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UK European Social Forum Newswire Archive

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Justice for the Canary Wharf cleaners!

15-10-2004 18:56

Samba band craziness
Led by the Samba band, a group of protesters turned up at Canary Wharf today to shout their support for a fair wage for the workers in the Canary Wharf buildings. An injunction had been obtained in the days leading up to the protest by the owners of the Canary Wharf complex to prevent the protest taking place. This may have diminished the numbers in attendance but it did not make the issue, or the protest, go away... As a spokesman for the Transport and General Workers Union said before the protest: "Canary Wharf is home to some of the most successful and powerful banks in the world. But it is content to let its contract cleaners be paid poverty wages, no sick pay, 15 days holiday and no pension. This demonstration will allow workers to show their support for Wharf cleaners."

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Insurrectionary Imagination experimenting in London

15-10-2004 18:36

London, Friday 15 Oct. People from the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination did 5 actions this afternoon. Vacuumcleaner dropped into the indymedia center with the news:

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ESF sees launch of 'Power To The People'

15-10-2004 18:03, an independant website designed to empower you to hold those in power to account is being launched during the ESF this weekend. Focusing primarily with MP Accountability, it also deals with Corporations and the Corporate Media.

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Rising Tide Critical Mass

15-10-2004 17:34

Penguin loosing ice, as we go underwater
The rising tide critical mass went on tour of the G8 climate crimals. Cyclists, many dressed for the weather of 2015 let alone 2004, were joined by samba.

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Proutist Universal Protests its Banning by the London ESF

15-10-2004 15:56

ESF banned Proutist Universal, falsely claiming that the organisation is in conflict with WSF principles. Prout, the Progressive Utilisation Theory, is a socio-economic alternative to capitalism. Noam Chomsky and Pres. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela among many others has praised the model.

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Some impressions of the ESF

15-10-2004 15:27

Some impressions of the ESF
Some impressions of the ESF

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First pictures from London Rising Tide critical mass

15-10-2004 13:53

Some of the brilliantly inventive costumes
London Rising Tide critical mass theme is London in 2050 when sea levels may be a tad higher than at present.

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European Social Forum Starts!

15-10-2004 09:45

Alexandra Palace, North London.
This is a short account of the build up to the European Social Forum in London.

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Precarity: New forms of exploitation, new forms of resistance at Beyond ESF

15-10-2004 09:14

The imposition of and resistance to precarious forms of work is one of the themes of Beyond ESF (, a self-organised space being held to co-incide with the European Social Forum. Two very different workshops ('YOMANGO...because you can't buy happiness' and 'Dole resistance, unwaged activism and precarious work')yesterday showed how the concept of 'precarity' presents us with practical novelties in the structures which exploit us, and how innovative forms of resistance can help us struggle on this new terrain.

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‘From Genoa to Guantanamo: A Human Rights discussion’

15-10-2004 06:24

Today, at the camden centre: ‘From Genoa to Guantanamo: A Human Rights discussion’
9am to 12am

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Take action against British complicity in the US executions

14-10-2004 22:35

Falsely convicted death row survivors spoke at the Rampart social centre as part of the Rampart centre's involvement in ESF Automomous Spaces on Thursday night. Members of the US group, Pennsylvania Abolitionists United Against the Death Penalty spoke about the dire need for a Moratorium on executions in the United States. Ray Krone and Williams Nieves were amoungst the activists and spoke with insight and from bitter experience about their treatment at the hands of the very government which 'holds itself up as the example the rest of the world is supposed to follow'.

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pictures from Noborder demo in London, Waterloo Station/Eurostar

14-10-2004 21:58

half the demo was out6side and half inside the terminal
A noborder demonstration took place today, Thursday, 14th of october at Waterloo Station in London, Eurostar terminal, co-inciding with actions in Calais and Dover.
Here are some pictures of somebody who cluelessly got lost in the area at the time and had to stay outside the exit to wait for what's happening at the direct action occupation.

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No Borders at London Waterloo

14-10-2004 19:36

Between 200 and 300 people broke through passport control at Waterloo International train station in london earlier this evening in a no borders action.

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No Borders Activists Get Past Passport Control!

14-10-2004 18:28

Between 200 and 300 No Borders activists have breached passport control at Waterloo International train station.

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ESF: SW arrest at Conway Hall

14-10-2004 17:20

registration was halted....

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Banned Canary Wharf Demo is ON!!!

14-10-2004 14:02

An injunction has been served to ban Walk on the Wharf protest . . .

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NUS protests against religious right at ESF

14-10-2004 11:31

The National Union of Students has voted to protest against the invitation of Islamist academic Tariq Ramadan to speak as a "voice from the global south" at the upcoming European Social Forum.

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lutte anti terroriste

14-10-2004 10:56


Des experts spécialisés à ALGER.
La capitale algérienne devient cette fin de semaine
la Mecque pour des plus grands experts de la lutte
anti- terroriste à l’occasion de l’inauguration du
centre africain d’études et de recherches sur le
terrorisme dont le siège se trouve à Alger.
Pendant qu’une conférence intergouvernementale
regroupant des représentants de l’union européenne, de
l’OTAN, d’Interpol et des Etats-Unis, s’y tient
mercredi et jeudi,les activité terroristes semblent
connaître un remarquable ralentissement à la lumière
d’une formidable organisation , vigilance et
mobilisation de tous les acteurs chargés de la lutte
contre ce fléau du siècle

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week end to in calais:camp refugees solidarity

14-10-2004 10:12

program and actions to calais