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Australian Greens warn of 'politicised' terror trials

01-12-2004 03:43

"At least give the numbers of lawyers who have been put onto that list and the criteria for black-banning lawyers from Australian courts which is used by the Government to politically determine who is or who isn't suitable to come before Australian courts," he said.

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Senior judge calls for DNA database

29-11-2004 00:30

The law lords were told in a recent case that of more than 130,000 retained DNA profiles of unconvicted people, about 6,000 had been subsequently linked to samples found at scenes of crimes.

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Video: ESF storming of the palace and demo

23-11-2004 14:59

Here's a link to a 7 minute video clip of the London ESF, the storming of the palace and the demo after, which I found on indymedia Germany. I do NOT post this here to spark off the polemic debate whether the grassroots at the ESF were racists (please don't start again). It's just that I thought the video was quite inspirational...

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Airbus Fails to Expropriate Farmland

20-11-2004 18:03

Airbus fails to Expropriate Farmland in Germany- Jobs go to French Unions

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New Webs Of Power ~ Reflections on the Zimbabwe Social Forum

15-11-2004 18:06

After struggles with a paranoid ZANU PF regime the Zimbabwe Social Forum erupted in central Harare. Running from the 28th to the 30th of October the forum saw the uniting of grassroots forces and the birth of a new hope. Its transparent and horizontal organising made it an event owned and controlled by all. This article offers an insight into the difference between a horizontally organised, anticapitalist ZSF and the elitist, neoliberal hijacking of the ESF.

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Uproar at European Social Forum

13-11-2004 20:38

LONDON, October 24—The European Social Forum (ESF) came to London last weekend, bringing in over 20,000 people, overwhelmingly from continental Europe. But those who bought into the standard ESF promise that “another world is possible” found themselves trapped in “Ken’s World.” That is Ken Livingstone, New Labour’s Mayor of London. This event was bankrolled, orchestrated and tightly controlled by the Mayor’s office with the able assistance of supporters of Socialist Action who are highly paid executives in his administration and the unpaid services of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). This “anti-capitalist” shindig was so tame that it was endorsed by the labour statesmen and House of Lords hopefuls of the Trades Union Congress (TUC).

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More Anti-FIT Police Pictures from Labofii

10-11-2004 10:36

More pictures of the Anti-FIT* / Backwards Intelligence Team

Framing the FIT - Turning the Tables - Watching the Watchers

*FIT = Forward Intelligence Team (the political police unit with lots of nice cameras who specialise in filming, harassing and intimidating people at meetings, demonstrations and actions and who also scribble copious amounts of 'intelligence' in their notebooks and help compile 'watch lists' of activists).

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Haiti's Yannick Etienne at the European Social Forum

10-11-2004 10:31

Yannick Etienne, a prominent activist in the Batay Ouvriye (Workers' Fight) organisation in Haiti, participated in the European Social Forum in October 2004.

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Grassroots Women Refuse to be Silenced at the ESF

08-11-2004 14:14

Letter published in the Guardian about censorship of the grassroots at the European Social Forum.

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SWP condemn direct action in run up to G8 visit

04-11-2004 19:11

The Socialist Workers Party's (SWP) condemnation of a popular action against Labour politician Ken Livingstone at the recent European Social Forum (ESF) in London marks a significiant move to the right for the SWP. It is a deliberate attempt to help the state demonise and criminalise direct action in the run up to the G8's visit to Scotland next year.

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ESF according to those who attended

03-11-2004 18:13

The media seemed to have certain preconceptions about the ESF participants. Having personally experienced the ESF we felt the picture painted by mainstream media was inaccurate and set out to find out for ourselves just what kind of people were here and what they’re reasons for coming here were. The article is a summary of the interviews done at the ESF.

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some useful links to clarify

03-11-2004 15:51

some useful links to clarify our position

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Statement on violence and inclusion at the ESF

01-11-2004 10:46

A number of unions and NGOs have signed a statement claiming that violence was used to stop free speech at the ESF and singling out the Wombles as inciters of this.
It also claims that the whole ESF organising process was inclusive from the start.

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the unholly alliance between the iraqi collaborators and the tuc chiefs

30-10-2004 13:41

examination of the circumstances surrounding the invitation of the iftu leader, sobhi mashadani, an iraqi collaborator, to the esf; explanation of the way he was driven from the forum; analysis of his relationship with tuc & unison; criticism of the formalistic handling of the question of "free speech" characterising it as a process of exercising dictatorship in the name of democracy

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Analysis: "Inside and outside ESF 2004"

29-10-2004 09:40

Territory and Deterritory: Inside and outside the ESF 2004, new movement subjectivities

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"An European Social Forum in London" PHOTOS REPORTAGE from LondonESF2004

28-10-2004 21:06

320 photos, the days of the ESF, the demonstration against war and the intelligent police of Blair. Things of the other world...

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Storming Of The Palace - more distortion from the SWP

27-10-2004 15:48

2 letters from this weeks Socialist Worker.

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ICFI: Llessons of the European Social Forum

27-10-2004 08:43

From International Committee of the Fourth International: