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what's hot and what's not in the ESF 2003

not us | 14.11.2003 11:21 | European Social Forum

reclqim the streetcred

what's hot and what's not in the ESF 2003


*Argentinian squatted factory scarfs
*Italian indymedia sunglasses and hairstyles
*Bolivia - the new Argentina
*migrant activism
*Mediterranean Free Trade Zone (pronounced mefftezz)
*Monbiot bashing reaching an all new high
*Tall scandinavian blondes flaunting palestinian accesories
*Re-evaluating Empire
*Campesina dykes
*Public transport campaigns, especially fare dodging
*Mass Parisian metro subvertising by Intermittents du spectacle
*Precarious workers
*Attac(k) Germany
*Wildcat strikes (miyaow)
*bride swapping between free spaces
*DISCO anarchism
*the berbers - oppressed ethnic group of the moment
*calf length black boots
*rural riotin
*meeting hand signals' evolution
*activist/sex industry crossover


*Italian indymedia activists
*no border camps
*PGA European process (painful, but watch this space)
*Linux and any other good techie idea that doesn't work
*pompous punctuation
*Anarcho primitivists
*Ska punk
*Samba activism
*Greek riots
*large squat incest
*Palestinian scarfs (except on hot scandinavians)
*EF! Brighton
*formal consensus

not us


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