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UK Iraq Newswire Archive

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The Blair Bridge Project (& solidarity with Manning & Assange)

12-07-2016 06:59

Banner drop in Wrexham yesterday in the wake of Chilcot and in solidarity with
- imprisoned WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning serving 35 years in a US military prison
- WikiLeaks Editor in Chief Julian Assange, now beginning his 5th year denied safe passage from his refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, in what the UN has ruled to be arbitrary and unlawful detention.

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Class War 03/2016: IRAQ 1991 – Class war and bourgeois containment

17-05-2016 16:00

It was a quarter of a century ago, on March 7th, 1991, when the proletarian uprising in Iraq against war showed to the world proletariat the only way forward to eliminate wars forever. As always, on the other side of the social barricade, all the global forces of Capital acted as one body to liquidate the autonomy of our class.

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UG#731 - The Global Oiligarchy (Secrets of The Seven Sisters 2)

20-03-2016 08:15

This week, we conclude our adaption of The Seven Sisters and supplement it by the research of James Corbett on the influence of the US "Oiligarchs" over the rest of US society. As he notes, the US oil barons were effective in their takeover of other aspects of US society including the money, educational and food supply systems.

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23-02-2016 09:49

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collocata a cinque giorni di navigazione......

04-02-2016 12:52




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Emotional funeral for drowned Iraqi family

04-12-2015 09:26

Tragedy struck one Iraqi Family, who desperate to flee their war ravaged country, found the journey was actually their main enemy..

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Iraqi Minorities in Peril

12-11-2015 14:42

The plight of the Iraqi people was the main focus of debate at the US based Holocaust Memorial Museum. The debate was centred around those in Iraq, facing persecution by the self-declared Islamic State.

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Event: Fim Screening

25-10-2015 18:52

By listening to Iraqis voicing their concerns, dreams and aspirations, this
documentary hopes to make a contribution to the understanding of other
cultures. It attempts to lay a foundation of support to Iraqis and other
Middle Eastern people on their path to freedom.
Followed by discussion, Iraqi snacks and refreshments.

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Why Do Labour Keep Getting Iraq Wrong?

22-10-2015 16:12

Hussein Al-alak is the chair of the Iraq Solidarity Campaign UK

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How Muslims & Christians are working together to help refugees in Iraq and Syria

21-10-2015 09:07

An insight into how Iraq's diverse community are working together to help those who were forced to flee from the terror of Daesh.

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Refugees themselves, Iraqis volunteer to help others reach safety in Germany

18-10-2015 07:56

An Iraqi perspective into some of the work taking place, for those caught up in what is being described as the Refugee Crisis.

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More files from Anarchists breach of DSEI arms fair's online security

18-09-2015 20:42

Additional files obtained from Hacking Team's DSEI account.

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Anarchists breach DSEI arms fair's online security

17-09-2015 20:23

The Information Liberation Front was able to access Hacking Team's visitor portal and EZONE account on the DSEI website and view information intended for DSEI exhibitors. We are happy to share the information below.

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British Embassy in NZ claims "we're doing better than most European countries"

08-09-2015 03:48

British citizens in New Zealand protest UK response to refugee crisis outside British High Commission. Embassy spokesperon Pip Morris claims there has been no military intervention in Syria despite PM David Cameron admitting extra judicial assassinations in Syria.

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John Pilger to appear at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on August 9th.

30-07-2015 14:53

Journalist, film-maker and author, John Pilger is one of only two to win British journalism’s highest award twice. For his documentary films, he has won an Emmy and a BAFTA. His epic Cambodia Year Zero is ranked by the BFI as one of the ten most important documentaries of the 20th century. "John Pilger unearths, with steely attention to facts, the filthy truth and tells it as it is" (Harold Pinter). "Pilger’s work has truly been a beacon of light in dark times" (Noam Chomsky).

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Open letter to Philip Hammond demanding the release of Shaker Aamer

24-01-2015 23:59

This is an open letter to Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to demand the immediate release of Shaker Aamer who has been illegally detained in Guantanamo for an incredible 13 years without charge.

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Barclays blockaded over arms trade shares

19-12-2014 13:14

Today Smash EDO and Brighton Palestine Action blockaded Barclays Bank for an hour before activists were removed. The action was part of a campaign aimed at forcing the bank to have nothing to do with shares in Elbit Systems, Exelis (EDO MBM's parent company), BAE, Raytheon and other arms companies. It comes a month after a nationwide day of action saw occupations of Barclays in cities across the UK

One person was arrested, who had glued himself to the front doors of the bank. He was dressed as Santa wearing a placard which read 'Santa says you've been a very naughty bank this year'.

Here's the initial press report from the Argus

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Why Is the Islamic State Morally Right to Debug the Big Lie?

18-12-2014 15:01

When learning of corruption, most readers will have an idea of cash money buying a small official, a local leader or maybe even an influential opinion maker. But one instance of system-wide corruption, such as incorporated by the dynasty in Riyadh, can be more damaging in result than a myriad of small scale cases – indeed the rot at the top of a hierarchy induces a steady renewal of it everywhere below. The same is the case with the so-called “cyber war” – a privileged spying racket somewhere can be a worse threat to digital freedom than all less centralised instances of criminal hacking of user passwords and banking codes and so forth. In fact the systematic spying is the origin of a significant share of petty data crime. Such as the use of paper money brought about a historical escalation of corruption, the use of “drones” does with “cyber war” – entirely outmatching the earlier problems of metal impurity resp. veteran disorder.