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UK European Social Forum Newswire Archive

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18-10-2004 23:01

Concern has been expressed about the lack of reports of what the ESF was like and what kind of talks there were.... so there's a demand for this. That's why I put the title in capital letters so that it stands out amongst all the other articles. Hope that's ok :-)

This was my ESF, tell us about yours :-)

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arrest video

18-10-2004 22:22

footage of police arrestinga protstor

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O17 London: A protestor's eye view

18-10-2004 20:53

Green block from Belgium
Sunday 17th October, the closing day of the European Social Forum. We marched from Russell Square to Trafalgar Square, listened to speeches and danced to the sambatistas. Here are some photos and a report.

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[picture report] Samba against war in london

18-10-2004 20:52

[picture report] Samba against war in london
[picture report] Samba against war in london

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A Love Declaration to the WOMBLES

18-10-2004 20:34

Thanks for organising "Beyond ESF".Thanks to Anarchist Teapot, too, who provided the food and the Chiapas Solidarity group for providing excelllent coffee.
Thanks too for the groovy student union at Middlesex University - it definitely can be recommended to study there whatsoever!

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Report of anti-war march and rally in London October 17th 2004.

18-10-2004 17:57

`Stop Bush` placards.
This is a 2,000 word report of the anti-war march and rally in London on Sunday 17th October 2004.

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ESF Coverage - Mainstream & Indymedia

18-10-2004 15:32

The coverage of the ESF and Beyond ESF has been piss poor both mainstream and here on Indymedia

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Last word from the ESF

18-10-2004 15:14

The ESF has succeed despite the anarchist's...

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Report of the Sunday - arrests and betrayal facilitated by official ESF

18-10-2004 12:23

postevent the it seems like a set-up and betrayal of the official ESF organisers inviting somebody to speak and whilst speaking getting him arrested.

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When the Dust Finally Settles...

18-10-2004 11:59

Having participated in this year's Social Forum, swapped with others about what else was going on throughout London and reading the Indymedia site, I can only but come to one conclusion.

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Translation of ESF report from Athens indy

18-10-2004 10:36

Translation of the athens.indymedia report about the events at the ESF demonstration.

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[picture report] 70,000 demonstrate against war in london

18-10-2004 05:25

70,000 demonstraye against war in london
70,000 demonstraye against war in london

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Clowns versus Pro Capitalists at Leicester Square

18-10-2004 02:01

At approximately 4pm this afternoon a (so called) pro capitalist group calling itself CRAP (Capitalism Represents Acceptable Policy) broke away from the anticapitalist blok of the march to go on a little wander through Central London………

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video of carnival day for the creative forum and ESF

17-10-2004 22:52

Please go to this site to see footage, cos the FBI messed with our servers!

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stage storming attemt at Trafalgar square

17-10-2004 21:56

how the organizers dealt with the storming attempt at Trafalgar.

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Some comments on ESF

17-10-2004 21:21

ESF, that just took place in London could certainly be described in a greater length but this article is only going to point out some of the main issues we found fascinating

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Anti- ESF process action at Trafalgar Square report, Sunday, 17th of October

17-10-2004 18:35

"If there would be only one truth, it would not be possible to paint so many pictures about the same topic". - Pablo Picasso

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Changes Must be Made for the Next ESF - Greece 2006.

17-10-2004 18:35

What is needed more than anything is unity, and participation of all groups, in an honest and open organising process. Deliberate sabotage should not be tolerated. That those who destroyed the organising process may have had a hand in police arresting activists who were only trying to seek a voice and be heard within the ESF is shocking.

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Diversity at the London ESF demo

17-10-2004 18:11

A socialist choir sings to marchers
Three pictures cannot hope to do justice to the diversity of participants in today's march of delegates to the European Social Forum and the autonomous spaces being held around it.