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Nepalese Monkey Export Ban Under Threat!

G2H | 24.10.2008 14:35 | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | Ecology | World

The latest news the G2H team has recieved from Nepal is not only will the monkeys not be released from the breeding centres [because they are "private property"] but that the Nepalese government is even considering restarting the exports....despite a previous public statement that Nepal no longer has a policy of exporting monkeys for the vivisection industry!

The latest news from Nepal, after the local campaigners met with the Director General of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, (DNPWC), is that not only will the Nepalese government not release the monkeys from the farms because they are now "private property" which the Americans have paid substantial amounts of money for, but if the Americans create enough of a fuss it is even possible that the exports will be reinstated and innocent animals could be sent to their horrific deaths at American research centres like the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research!

The decision is to be taken by the new Minister for Forestry and Soil Conservation, Mr. Kiran Gurung on the advice of a report already sent by the DNPWC.The Gateway to Hell campaign would like to make it EXTREMELY clear to Minister Kiran Gurung that if even one Nepalese monkey is allowed to be sent to a foreign research laboratory with the government permission it will draw a fierce reaction from the campaign!

The recent calm we called for when the exports were banned has now been shattered, Nepal's monkeys are once again threatened with vivisection in the USA and we call on all our supporters to immediately intensify their protest actions against Nepal until the monkeys have been released from the breeding centres and the Americans have been kicked out of Nepal for good!

Over the next few weeks we will be launching a number of initiatives to ensure that the monkey exports are not restarted and to ensure the release and rehabilitation of the previously captured/bred monkeys.

We must not allow Nepal to become another Mauritius or Vietnam, the time to act is now and we hope we can rely on your support to save the Nepalese monkeys from vivisection!

If not you, Who?
If not now, When?

For the animals, until all are free,

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