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Clowns versus Pro Capitalists at Leicester Square

t bag | 18.10.2004 02:01 | European Social Forum | London

At approximately 4pm this afternoon a (so called) pro capitalist group calling itself CRAP (Capitalism Represents Acceptable Policy) broke away from the anticapitalist blok of the march to go on a little wander through Central London………

This small group of (almost) smartly dressed men and women set off through Covent Garden on the 5th Annual March For Capitalism, waving banners declaring “ Tax the poor” , “Bombs not Bread” , “War is good for the economy” , “I love my SUV”, “Climate change? Bring it on” and “Money is my life”.

They applauded Starbucks and Pizza Hut (much to the confusion of the staff) and encouraged shoppers to keep on consuming, chanting slogans such as “Free Trade not Fair Trade!” “More War!” “More Blood for Oil!” and “More Oil for my SUV!”

Upon reaching Leicester square the “pro capitalists” we greeted by a cheering, slightly bemused, but laughing crowd (who had actually come to see stars arrive for the premiere of Johnny Depp’s new film)
All of a sudden the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army leapt out from behind the Depp fans and attacked the pro capitalists using tickling sticks and bad jokes.

A raging battle ensued and eventually the “pro capitalists” were forced to flee in the face of the Clowns vision of an anti capitalist utopia where eveybody’s nice to each other, money isn’t everything and everyone wears colanders on their heads.

The Depp fans applauded, the police looked confused and the Clowns chased the pro capitalists all the way to Trafalgar Square where some people didn’t get the joke.

… Nevermind

t bag
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  4. Good One — Zé van Porto
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  6. We need more pro-capitalists to confuse the police and get media attention! — Paddy
  7. Puppetistas bow down to your Anti- Pro-Capitalist Clownishness — bruce
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