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More Anti-FIT Police Pictures from Labofii

Dr Watson | 10.11.2004 10:36 | European Social Forum | Free Spaces | Repression | Technology | London

More pictures of the Anti-FIT* / Backwards Intelligence Team

Framing the FIT - Turning the Tables - Watching the Watchers

*FIT = Forward Intelligence Team (the political police unit with lots of nice cameras who specialise in filming, harassing and intimidating people at meetings, demonstrations and actions and who also scribble copious amounts of 'intelligence' in their notebooks and help compile 'watch lists' of activists).

These pics are from the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination - an autonomnous space during the European Social Forum ( - and were taken as FIT filmed and photographed people at the ESF autonomous spaces.

Dr Watson


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  1. Brilliant — someone who has been on demos with FIT officers in your face
  2. superb — FtP
  3. 3 FIT photographers — ftp