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UK European Social Forum Newswire Archive

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London ESF Arrests Update

29-05-2005 12:37

In total there were 10 arrests (that we know of) during London ESF (October 14th-17th 2004):

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ASF Africa social forum

26-12-2004 11:36

"The story of the poor goes round and round. But what about the story of the rich? The story not being told is that of
the beneficiaries of slavery and colonialism. The story of exploitation that put us into this dispensation, commodified our own life for profit. They divided and ruled. Can we unite and live? Can we unite for the world that will be our world? Let us rise up and begin to tell this story* of why they continue to be rich, continue to plunder." --

Wahu Kaara, Kenyan feminist activist speaking at the ASF opening plenary

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European Social Forum: Debating the challenges for its future

21-12-2004 01:33

After three European Social Forums (ESF) we need to step back and ask: what
next? This newsletter is an attempt to provide a multitude of answers to
this question, reflecting upon the Forum’s purpose, practical achievements
and methods of organisation.

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Ramparts Radio Promo

18-12-2004 23:41

First-time film makers make video promo for RampArts radical radio station in a single afternoon!

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Dress better than people you hate

17-12-2004 23:37

Selene and Ilona
Rampart Street Social and Creative Centre hosted an anti-fashion show by Selene on Friday 17th December. A stunning aray of fashion created entirely from fabrics and trimmings found on the local streets was backed by original artworks and music. These clothes are available on your local high street - but you need to make them: no sweatshops involved.

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17-12-2004 07:16

"participantes oficiales de las mesas..."
URGENT STATEMENT TO BE BROUGHT TO PARIS Assembly to be held 18/19th December.
Written in English and Spanish, this document has multinational signatories and is one of the many "Letters to the Editor" (ranging from The Guardian to The Star) which never get published, on the grounds of being off topic, esoteric, too verbose or whatever excuse.

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Statement to be brought to Paris Forum this 17th December requires endorsement

15-12-2004 18:39

Dear friends,

An important statement to be brought to Paris Forum this 17th December requires endorsement

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Outcome of Sheffield Social Forum meeting (December 4th/5th)

13-12-2004 21:43

Hosted by SSF

People participating in the UK Local Social Forum Network met in
Sheffield on the 4/5th December and found consensus on this document to be brought to the Assembly which is going to be held in Paris the 18/19 Dec 2004.

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Ruddock foreshadows new terrorism laws

08-12-2004 22:51

The new laws will allow police to access emails and mobile phone SMS messages, enable wider use of surveillance devices, and protect sensitive national security information during terrorism trials.

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Isolation, psychiatric treatment and prisoner' control

07-12-2004 01:47

We express concern that 'Corrections Health' now 'Justice Health' psychiatrists 'can' prescribe over the recommended dose, without clinical &/or peer review?

Prisoners can, and have died as a result of injectable anti-psychotics, and that this is a worry regarding Deaths in Custody, as well as being an extremely harrowing experience to undergo if it doesn't kill you.

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Lest We Forget Eureka Stockade!

03-12-2004 04:13

On October 16, 1975, five journalists filming the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, for Australian TV channels, were killed at a place called Balibo. This name seems set to become one of the rallying cries of 2nd Renaissance secession movements in Australia. The facts surrounding the Balibo killings are so damning of the central governments of Australia and Indonesia that the event will rank in Australian consciousness with the Eureka Stockade uprising of 1854.