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Why Is the Islamic State Morally Right to Debug the Big Lie?

Internationalist Observer | 18.12.2014 15:01 | Analysis | Anti-Nuclear | Iraq | World

When learning of corruption, most readers will have an idea of cash money buying a small official, a local leader or maybe even an influential opinion maker. But one instance of system-wide corruption, such as incorporated by the dynasty in Riyadh, can be more damaging in result than a myriad of small scale cases – indeed the rot at the top of a hierarchy induces a steady renewal of it everywhere below. The same is the case with the so-called “cyber war” – a privileged spying racket somewhere can be a worse threat to digital freedom than all less centralised instances of criminal hacking of user passwords and banking codes and so forth. In fact the systematic spying is the origin of a significant share of petty data crime. Such as the use of paper money brought about a historical escalation of corruption, the use of “drones” does with “cyber war” – entirely outmatching the earlier problems of metal impurity resp. veteran disorder.

Of the “three Samoas” – the three countries separated in 20th century armistice like the 19th century colony – Yemen is the only one affected by the “drone” phenomenon (see May 24, 2013), and the recent intervention of the fresh IS allies there that came in after the fake death certificate incident and the ensuing South-Western expansion is to be understood in the light of this scourge. This time there was no execution video but a blanket demand and apparently a false hint as well that led to a necessarily deadly “rescue” attempt, as the trigger-happy maniacs were let loose into a contradictory situation and killed the prisoner as well as an unarmed mediator but none of their handlers. This real-time blowback was the result of a successful debugging of the military-industrial complex that irreversibly shattered the “mental pressure vessel” of the spying apparatus. The historical breakthrough can already be observed from the fact that from that point onward all fresh stalk-fests of the spy mob against unarmed dissidents have successfully been derailed into bloody caricatures of their setup.

The substitute execution of the sixth IS prisoner – coming in the mimicry of a dragonfly in the jungle and apparently tailored to teach the vice president that this is the right moment to ground the drones or resign from office – has been implemented so predictable that the imperialist had nothing but itself to blame, like a botched stalking campaign in which the target does not get intimidated by seemingly inexplicable death threats until the theatrics collapse upon the heads of their perpetrators. The overheating it caused to the ideological superstructure of the criminal racket can indirectly be deduced from the observation of the attempts to overcompensate its consequences.

In Unitedstates, the “ventilation-improved president” (see Sept 26, 2013) is unnecessary noisy, as if the fan engine had been reused from a scrap pile. For the North American case it remains even more doubtful than in the South American one whether a “quick and dirty” cooling system can be sufficient to freeze the braindead idiots in charge of the military-industrial complex – or more precisely vice versa – who fail to help themselves out of the suicidal pattern of behaviour that makes them immediately lose all ethical restraint when they hallucinate the other was unaware.

That conditioning is not entirely compensated by means of air cooling, which cannot absorb that much heat that quickly. This is why the IS Yemen base message demanded open disagreement within the Unitedstates presidency over the “drone” issue as a means for the prisoner to survive. Up to that point no alleged cutback of the spying by the presidency can be taken for more than empty theatrics. It should be self-evident when we say “no drones” that this is a blanket necessity of no spying, no flying and no shooting which cannot stand on one or two legs alone.

Once again the “magic wristwatch” of Al Baghdadi which can turn long-term sea level rise into a tsunami by the push of a button has surprised the imperialist, whereas “magic” is to be understood as in the encounter of two cars approaching each other on a dark road dimming their lights at the same distance in the same moment. The man-made solar storm which would cause the impact of a slow-motion tsunami can however only come about if the imperialist fails to grasp the contribution to safety and peace it can make by complete nuclear disarmament, of which there cannot be a yota of doubt that it has to begin with these who used atomic bombs.

The sheer dimension of Unitedstates stupidity can already be found mirrored in Pakistan, where due to another huge blowback impact there now is an urge toward disarmament which cannot find satisfaction. The failure of “Subcommandante Plastic with a tinfoil hat” to appropriately disarm itself is blocking the entire line to move on. But all states have been demonstrated the way of disarmament such as aircraft passengers get their presentation by practical example. After the Syrian chemical disarmament there can be no valid excuse that there was no precedent to follow. There is a role model for Obama, and in addition to that now the example of Pakistan shows that a terror state receiving a bloody nose does not result from disarmament but from the lack thereof, even when that lack may entirely be to blame upon external failure.

Why is the capitalist state paralysed by its own incapability to let go a destructive monopoly of violence with wildfires of “intelligence failure” running rampant in its collective imagination? The answer to this finding is to be located deep in the “special way of life” of the so-called moderate climate zones where humans came in after the first climate catastrophe resulting in the loss of significant tropical habitats. North of the “rice border” once population density exceeds indigenous levels, bread becomes a key food even mentioned in prayers, and milling a necessity to process locally available grains for food.

But large water mills are a very dangerous technology, all the more so in the monopoly conditions most favourable to their pretentious construction and location. Specifically, the erosion of the millstone that depending upon local geological conditions disintegrates into a certain amount of sand per loaf of bread is a burden upon the entire population feeding from a mill resulting in precocious loss of teeth in which every grain is stochastically significant. The craftsman choosing the material for carving the millstone effectively is a dentist in the mouths of the entire valley.

In addition to that there is the risk of food poisoning, e. g. by mushroom growth on some of the seeds put into the mill, multiplying into a mass phenomenon rather than remaining limited to a small quantity, and the even more incalculable spike in short-term demand of medical care resulting from that. With the local robber baron violently imposing his milling monopoly, for the population it regularly became a higher chance of survival to let the mill run wild than to administrate both the monopoly operation and its fallout. Hence, before industrialisation the “bread cultures” in the rice-less climate were permanently gnashing their teeth, but sometimes it helped a bit when refugee spikes were at least swapped across territories to cut off the immediate poisoning.

In the current era, the cultural ditch between sea salt users and industrial salt users represents a similar phenomenon. Sea salt is at risk of nuclear poisoning with coastal reactors incapable to withstand the fallout of climate disruptions even when the Geiger counters remain intact, and at some point a while after sea fish has become inedible is set to turn as deadly as the more than two third of the planet surface it represents. Industrial salt on the other hand is impaired in purity by industrial additives whose accumulation in the bones makes death by radiation from the environment more painful, such as a bike helmet in a truck accident.

Under the atomic monopoly, the choice between the slow death in the bones and the quick death in the catastrophe echoes the likewise grotesque choice the milling monopoly put upon the pre-industrial bread cultures. On the other hand this weird centralism known to the rice cultures only in form of the issues revolving around their irrigation systems (see June 3, 2014) makes it that even in the pre-industrial bread cultures there already is an anti-capitalist factor at work. It is as well deeply rooted in the religion which talks of the “breaking of the bread” when not only the knife has been confiscated as an alleged weapon but the thugs also do not allow the word to spread that confiscations take place.

But everyone being approached in the middle of a prayer by beggars traumatised by a mill was, at least in principle, able to take them from the cathedral to the bazaar and offer to openly assist them in their begging. The current era equivalent to that scenario is the spy trying to join the anti-nuclear activists who drives its car into the mud before doing so as to appear more authentic, but the trained eye immediately recognises that this is not the result of a careful passing through unexpected conditions but of a child soldier-like behaviour and treats the person like a radiation victim.

The complex nuclear problem or its simple predecessor in the form of the milling problem does represent the false totality of capitalism, which cannot be resolved within its own setting because that is more dangerous than passing it on, and therefore requires an entirely new approach. But the same is to be said about the oil problem and the preceding water problem. It is this constellation which brings together the interests of the dry and the wet climate zones, the tundras and the deserts on both sides of the rice belt, and the revolutionary movements within the freshwater cycles and those outside thereof. Within the rice belt, this ant-capitalist impulse under most circumstances is instead absorbed by the decentralisation potential of the local food chain.

This convergence of interests based upon bread and water and geology is stronger than the failure of the capitalist state to pay its rice bill, i. e. leave the access to the fully decentralised food chain absolutely open from any direction with no centralised meddling at all. The successful system change required for a permanent solution to these problems, i. e. the transformation of the money system into a potentially obsolete technology so that it can be a suitable pressure vessel for the handling of the fossil legacy, the symbolic but irreversible breaking of the centrifuge monopoly that counterbalances the imperialist annihilation and domination threat with a reach for the ball-pen and a look at the wristwatch, and finally the deconstruction of the capitalist system and handling of its remaining war criminals, can only result out of an internationalist effort to defeat the centralised power once and for all.

Then the problems of emissions reduction and territory loss will automatically be shrunk from apocalyptical to scientific dimensions. The key to it all is however the degradation of money from its current nearly unavoidable role to something as easily avoidable as fossil resources. But the capitalist state is not capable to achieve a project as ambitious as its own retirement, so it must actively be deconstructed before it sinks with the millstone around its neck and takes all of us with it.

The debugging of the big lie by the Islamic State is speeding up this process, as demonstrated in the Pakistani disarmament domino, where the Taleban have turned their country into the next arsenal to drop right after the Unitedstates one is gone. The dead “School of the Americas” on holiday in Peshawar pardons Lee Harvey Oswald, now Fidel Castro can fetch Julian Assange. Among the bread cultures, flanked by the two European arsenals, Russia then is next to follow after Pakistan. For the resolution of the Russian-Islamic conflict, the debugging of the two apartment complex bombings in Moscow and Volgodonsk is going to be essential – were these false flag attacks of the Gleiwitz type or entrapment blowback incidents of the Munich type? There is less clarity than over the New York trade towers attack, but certainly these two veins are the place where to put the fingers to measure the pulse of the dying military-industrial complex.

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