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UK European Social Forum Newswire Archive

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7pm Embankment - Solidarity Demonstration

17-10-2004 18:03

Got a telephone report that there is a Solidarity Demonstration for some arrested this afternoon. This starts at 7 pm - ie from now.... Bring some thing to make a big noise with.

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Indymedia takes to the streets.

17-10-2004 17:10

Photos of Indymedia bloc on the ESF demonstration. They took to the streets to protest against the theft of the servers by the FBI, and the lack of information which has followed.

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ESF future: We should go deeper, to find more links between movements

17-10-2004 17:02

Four years after the initial World Social Forum (WSF) in Porto Alegre, a frame has been built to facilitate discussion, debate and exchanges, on how to build a better world. A series of meetings were held in order to explore what we can expect from this experience. The first event, titled “Future and perspectives for the ESF - WSF”, was held on Friday 14th of October 2004 in the Alexandra Palace of the English capital.

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ESF continues while activists are arrested!

17-10-2004 15:20

Minute to minute updates reguarding the arrests at King Coss station

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Preventitive arrests, police violence

17-10-2004 15:11

Minute to minute updates reguarding the arrests at King Coss station

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People detained in king kross ldn, sunday 14:03

17-10-2004 13:06

A group of 20 people are currently forcibly detained at Kings Cross St Pancrass.

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European Social Forum events

17-10-2004 10:15

Gabriel Carlyle of Voices UK speaks. Ewa Jasiewicz chairs.
This is a short report of some of the events at the ESF with a look at the lack of mainstream media coverage of the forum.

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Backwards Intelligence Team (FIT surveillance cop piss take)

17-10-2004 02:09

Funny piss take on the police FIT - The "Forward Intelligence Team" - the police unit who photograph, film and harass activists on a regular basis mostly in London.

This was part of one of the creative actions from the Autonomous Spaces around the European Social Forum in London 2004

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No Borders Action Statement

17-10-2004 01:59

For those who didn't see it, this is the leaflet given out at Waterloo last Thursday night when the Eurostar arrivals section was stormed by a couple of hundred protestors.

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17-10-2004 01:33

With a delayed start due to uninvited company, we were left rushing to Speakers Corner - 1 hour late and feeling a bit disorganised, but ready to bring on the carnival spirit, bringing the unexpected, encouraging people to question everything.

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Guardian / Observer: "Anarchists storm European Social Forum"

17-10-2004 01:28

The Guardian (official media partner of the European Social Forum...) reports on saturday evenings intervention at the ESF:

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17-10-2004 01:02

"People need the G8 like a fish needs a bicycle"

Coming straight from the High Court for the Fairford trial, the sambistas gathered in the cafe of the Royal Festival Hall to have a chat over coffee. We were already joined by some of the police, but spirits were high and we were ready to visit some of the climate criminals haunts.

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16-10-2004 23:02

Spurred on by the news that our Serbian friend* was having real difficulties getting the visa to come to the ESF, the international sambistas showed up at the Southbank on the wet Thursday evening to join the No Borders action at Waterloo station.

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alt-space warrior

16-10-2004 22:46

defending .............

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Babels coordinators statement

16-10-2004 22:23

Babels coordinators statement, 7pm, October 16 2004

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What's Hot and What's Not at the ESF 2004

16-10-2004 21:25

Find out what's been sizzling hot, and what's strictly sub-zero at this year's forum.

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storming the palace (more pics)

16-10-2004 21:20

breaking into the hall
pics from tonight's autonomous action at the palace (see previous report)

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Assembly of Social Movements And Anti-Ken Livingstone Intervention

16-10-2004 21:15

This evening, grassroots activists gained entry to the official ESF and denounced the organising process from the stage of the main plenary. During a later meeting of the Assembly of Social Movements Redmond O'Neil (of the GLA) condemned the intervention, saying that the activists, who had 'outed' the problems with democracy and communication in the ESF, had attacked people and stolen mobile phones and wallets!

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Livingstone AllyPally speech replaced by protest

16-10-2004 20:57

Indymedia call for ESF to demand server theft enquiry
In a tremendous response to the Wombles call for a protest at the “official” ESF’s values, a coalition of demonstrators stole Ken Livingstone’s keynote delivery.