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UK European Social Forum Newswire Archive

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ESF: Reduced Tickets for Asylum Seekers

09-09-2004 13:19

There is a possibility for asylum seekers to get reduced or free tickets for the European Social Forum. Contact for details.

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ESF Autonomous Spaces + Initiatives Update

08-09-2004 16:34

Autonomous Spaces During the ESF in London, 13-17th October 2004.

We want to create open spaces for networking, exchanges, celebration, thinking, and action. We believe our ways of organising and acting should reflect our political visions, unlike the UK ESF organising process which has not reflected the values and charters to which it aspires.

Some of us believe that it is possible to rebuild the ESF to make it closer to the ideals it claims, others wish to go further and say that it only represents a space for the co-option of struggles, and as such, should be opposed. However we are all united in our diversity, and in our desire to act together in ways that respect these differences.

There are now several self organised and autonomous spaces - they range from legally hired venues to squatted social centres.We invite you to participate in the autonomous spaces, to help shape them, to organise workshops, discussions, creative interventions, and practical alternatives.


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Media Coverage of the ESF

07-09-2004 18:44

This is a page to collect media articles about the European Social Forum in London October 2004.

Below is one of the first - a guardian article. There have already been articles in the Evening Standard, the Tribune and a phone in debate on bbc london.

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Reports from latest East Anglia Social Forum gathering in Norwich

06-09-2004 16:19

Reports by various participants at the latest (Norwich) gathering around the East Anglia Social Forum. This gathering was held in Norwich on 4th Sept. Consultations are now underway for future gatherings proposed in Colchester and Cambridge.

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European Social Forum - Lambeth mobilising meeting

05-09-2004 09:57

European Social Forum - Lambeth mobilising meeting

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Beyond ESF event update

03-09-2004 17:11

6 saturday nights of political discussion, films, exhibitions, food, live music & dj’s to lead up to the ‘Beyond ESF’ conference in October.
4th September - Precarity/Casualisation,Dole
7pm-late. Discussion & Live acoustic bands.
VENUE: ARCHWAY THEATRE, Archway roundabout, behind methodist church, opp. Archway station.

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Major UK NGO's Criticise ESF Organising Process + SWP / SA

01-09-2004 09:03

A coalition of 10 British NGOs including the major ones like Oxfam, Jubilee and Greenpeace have written a letter complaining about the UK European Social Forum organising process and saying it has been characterised by a lack of transparency and openness. Finaly this can officialy end the myth peddled by the authoritarian left that those who have been critical of the UK ESF process are simply wreckers, splitters or crazy anarchists who don't represent anyone!

While the NGOs don't mention them by name, they're criticising the SWP (Socialist Workers Party) and SA (Socialist Action) for dominating a meeting to decide speakers names through weight of numbers. This is a significant moment. Reports from the meeting also revealed what appeared to be willful miscounting of votes and other undemocractic behaviour. The letter has been published ahead of the european esf assembly meeting in brussels this coming weekend.

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indymedia stuff in dublin art gallery-art and activist feedback session-and more

29-08-2004 13:36

Audio red archive-open exhibition- art and politics
links to our mayday 04 stuff, demo and centre- irelands first
proposals for "global net project" for esf and beyond
communication actions

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Beyond ESf infonights - NEW VENUE

27-08-2004 18:42

6 saturday nights of political discussion, films, exhibitions, food, live music & dj’s
Due to Grand Banks eviction, a new venue has been found - see dates below for details.
Saturday 28th August & Saturday 4th September - VENUE: ARCHWAY THEATRE, Archway roundabout, behind methodist church, opp. Archway station.
11th, 18th & 25th September: VENUE tba

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27-08-2004 14:03


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ECF-Visions of Another World

26-08-2004 12:41

The European Creative Forum Presents

A Special 9/11
A FREE FESTIVAL FOR PEACE! Saturday September 11th (1pm-1am)


The WorldWide Launch of The Best of Anti-War Music 2003-2004

A Special Launch Edition of PNW Vol.2** + ECF VoAW entrance for £10


Venue rampART Community Creative Centre and Social Space
15-17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA (see

Call the ECF-Visions Hotline 07910 004410
or check the ECF & PNW websites!


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Eviction Venue Change: Thurs Autonomous Spaces ESF Meeting

25-08-2004 22:46

Due to the eviction of the Ex Grand Bank Occupied Social Centre this morning, Thursday's Autonomous / Self Organised Spaces meeting for the ESF has been moved to LARC:

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21-08-2004 10:16


6 saturday nights of political discussion, films, exhibitions, food, live music & dj’s at ex-Grand Banks Occupied Social Centre,156-158 Fortess Rd, Tufnell Park, NW5. opposite Tufnell Park tube.

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Radio Dreams Seminar

17-08-2004 10:03

Radio Dreams – Speakers Lol Gellor of Sound Radio, Lawrie Hallett of Ofcom and Jennifer Ogole of Life FM, chaired by Wayne Thompson of Sound Radio

Wednesday 8th September

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Police facilitates ESF-meeting?!

16-08-2004 18:41

Police are hanging out at Granbanks Social Center, where an ESF-meeting is currently taking place.

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Outrageous: Police harrassment at ESF autonomous spaces meeting

16-08-2004 18:31

Right now two vanloads of police are filming and harrassing the people attending a meeting preparing for the upcoming ESF autonomous spaces.

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If you love Cuba, you'll love venezeula

13-08-2004 11:45

If the ESF wasn't bad enuff in trying to re-order what has largely been described as the 'anti-globalisation' movement into a sterile talking shop and recuitment ground for lenist/statist projects, the hype around Chavez seems to have given a boost to this old movement the same way that the Zapatista uprising gave to the anti-statist movements.

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Call for Autonomous Spaces During the ESF in London, 14-17th October 2004.

06-08-2004 15:20

Call for Autonomous Spaces During the ESF in London, 14-17th October 2004, from a loose collective of people with either one-foot in the ESF and one outside, and individuals who have both feet firmly outside the ESF process.

The collective have been meeting at the Grand Banks Social Centre and at European Creative Forum events so far, in London. This meeting has taken the form of a spokescouncil, since it is a meeting point for various peoples involved in the ESF in a variety of ways from the automist side (e.g. communications).

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Broken lives and masterpieces in Burma

05-08-2004 09:04

Tin Oo and Aung San Suu Kyi are mistreated in isolation and poor living conditions by the low-minded brutes who were unfit to lead Burma. The international community should worry about the health of Aung San Suu Kyi and Tin Oo because history showed that the Laos monarchs, King Thibaw and Sao Shwe Thaik all died in confinement, spiritually abused by the armed governments.

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A Call to anti-militarists and pacifists to come to the ESF in London

23-07-2004 13:22

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