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No Borders at London Waterloo

Poon | 14.10.2004 19:36 | European Social Forum | Migration | Cambridge | London

Between 200 and 300 people broke through passport control at Waterloo International train station in london earlier this evening in a no borders action.

To the sounds of a live samba band the activists shut down effective immigration control at the station. They waited for the arrival of the next Eurostar train and ensured that all the passengers passed into the UK without having any papers checked.

Their job done for now, the protesters then followed the passengers out of the station. Most had no problems but as the last of them tried to follow, the police stepped in and attemted to block them. The latest report from the scene suggests that after some scuffles everyone managed to leave the station and there were no arrests.

Watch this space for photo's and video from the action...



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