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European Creative Forum - Visions of Another World - Sat May 8th

Gareth Strangemore-Jones | 03.05.2004 23:38 | European Social Forum | Culture | Education | Indymedia | London | World

ECF + UK-ESF Culture Working Group call a Joint Culture & Creatives Assembly to discuss "How can Culture activate the ESF and interest in it?"
This is an ESF awareness and benefit event with an array of stimulating, awakening and creative activities from music and mime; painting and poetry; dance and debate; theatre, talk and cinema; seminars and workshops.

ECF Forum
ECF Forum

The European Creative Forum Presents Visions of Another World

Saturday May 8th (12noon-1am)
Area10, Peckham, London

The Artivists
The Area10 Artists’ Collective
The UK-ESF Culture Working Group

Bring Food To Share

"How can Culture activate the European Social Forum and interest in it?" (1-5pm)

The Magic Carpet Ride
The Pyramid of Infinite Possibilities
The Rub, Carpetface & Friends
MC Angel
MC Lyrikool Lipz
Andy Simonowitz
The Unspoken Mime Company
Valerie Vivancos 1-2-1 DJ Experience
Blang Interactive Musical Installation

Shooting & Editing Video
How To WebCast Video On Indymedia
WTF's Community Wireless and Boundless Creativity
Creative Financing
Let's Play LETS
Visions of Peace
Poi Juggling
Indian Classical Dance
Healthy (he)arts, Healthy minds

Rising Tide Discussion on Art & Resistance to BP and Big Oil

With The Cannabis Festival (Brockwell Park) & Tribes (491 Gallery)
Virtual Flash Mob!
On-line Discussion: Global Democratic Revolution

Testimonies of the 21st Century
ESF Florence
WSF Mumbai
D-Fuse D-tonate DVD
Last Review
Wishes, Lies, Dreams
Trailer Truth
A 110 Utilitrees
I'm A Celebrity And I've Blown My Cool…

The Area10 Art Exhibition
The Artivists

Chakra Balancing, Positive Energy & Chanting Workshops For Creatives

Children's Activities and Creche (12noon-7pm)

12noon-3pm Sat May 8th Area10

Area10, Eagle Wharf, behind Peckham Library, Peckham, London SE15
Train: Peckham Rye, Queens Road (10 mins from London Bridge or Victoria)
Tube: Elephant & Castle, Oval + Bus: 12, 36, 171, 436
Bus: 12, 36, 78, 89, 171, 343, 345

What’s the story?
WHO: The European Creative Forum
WHAT: Aim to build on the success of their acclaimed launch last month, with the second in the series of "Visions of Another World" events
WHY: To raise awareness for the UK-European Social Forum coming to London in October and to raise funds to transport artists, musicians and creatives from all over Europe to this important socio-political event; to build creative networks and active friendships
WHERE: Area10, Eagle Wharf, Behind Peckham Library, Peckham, London
WHEN: Saturday May 8th 2004, 12noon-1am
HOW: With an array of stimulating, awakening and creative activities from music and mime; painting and poetry; dance and debate; theatre, talk and cinema; seminars and workshops.
ENTRY: By Donation + Participation
FOOD: Please bring a contribution to the shared food table

ECF - Chapter 2
The second European Creative Forum (ECF) Visions of Another World Event offers another day full of unique opportunities for artistic inter-activity, accessible socio-political education and creative networking for change (Saturday May 8th 12noon-1am).

The ECF’s Visions of Another World is again at Area10 (behind Peckham Library), with The Area10 Artists’ Collective adding spontaneous performances and interaction from The Artivists who are at Peckham Square, Peckham Library and Area10 throughout the day.

This event also launches the UK-ESF’s Culture Working Group with the Joint Culture & Creatives’ Assembly in Area10’s Saw Mill (1pm-5pm) discussing “How can Culture activate the European Social Forum and interest in it?”

This discussion will be facilitated by Laura Sullivan (Spirit Matters) and Nancy Lindisfarne (UK-ESF Cultural Working Group). Break Off Groups will take place between 2.15 - 3.45pm. Space will be made available for anyone to suggest a related subject for a Break Off Group. The Assembly will then reconvene between 4 - 5pm so people can share their discussions and outcomes.

The Visions of Another World May 8th Programme
There is again a full and varied programme of challenging and fun workshops from all the groups mentioned, starting early with

Shooting Video (Main space 11am-1pm)
A practical workshop in the professional techniques of making a video. Bring your own video camera and microphone if at all possible. Your video will be projected and broadcast on the ECF’s WebCast live or later that day. (Facilitator: Richard Hering Oxford Indymedia).

Poi Juggling Workshop with Alex Lee (Main space 4-5pm)
The State Of This World (Music room 5-6pm)
A Political Education Workshop from Laura Sullivan
On our way to imagining another world lets investigate whats wrong with the one we have (can capitalism be reformed or do we need a new system?).
Editing Video (Main Space 5-6pm)

Learn how to edit the ECF video you have shot, and upload it to the web via Indymedia with Richard Hering.

The Unspoken Mime Company (Main Space 5-5.30pm)
Tragi-comedy, love story between a boy called Neglect and a Girl called prosperity

Visions of Peace (Shed 5-6.30pm)
Come and envision a peaceful world set to Phoenix's live improvisation (voices and guitars), which enable people to create a picture of what they really want for peace in their lives and in their world.

Saw Mill (5.45-8pm)
ECF Film Screenings
"Testimonies of the 21st century"
5.45pm - (film duration 54mins)
by Andy O'Sullivan and Daniel Sayer - from Seattle to Porto Alegre
followed by open discussion group with Andy O'Sullivan
"WSF Mumbai 2004" by Jasmine Lail
7.15pm - (film duration 15mins)
followed by discussion open group with Jasmine Lail.
This open exchange is also an opportunity for cross pollination.
All members from the ESF Working Groups, Committees, Horizontals, Local Social Fora and others are invited to have relaxed exchange towards a shared vision.

Saw Mill (8pm-1am)
Artivist Video Screenings
D-Fuse D-Tonate DVD - Andrew Stiff
Last Review - Alma Tischler Wood
Wishes, Lies and Dreams - Sarawut Chutiwongpeti
Trailer Truth - Erica Scourti
A 110 Utilitrees + I Am A Celebrity And I’ve Blown My Cool - Giacomo Picca

Shop (5pm-1am)
The Magic Carpet Ride & The Pyramid of Infinite Possibilities + Guest Acts
Freestyle Musical Jam Session – instruments provided and/or bring your own!
The Magic Carpet Ride is an experiment in who you are!
There is no such thing as a wrong note. There is no such thing as a being out of time.
The Pyramid Of Infinite Possibilty - Take off your grown up clothes and immerse yourself in the hot tub of creative possibilty (See for more)
Guests include
The Rub, Carpetface + Friends (ever active and effective political hip hop)
Angel (Positive, concious, female MC)
MC LyrikoolLipz (creative beat-boxer extraordinaire...he can sing too!)
Paradox (Galactic Federation Agent: White Self-existing Wind)
Andy Simonowitz (naked thought, explicit, acoustic performance)

Main Space (6-7pm)
Creative Financing (6-7pm) Chris Cook leads a session on a radical new approach to organising and funding creatively-entered "Open Capital"
Let’s Play LETS (6-7pm) Mary Fee shows how with the LETS system, transactions can take place without any actual money having been created or exchanged. This workshop is an interactive networking opportunity to see the system in action.
Main Space (7-10pm)
Blang (7-8pm) Interactive musical installation workshop. All possible sounds. Bring along instruments - pots and pans included!
Healthy (he)arts. Healthy minds: the domino effect (7.30-9pm)
Interactive workshop and talk on arts in mental health, by Beth Elliott.
Beth graduated from Camberwell College of art two years ago and has been working in hospitals and running community projects since.
Belly Dancing Workshop (7.30-9pm) with Andrea Mostaco
Valerie Vivancos (7.30-10pm) One to one DJ experience (Sound: Rodolphe Alexis, Support: Jacques Perche)
Indian Classical Dance Workshop (9-10pm) with Jasmine Lail. Kathak North Indian classical dance - all levels welcome!

Shed (6.30-8pm)
ReclaimTheLaw Workshop and Performance
Nick St Clare + friends show how it's illegal to pay tax until there's a revolution for the environment. The green movement is upholding the police vow of office "to protect life and property and uphold the law". See for more.

Music Room (6pm-7pm)
A Discussion On The Exhibition of Resistance to BP and Big Oil, June 15th-21st 200
To celebrate the beginning of the end of BP's sponsorship of the National Portrait Award, come and help London Rising Tide put together a creative, hopeful and defiant Exhibition of Resistance to BP and Big Oil.

ALSO - The whole event is going to be broadcast in a three-way webcast link-up…

WTF's The Future Virtual Link-up:
The WTF's The Future?! collective will be utilising wireless networks and webcast technologies to co-ordinate a virtual link-up and streaming of three simultaneous events on Saturday May 8th, 2004.
- European Creative Forum (ECF) @ Area 10, Peckham, noon - 1am
- Tribes! Indigenous Alternatives to Capitalism @ 491 Gallery, Leytonstone, 10am - late
- Cannabis Festival @ Brockwell Park, Brixton, 1pm - 8pm

In addition, a "virtual flash mob" and discussion on Global Democratic Revolution will be held at 7pm on (or via #esp)

Workshops @ ECF: Community Wireless and Boundless Creativity
Adam Burns from and James Stevens from will give fascinating updates on the state of community wireless in London and explain how cultural creatives can harness the power of collaborative technologies and DIY media. This will include details of a new social enterprise being set up to create an open wireless lake in Lewisham, plus some practical antenna-making and advice workshops for newbies.
ECF thanks to Josef Davies-Coates (UnitedDiversity Open Organisation)

Where is Area10?
Area10: Eagle Wharf (Behind Peckham Library), Peckham, London SE15
Train: Peckham Rye, Queen’s Road (10 minutes from London Bridge or Victoria)
Bus: 12, 36, 78, 171, 343, 345
Tube: Elephant & Castle, Oval + Bus: 12, 36, 171, 436
Contact Area 10:
(T) 020 7635 6135

About The Artivists
As part of the series of events marking the launch of University of the Arts London (the new name for the London Institute), the Artivists will offer a varied, artist-led event focusing on presentations, projections, performances and audience participation. It is an event designed to provide a platform for discussion and an opportunity for artists, students and the public to meet.

Underpinning the day’s programme is the engagement with the term ‘Artivist’: a combination of art and activism. The day will be divided into three sections each offering a different approach: historical, discursive or reflective, visual, performative and celebratory. The intention is not to define what ‘Artivist’ might or could mean but to offer an opportunity for artists to respond via presentations or their actual practice to the idea of art as: cultural agitation, community involved, politically motivated, and so forth.

The event will take place at Peckham Library as part of a day of events under the general theme ‘Artivists’ and will be followed by a series of performances, and interventions within the environs of Peckham Square. The programme continues into the night with a party, music and projections at Area10, a local artist-run space. For more Artivist information and their full programme, visit

About the Joint ECF & UK-ESF Culture Working Group’s Assembly
The European Social Forum will be held in London in October 2004. This will be a festival of hope and opposition. We wish to create, as an integral part of the forum, a vibrant, dynamic festival of resistance that truly reflects the cultural diversity of the social movements in the UK, Europe and elsewhere.

As part of the ESF Cultural Launch on May 8th there will be a Culture and Creatives' Assembly. An open meeting place for "creative" reflective thinking, discussion of ideas, formulation of proposals, free exchange of experiences and inter-linking for effective action between people anyone interested in culture at the ESF.

The Assembly will take place between 1-2pm, to open the Second European Creative Forum Visions of Another World event and to launch the promotion of Culture at the UK-ESF. After Opening Introductions from the gathered individuals and groups, the Creative Discussion will question "How can Culture activate the ESF and interest in it?"

This discussion will be facilitated by Laura Sullivan (Spirit Matters) and Nancy Lindisfarne (UK-ESF Cultural Working Group). Break Off Groups will take place between 2.15 - 3.45pm. Space will be made available for anyone to suggest a related subject for a break off group. The Assembly will then reconvene between 4 - 5pm so people can share their discussions and outcomes.

ANYone wishing to join this Assembly, please email with your name and name of your organisation or affiliations (if any) or simply turn up and join in as the Assembly is an open meeting. Note that individuals come in a personal not an organisational capacity.

Future Visions of Another World Events
The European Creative Forum is putting together further Visions of Another World events on the 2nd Saturday of every month (June 12, July 10, August 14, September 11, October 9, etc). ANYone wishing to participate, please e-mail

The European Creative Forum + The Open Invitation To Join
The newly-formed European Creative Forum (ECF) joins the call to all artists, musicians, performers, DJ's, dancers, designers, film-makers, writers, poets, actors, architects, rappers, jugglers, journalists, media activists, culture jammers, critics, promoters, organisations, charities, campaigns, collectives, networks and individuals who share the objective of creating and participating in the next European Social Forum in London in the Autumn. With your help, the European Creative Forum will help build a momentum of support for this UK-ESF by staging a series of events called Visions of Another World.

In light of the ongoing successes of the World and European Social Fora, and the repeated calls for an increase in their cultural content, the European Creative Forum has been set up to promote art as a medium for expression that goes beyond the limitation of everyday language.

The ECF will actively complement and extend the fora and discussions of the UK-ESF's Culture Working Group. It will provide a space for experimental testing ground that encourages, builds and strengthens artistic and cultural networks towards a collaboration of culture, creation, colour, fun and festivities during the UK-ESF.

Entry to events is by donation and participation is encouraged. Funds raised will to be used to support and enable individuals and groups from across Europe to participate in the UK-ESF. This succession of events will address the links between culture and issues such as human rights, education, equality, poverty and others on the agenda of the UK-ESF utilising an array of artistic activities from music and mime; painting and poetry; dance and debate; theatre, talk and others such as cinema, seminars and workshops.

The ECF also intends to stage two carnival-style processions during the UK-ESF to complement and enhance its cultural programme.

The European Creative Forum is: Pro People & Peace, Pro Democracy & Diversity, Pro Environment & Ecology, Pro Culture & Creativity.

Positive, creative expression knows no boundaries!

About The ECF Organising Committee
The ECF Organising Committee meets every Tuesday (7pm) and you are invited to attend, participate and contribute towards the development and evolution of this new movement that places social values above economic gain. Check our website regularly ( or call below for more details and location.

About The World Social Forum
Firmly committed to the belief that “Another World Is Possible”, The World Social Forum (WSF) is “an open meeting place for reflective thinking, democratic debate of ideas, formulation of proposals, free exchange of experiences and inter linking for effective action, by groups and movements of civil society that are opposed to neo-liberalism and to domination of the world by capital and any form of imperialism, and are committed to building a planetary society directed towards fruitful relationships among Mankind and between it and the Earth”. (From The World Social Forum’s Charter of Principals).
Following the spectacular achievements of the WSF meetings in Porto Alegre in Brazil, the World Social Forum 2004 in Mumbai (India) was attended by 120,000 delegates from across the globe.

About The European Social Forum
The European Social Forum has held two huge landmark gatherings in Florence (2002) and Paris (2003). This year’s UK-ESF is to be held in the Autumn in London building off of the momentum of the growing public opinion, the continued success of the global justice movement and the amazing anti war marches. The UK-ESF will be a crucial event acting as a catalyst bringing together more organisations and movements of civil society, charities, NGO’s, individual activists, trade unions, peace groups, women's movements, environmental movements and other groups and individuals than ever before in the UK.

Join The ECF!
If you are an artist, performer or creative person of any description; if you have a workshop, talk, seminar or screening you would like to host; if you have a performance, exhibition or a message to communicate; if you teach about citizenship, culture or society in any way of if you are involved in absolutely any activity that would add colour to these events or if you’d like to attend, please contact us as below:

ECF Contact Details
General Enquiries + Marketing, Media & Promotions
Gareth Strangemore-Jones
Campaign Promotions
(T) + 44 (0)20 8880 7055

Event Production + Charity & Campaign Participation
Shane Hughes
(T) + 44 (0)20 8318 7798
(M) + 44 (0)7830 375868

Artists & Participants
Danny Ladwa
(M) + 44 (0)779 361 8054

Stage Management
Rebecca Thomas

Rachel Entwistle
(M) + 44 (0)7779 658 658

Website + Links
Kazem Beaton
Sketch Web & Graphic Design
(M) + 44 (0)7899 842180

Volunteer Co-ordinators
Joe Booth

Janine Lai

Brighton Creative Forum
Dan Savery
(M) + 44 (0)7817 294960

Le Forum Créatif Français
Sophie Hautenauve
(T) + 33 (0) 559461334

ECF Website


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