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World Bio-technology

GM, GMOs, gene manipulation, patents.

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Take the flour back

10-06-2012 19:49 | Bio-technology | Ecology | Technology | World

On 27th May at Rothamsted, Harpenden, Hertsfordshire, more than 400 growers, bakers and families from across England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Belgium marched against the return of open air GM field testing. Take the Flour Back linked arms with their European counterparts, notably France’s Volunteer Reapers and walked calmly towards the field of GM wheat before being stopped by police lines.

From the newswire: European activists link up to draw the line against GM| Final details| Take the Flour Back defend Direct Action on Newsnight| Open letter to Rothamsted| What is food sovereignty| Pull up the GM wheat, or we will, say growers| Meet-up point announced| Callout


From SchNEWS: If we stay there will be stubble|One man assault on GM crop trial in Hertfordshire|Flour to the people

Links: Take the flour back

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SchNEWS 731 - GM: Against the Grain

15-07-2010 21:51 | Bio-technology | Ecology | Health | Technology | South Coast | World

This week sees GM firmly back in the spotlight. On Wednesday the EU took a huge step in pushing forward the genetic modification agenda by copping out of regulation and putting the decision on whether to GM grow or not back into the hands of national governments. The European Commission approved changes to the rules which may break the deadlock that has prevented any significant cultivation of GM crops in Europe. What does this mean for GM production in the UK and other nation-states? And where does this leave the resistance movement?

On the Newswire: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

In SchNEWS: 622 | 583 | 346 | 319

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SchNEWS 717: Counter Strike

10-04-2010 12:16 | Bio-technology | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles | Terror War | South Coast | World


Roll up, roll up, one and all for the ‘Counter Terror’ Expo 2010. Kicking off at London’s Kensington Olympia on April 14th, the two day event will showcase the surveillance and ‘security’ technologies of 250 companies hoping for a slice of the paranoia dollar. Also on the Big Brother bandwagon are NATO, the MoD and other representative associations from the police, military and private security industry. There are several good reasons to show up at 12pm, Wednesday 14th April (at Olympia Way W14) and counter the terror expo.

Action Reports: 1 | 2
Other Sites: Disarm DSEi | Corporate Watch | Counter Terror Expo homepage

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Nepalese monkeys saved from vivisection

03-09-2009 19:14 | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | World

After a global campaign that lasted for six years, the Nepal government has decided to definitely halt the breeding of monkeys for biomedical research in the USA. A letter from the Ministry of Forestry will be sent to Pravesh Man Shrestha, who has been breeding monkeys for the past five years, asking him to release the 310 rhesus monkeys back into the wild. Last year Shrestha planned to sell 25 of the 300 monkeys to the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research Center, but following a temporary court injunction, the Nepalese Parliament banned the export.

The Nepalese government repeatedly claimed on numerous occasions that the monkey farms don't exist, that any monkey farms are illegal and that Nepal doesn't have a policy of breeding monkeys for export to American vivisection laboratories. This was later proven to be all lies when the farms were exposed in August 2008 (Photos | Video | Report).

Newswire: Victory! Nepalese monkeys saved from vivisection | Gateway To Hell Campaign Update | Nepalese Parliament Orders End To Monkey Exports | Situation Update Nepal -- G2H Demands Justice for the Monkeys | Week of action for Nepal's monkeys | It's Decision Time For Nepal's Monkeys | Nepal to Export 25 monkeys 'soon' | Nepalese Monkey Export Ban Under Threat | Footage of the Nepalese Monkey Farms Released | Export banned of Nepalese monkeys for vivisection | Protest against monkey export in Belgium | Demo against Nepal's plan to export monkeys | Stop The Monkey Business -- Photos of the Monkey Farms

Campaigns: Gateway To Hell | Stop Monkey Business

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GM Nation?

27-10-2003 20:33 | Bio-technology | World

What part of no GM did you not understand?

In the largest procedure of its kind in the world, the UK government wanted to make sure that the introduction of GM crops in the UK would be based on scientific facts and public approval. For a change it seems to have been good that they have done so. It is now obvious that the public are against GM food and GM crops, and the trials showed that herbicide tolerant GM crops can be worse for the environment than conventional agriculture.

Public meetings were held all over the country, a website gave the opportunity to state one's opinion, a scientific commission wrote a report, and farm-scale field trials where conducted over several years. All of these results are now going into a final report (overview). Besides this official programme numerous actions took place. Meanwhile some GM companies have decided to reduce their activites in the UK.

[ Corporate Watch UK | Genewatch | GMwatch |Green Gloves Pledge | Stop Bayer's GM crops! | Greenpeace UK | Friends of the Earth | | Guardian GM debate | GM nation? Official Website | Full text of reports on GM field scale evaluations | BioTech IMC ]

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World Bio-technology Newswire

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17-01-2012 03:21

Text Breaking News Cannabis Science, Inc: Cannabis Shrinks “One Of The Worst” Cancers
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Image Biofuels and biomass protest outside DECC
23-10-2011 09:41 | 7 comments

Text 150th Birthday: IG Farben founder Carl Duisberg "a criminal genius"
28-09-2011 11:29

Text US' Cargill 36 MILLION Lbs. of Diseased Turkey Flesh...Criminal Neglect by USG
05-08-2011 04:19 | 1 comment

Audio UG#561 - $100,000,000 to Crack A Lone Nut? (Amerithrax, Gladio, 7/7...)
30-07-2011 06:44

Image 400 peasants, clowns, and reapers liberate Belgian GM potato field
30-05-2011 23:57

Text Air France-KLM exposed transporting monkeys for the research industry!
19-05-2011 18:28

Image Global week of action against Air France-KLM: 27 May - 3 June
14-05-2011 14:38 | 1 comment

Text Euopean campaign to ensure that all cosmetics sold in the EU are cruelty-free!
09-04-2011 16:44

Text On February 24th there is a solidarity protest outside the Swiss Embassy (16-18
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15-02-2011 20:19 | 3 comments

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26-01-2011 11:02 | 1 comment

Text More proof of USA TORTURE
15-12-2010 18:10

Text Save the Utrectht 5!
08-12-2010 16:35 | 1 comment

Text Dogshocking Vivisector whose animal torture used by military to develop human to
28-11-2010 19:46

Text The Green Bubble is about to Burst
05-11-2010 21:34 | 6 comments

Image £220 MILLION offered by government for proposed UKCMRI massive bioresearch lab
23-10-2010 13:41

Image Video: 16 Oct 2010: World Food Day - Kids Action @ Cargill Ghent
17-10-2010 12:09

Text Planning Application Now In for UKCMRI Huge Lab proposed for Central London
03-10-2010 13:51

Image Video & Pix of the first (gmo) Field Liberation Meeting in Brussels
23-09-2010 19:22

Text Monsanto, Blackwater and spying on animal rights activists
16-09-2010 19:06

Audio UG#516 - The Politics & Economics of Food (Promoting Famine & Creating Sickness)
13-09-2010 06:34

Image In solidarity with Silvia, Billy and Costa
27-08-2010 15:42

Image Movieclip about occupation of Dutch Monsanto-firm
14-06-2010 10:57

Text The Racist UN, the genocidal World Health Organization, the money dominated WTO
12-06-2010 16:41 | 1 comment

Text US Co.. Epicyte With USDA Funding Developed Seed Corn Containing Spermicide
11-06-2010 20:30

Text Anthrax alert issued today. Heroin infected with deadly anthrax in circulation
13-05-2010 23:26 | 10 comments

Image Cruelty companies closing sites, Cops obstruct Science Park road. Good Times!
01-05-2010 22:18 | 1 comment

Text Kudos Pharmaceuticals to Close Down! Solidarity with ex-workers!
05-03-2010 18:16 | 7 comments

Text UKCMRI [Camden Bio Lab] Community & Residents Consultations in March 2010
28-02-2010 05:15

Text Glaxo Child Killers to open labs in Stevenage Science Park
26-02-2010 15:50 | 8 comments

Text Animal Protection Party shops thrive in spite of police clampdown on SHAC stalls
22-02-2010 05:39 | 26 comments

Text Camden Animal Lab campaign residents "We are up against heavies".
19-02-2010 20:31 | 1 comment

Text Stop UKCMRI [Camden Bio Hazard] Lab meeting at Camden Town Hall update.
19-02-2010 03:23 | 1 comment

Image Stop The Stevenage GSK/Wellcome Trust/Mandelson Animal Torture Park
18-02-2010 18:59 | 12 comments

Text Call out to Brendan / London Animal Rights and Bedford Animal Rights.
18-02-2010 18:48 | 16 comments

Text Adrian Radford. A hoax, diversion and paid by Cancer Research UK?
15-02-2010 02:04 | 14 comments

Image UKCMRI Camden Animal Lab project. Will it replace Huntingdon Life Sciences?
14-02-2010 23:52 | 3 comments

Image UKCMRI lie to Camden residents over letters at public forum Peter Pan debacle
11-02-2010 23:54 | 14 comments

Image Camden Animal Lab : [BLISS Lab] UKCMRI meeting joined by Peter Pan
11-02-2010 04:59

Text UKCMRI tonight displayed pic of Peter Pan and treated Camden with contempt.
10-02-2010 22:53 | 7 comments

Text Call-out for international week against biotechnologies
06-02-2010 18:42

Image Camden Bio Hazard Lab - your LAST CHANCE to speak out public forum in Camden
02-02-2010 14:46 | 4 comments

Text Residents contact the Camden New Journal in growing numbers over deadly lab
16-01-2010 22:16

Image Danger! Bayer genetic modified rice! (by Latuff)
08-01-2010 13:14 | 5 comments

Text "Monstrous" Cancer Research building with jacuzzi, swimming pool and gyn sold.
14-12-2009 13:30 | 1 comment

Text Camden Bio Hazard Lab consortium [UKCMRI] : 24 hrs notice of "consultation"
09-12-2009 14:36

Image Cop15 Social & Climate Justice Caravan - Reader / Newspaper Published
23-11-2009 20:20

Text Camden Bio Hazard Lab plans will pose threat to Camden Irish community
19-11-2009 01:01 | 5 comments

Text Nuclear Waste trains and the Camden Bio Hazard Lab. The ultimate dirty accident.
19-11-2009 00:48

Image Nepal Monkey Farming Ban Becomes Law!!!
03-11-2009 11:23 | 4 comments

Image Olympics and Hajj to Shut Down due to Swine Flu – Global Warming?
02-11-2009 06:15

Text Camden Animal Lab - contractors bidding for UKCMRI construction
02-11-2009 04:42 | 2 comments

Text More Primate Torture at NASA
31-10-2009 17:14

Text Climate Emergency Copenhagen London Public Forum @ South Camden Community School
28-10-2009 18:01

Text Why ???
24-10-2009 05:54 | 1 comment

Text Camden Bio Danger Lab NBC suits and gas masks from Camden shops
17-10-2009 17:40 | 12 comments

Text We have a problem in stevenage
15-10-2009 06:54 | 4 comments

Image The Camden Bio Hazard and Animal Lab will test on amphibians and rodents.
05-10-2009 17:21 | 9 comments

Text PROTEST against mandatory Swine Flu vaccination Sat 3rd October 2009
01-10-2009 22:40 | 13 comments

Text Stop Camden Bio Hazard Lab - letter from UCL provost Malcom Grant regarding lab.
23-09-2009 13:05

Text Camden council housing sell off scandal / lab update from Labour Party Camden
21-09-2009 20:31 | 1 comment

Text Camden Animal Lab Development Control Committee meeting to be held next year.
17-09-2009 23:12 | 11 comments

Text Live chicks crushed video, hamsters' heads drilled, pigs dropped onto concrete
09-09-2009 11:25 | 3 comments

Text demonstration in newcastle on wednesday the 9th against Sanofi-aventis
08-09-2009 01:24 | 1 comment

Text Stop Camden Bio Hazard Lab and have a carbon zero project instead.
04-09-2009 04:29

Image American Radio Network NPR Promotes Greenland Narwhal Whale Slaughter
19-08-2009 13:12

Text Long List of Groups Around The World Working To End Animal Experimentation
07-08-2009 21:34 | 3 comments

Text Criminal Participants in the Swine Flu Scam and Other Pharmaceutical Bioterror
27-07-2009 14:47 | 6 comments

Text A Radiant Day
23-07-2009 16:08 | 1 comment

Text GMWatch launches new myth-busting website
22-07-2009 13:31

Text Swine Flu leaked from Lab - More Fears For Proposed Camden Lab
20-07-2009 03:24 | 8 comments

Text Bird Flu could be pretext for far worse to come.
16-07-2009 03:14 | 9 comments

Text Stop Camden Bio Hazard and Animal Testing Lab Coalition meeting this Sunday
02-07-2009 23:40 | 1 addition | 8 comments

Text The repercussions & threat of Bio-technology on Humanity from The Codex Alimenta
26-06-2009 18:25 | 4 comments

Image Swine Flu's Hidden Agenda (Four cartoons by Latuff)
24-05-2009 21:14 | 6 comments

Text EFSA's Review of Ramazzini's Second Aspartame Study Shows Sellout
17-05-2009 04:36

Text Hossam Eid has handed the campaign back to Mandy Ford
08-05-2009 19:16

Text BBC1 ITN Channel 4 Channel 5 - Quarantine Fears Camden London Labs
06-05-2009 06:21 | 6 comments

Text Graffitti artists wanted for secret London and Brighton project...sshhh
06-05-2009 03:10 | 8 comments

Text Stop Camden Animal Lab urgently needs a computer / printer / scanner
04-05-2009 04:58

Text Stop The Camden Bio Hazard Lab! - Swine Flu fears & River Fleet in Camden.
03-05-2009 18:13 | 2 comments

Image Swine Flu Hysteria (by Latuff)
30-04-2009 20:46 | 2 comments

Text Our Facebook page was shut down and the group page hacked by Hossam Eid.
29-04-2009 15:09 | 4 comments

Text SHUT DOWN PASSENGER FLIGHTS,empower communities&end industrial livestock farmin
26-04-2009 20:49

Text Camden Council Planning Applications. Have you ever been refused? Why?
23-04-2009 04:10 | 2 comments

Text Bands needed for benefit gigs to help Animal Liberation / Animal Rescue
22-04-2009 02:49 | 1 comment

Text Stop Camden Animal Lab can offer sleeping spaces for WDAIL visitors
09-04-2009 16:35 | 3 comments

Text Stop Camden Animal Lab Appeal
09-04-2009 00:46

Text The Stop Camden Animal Lab meeting at Housmans Bookshop was cancelled.
07-04-2009 16:49

Text Camden_Lab Stop Camden Animal Lab meeting Tuesday 7th April @ Housmans Bookshop
02-04-2009 13:18 | 1 comment

Text Camden Lab_Stop Camden Animal Lab needs a meeting space.
01-04-2009 19:41

Text small agroecological farms are our only natural resource economic base
31-03-2009 17:51

Text Stop Camden Animal Lab - NEW Donations Address / Camden Gazette article
27-03-2009 16:05

Text Gateway To Hell Campaign Update
16-03-2009 06:00

Text Camden Animal Lab – Builders Revealed!
07-03-2009 16:49 | 1 addition | 10 comments

Text Camden New Journal Article / Work started / jobs pledge
06-03-2009 12:44

Text Camden Lab and Community campaign has a new address in Kings Cross
02-03-2009 13:37 | 1 comment

Text BBC1 ITV Channel 4 Camden "Supper Virus" Lab - work has started
26-02-2009 14:50 | 7 comments

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