters and translators at ESF 2004 London

09-05-2004 14:48

Appeal for volunteer Interpreters and translators:

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Software Freedom Day, TheOpenCD version 1.4. and BLAG

07-05-2004 12:03

The first annual Software Freedom Day will be held on August 28, 2004.

The Software Freedom Day initiative intends to make the world aware of the existence, availability, and high quality of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), and to encourage its use by as many people as possible. It is a global grassroots marketing campaign in which we are inviting volunteers from around the world to participate. Teams currently under development can be seen here.

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Cannabis March + Festie Postponed / Alternative Event on Sat

06-05-2004 10:48

Bloody british weather - events postponed til sat 5th june - which annoyingly now clashes with the Cambridge Strawberry Fair:

This saturday then why not go to the European Creative Forum day long event... and party in the evening (12 noon - 1am):

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European Creative Forum - Visions of Another World - Sat May 8th

03-05-2004 23:38

ECF Forum
ECF + UK-ESF Culture Working Group call a Joint Culture & Creatives Assembly to discuss "How can Culture activate the ESF and interest in it?"
This is an ESF awareness and benefit event with an array of stimulating, awakening and creative activities from music and mime; painting and poetry; dance and debate; theatre, talk and cinema; seminars and workshops.

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ID-cards and Databases

30-04-2004 13:59

Privacy International invites for a public meeting on ID cards in London, 19th May, while the economist warns that the real threat to privacy comes from government databases.

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Telephone and internet privacy to be abolished?

30-04-2004 10:23

An initiative for Culture, Media and Communications is planning a series of events paralell to the ESF 2004, as a follow-up from the world forum on communication rights. The following is one of the many issues that are at stake.

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Call For a Women's Day at the European Social Forum 2004

27-04-2004 11:12

Call For a Women's Day at the European Social Forum 2004, London

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The problem of consensuses and use of video as an outreach tool in the ESF

08-04-2004 11:30

ESF meeting that kicked it all off
The is a problem with videoing in the alternative as the is always a small number of "conspiracy" minded people who feel that "they are out to get them" and in the majority of alt-meetings the are no clear guide lines to allow a consensus on the subject of openness/closeness, thus videoing is often band. At the ESF the are clear principals that every one involved agrees with thus a real consensuses is possible if people are interested in achieving one. At the beginning of the meeting I put to the chars a good workable proposal about filming the meetings that would have clearly respected peoples need not to be filmed for whatever reason real or imagined.

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Info on European Economic Forum in Warsaw (protests and alternative events)

05-04-2004 13:36

Info on the protests and alternative events around the European Economic Forum in Warsaw, (28-30 April 2004) - from IMC Poland:

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Video of Birmingham ESF meeting

31-03-2004 16:13

“The World Social Forum will always be a forum open to pluralism and to the diversity of activities and ways of engaging of the organisations and movements that decide to participate in it”

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Prepration meeting on the Caravan towards World Economic Forum in Warsaw

31-03-2004 13:15

Our globalisation masters, so good in ripping off the people, have
decided this time to have their meeting in Warsaw. They have an
invitation from the polish president and with a weakly prepared
alter-global movement there, they expect to have nice & relatively calm

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Another world is possible - GM victory

31-03-2004 11:36

Pink Castle GM Action

The announcement today of the complete victory of the anti-GM campaign highlights that "another world is possible". And that an open, non-hierarchical and broad-natured support base is key to the organising of such successful campaigns.

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ESF rejects democracy for TU cash

29-03-2004 13:27

In mid November, my partner Loppy and I were approached by Oli of Manchester Social Forum as we passed through the Metropolitan Police and Special Branch welcoming committee at Waterloo Station which greeted our return from the Paris ESF. Over a cup of coffee in the station concourse we became willing recruits to the efforts to democratise the ESF, and to broaden its focus to include a proper recognition of Green issues.