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Missile Merchants Go Off Target

Jane Winters and Albert Rutherford | 14.04.2010 10:45 | Anti-militarism | Terror War

As the Counter Terror Expo kicks off today peddling it's trade in death, destruction, surveilance, oppression and control, activists set about disrupting the event this morning.

Significant disruption was caused this morning to the opening of the Counter Terror expo in Kensington Olympia as activists posing as events organisers redirected participants (dealers in arms, surveillance technology, barrier construction etc) from the true venue towards an invented 'new location'.

Two teams of activists were in operation, one at Kensginton Olympia tube stop and the other at Earl's Court. The team at Kensington Olympia greeted expo guests getting off the tube with an explanation that, due to security reasons, the expo was being moved from Olympia to Earl's Court. Maps to the new location were offered to the confused arms dealers.

At Earl's Court the activists patrolled the platform from which the infrequent train to Oympia departs (every 15-20 mins or so) explaining to all likely-looking expo goers that they would do better to stay put, outside the station, as the entire event was being moved to a venue nearby due to the fabricated 'security concerns'.

Having mentioned the 'problem' to tube staff, the driver of the train to Kensignton Olympia announced the venue change to all passengers at Earl's Court, which saw a train-load of would-be arms profiteers disembark and leave the station in search of the new venue.

Suspicions were quickly raised among conference goers who were able to contact fellow weapons merchants alread inside the conference, which was continuing as planned in Olympia. Once their cover was blown the activists made swift exits, dodging the hoards of arms traders stuck waiting at Earl's Court for a conference that would never come.

Jane Winters and Albert Rutherford


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