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UK European Social Forum Newswire Archive

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ESF: Another Venue is Possible: Negri vs Callinicos

16-11-2003 22:57

It’s certainly possible to level a critique of the social forum process as elevating certain individuals to movement stars, something the radical edge of the movement has always rejected for a variety of reasons. The Negri/Calliniocs debate was billed as exactly that however, a battle between two movement stars perhaps broadly representing the two major ideological tendencies within the anti-capitalist movement currently in contestation. The title of the debate was “Multitude or Working Class”.

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ESF - Open Source or ownership of information

16-11-2003 15:44

Stopping the ownership of ideas, Open Source, a new mode of production, not just for computer software? Under threat? Report from a session at the ESF.

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ESF Demonstration Photos

16-11-2003 12:05

ESF Demo Photo - lots of bands
Photos from the ESF demonstration on the 15th November 2003

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ESF demo in Paris

15-11-2003 23:47

Pictures from today's european social forum march which attracted anywhere between 100-200 00 people depending on who you believe.

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ESF Demonstration

15-11-2003 21:31

A demo so large the end of it arrives hours after the start in the dark
For the end of the European Social Forum there was a huge demonstration through the centre of Paris, calling for a Europe with rights in a world without war...

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ESF, PARIS. Occupation for Social Centre

14-11-2003 19:13

206 quai de Valmy, Jaures
Hundreds from the esf, left GLAD (fr), and joined local residents in starting to occupy a building to develop it for a social centre.

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what's hot and what's not in the ESF 2003

14-11-2003 11:21

reclqim the streetcred

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Diary from ESF: Radio from Italy - WSIS preparations

13-11-2003 20:23

Leaving on the Globalise Resistance/SWP train, the corp tv media come to take so
Some personal comments from travelling to the esf on the Globalise Resistance train, and then the first impressions and meetings. Including a very interesting meeting on Italian Independent Radio.

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ESF Paris day 3

13-11-2003 00:39

This is the third report from the ESF in Paris. For the next few days, daily reports are going to be difficult due to the sheer size and intensity of the ESF, but one theme is now dominant - the organisation began too late and the ESF will not be ready in many aspects for when the debates and discussions begin properly.

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ESF 2003 Day 2 Report

11-11-2003 20:18

Here is a day 2 report of the ESF 2003.

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ESF 2004 to be in London!

11-11-2003 00:56

Here is a first-hand account of the meeting today in Paris to decide on the next venue for the European Social Forum 2004. I will try and send a daily report which you guys might make a feature if you have time xxxxx

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ESF programme in full

07-11-2003 02:19

European Social Forum Programme.
Follow these links for details of what's going on in Paris!
12 - 16 November 2003

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Urgent: ESF in the UK? Sign the statement

29-10-2003 18:47

Please take time to read the statement below and if you can, please email your organisational or individual support. The correct email address is, not the one listed in the message below.

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esf 2004 London?

20-10-2003 14:53

There is a proposition to hold the next European Social Forum in London in 2004. But who's behind this?

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Deciet and Manipulation in left ESF mobilisation

09-10-2003 10:42

This article, from the Weekly Worker, provides a fascinating insight into the shadowy world of Lefty politics and highlights the deceit and manipulation going on behind the scenes in the process to build a massive European Social Forum event in the UK in 2004.

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04-10-2003 13:05

I am having trouble registering for the esf. Can somebody help! ASAP

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Brief overview of preparatory assembly for the ESF, Paris (November) that

25-07-2003 10:09

The French organising committee for the Paris ESF, reaches out to all dimensions of the Global Social Movement, at the preparitory assembly that took place in Genova over the weekend of the second aniversary of the death of Carlo Guiliano ( July 17 - 20th).

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Leeds ESF organising meeting July 29th

08-07-2003 14:23

Leeds Mobilising Committee for the European Social Forum
first organising meeting
July 29th 8pm, 8pm, Adelphi Pub, Hunslett Rd

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movement of the imagination at the esf

03-01-2003 20:41

movement of the imagination at the esf
link to artwork done during November's European Social Forum