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Sexuality and gender news.

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Attack on The Casa

08-11-2013 18:32 | Free Spaces | Gender | Social Struggles | Liverpool | World

Attackers outside The Casa

On Saturday 2nd November 2013 a fundraising benefit gig for the family of imprisoned whistleblower Chelsea Manning, organised by WISE Up Action, at The Casa in Liverpool, a pub set up by sacked Liverpool Dockers, suffered multiple violent attacks.

The day before the physical and verbal attacks on the anti-war activist organisers and The Casa staff, a statement on Adam Ford's blog, "from a group of activists who will be supporting Chelsea Manning but opposing Ciaron O'Reilly at an event in Liverpool tomorrow" claimed that "Ciaron O'Reilly - a main organiser of tonight's event - does not support Chelsea Manning in the same way that we do" and said that they "intend to protest against that". Ten days before the attack an article opposing the event, published on the blog of a member of the Liverpool Solidarity Federation and reproduced the next day on Libcom, claimed that Ciaron O’Reilly was a "vile misogynist and transphobic shitbag" and that "O’Reilly’s fundraiser in Liverpool will be challenged on the basis of his behaviour towards women and on the basis of his support for Julian Assange." Ciaron O’Reilly refutes the allegations against him, in response to the accusation that he made some sexist remarks he has said "I am not sure I have" and in response to the charge that that he refers to Chelsea Manning using her previous name of Bradley, he has made it clear that he does "not refuse to use the name Chelsea".

On 19th October 2013, outside the Anarchist bookfair in London Ciaron O’Reilly was physically and verbally assaulted because of his ongoing support and solidarity work for Julian Assange of WikiLeaks who has been sheltering from persecution in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for over a year.

Links: Catholic among the Pigeons | Solidarity gigs/events for US prisoner of conscience Private Manning | Drunk Attack on Chelsea Manning's Family Fundraiser in Liverpool | Weekend of Solidarity with Chelsea Manning's Family - the good news! | Photos and audio from Chelsea Manning's Family Fundraiser in Liverpool

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Save Pegah Emambakhsh from British Prison and Iranian Lashes

24-08-2007 13:17 | Gender | Migration | Repression | Sheffield | World

Pegah Emambakhsh

An international campaign to prevent the UK government deporting Pegah Emambakhsh to Iran, where she fears persecution, for being a lesbian, has so far succeeded in getting her deportation delayed.

Pegah sought asylum in the UK in 2005, her claim failed despite appeals, and she was arrested in Sheffield on Monday 13th August and is being detained in Yarlswood detention centre.

Her case has been taken up by the Iranian Queer Organization, who have said: "If she is going to be returned to Iran, there is much of possibility that she, due to her sexual orientation and her past life in Iran, will be sentenced to death, or, in a most optimistic view, be prosecuted and tortured in some of the ways that are all common among Iran's religious officials when having made the decision to chastise the so called 'corrupted' citizens.".

The global anti-deportation campaign, which has included approaches to the British ambassador in Rome and the Deputy Consul General in San Francisco has resulted in her case getting coverage in the local media, the Iranian media and the gay press [ 1 | 2 ] around the world. However there has been no coverage of her case in the mainstream media in the UK but it has made the TV news been in and la Repubblica in Italy.

Pegah now has excellent legal representation and support from Outrage!. Suggestions of ways to protest against her deportation include contacting the Home Office and signing a petition.

Articles: Urgent help needed to save the life of Pegah Emambakhsh | Appeal for the life of Pegah Emambakhsh | Pegah Emambakhsh Must Stay | British Ambassador promises: "We will not deport Pegah Emambakhsh" | Who wants Pegah’s Blood? | Urgent! - Save Pegah From Death. Don't Alow That Pegah Goes Up On The Airplane | Lesbian facing Deportation to Iran needs your Support | URGENT: Don't Deport Pegah Emambakhsh

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Pride in London and Beyond

07-07-2007 23:00 | Gender | London | World

Dublin Pride

This years London Gay Pride saw one of the biggest turnouts ever despite two factors that would have all but destroyed other events. Firstly unknown persons planted two 'devices’ on the route of the march two days before. This could have led the Police to cancel the procession or a least reroute it through a less glamorous part of town. Then there was the rain that tipped down by the bucket full from beginning to end and the pathetic little protests by the National Front and their brethren from the Christian Right. Fortunately the LGBT community and their supporters are not so easily put off and beer and broll'ies were the order of the day, with the pink pound ensuring plenty of both flowed through the damp streets of London.

However, marchers carrying banners with the word 'queer' displayed on them were forbidden from displaying them at yesterday's Gay Pride event in London. Blundering cops decided that the word was 'offensive', and someone wearing a t-shirt which read 'anarchists make better lovers' was also ordered to cover it up as this was also deemed 'offensive' by those arbiters of good taste the London Met. Politics is not allowed at Pride it seems, leaving more room for corporate back-slapping about how right on companies like Lloyds Bank and British Airways are.

Reports and Photos: Pride 2007. Pitiful counter demos. | Pride 2007 photos and report. | Queers Banned at Pride! | British Airways Shame London Pride | Anarchists join Gay Pride march

Pride 2007 Reports Elsewhere: Dublin Gay Pride 2007 | Gay Pride in Riga, Latvia 2007 | Chicago's Biggest Pride Parade Ever! Gives Warm Welcome to Progressive Contingent | 2007 Pride Weekend in San Francisco | Israel - we are all queers

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Gay and Lesbian Activists Defy Moscow's Gay Pride Ban

29-05-2006 18:13 | Gender | World

Russian riot police detain lesbian rights activist Evgeniya Debryanskaya

Despite a total ban and threats of mass arrests by Moscow's mayor, topped up with pledges of violent counter-protests by religious leaders, local right wing groups and fascist militants, over 200 people took the streets in defiance in central Moscow for the first ever Gay Pride march in Russia on Saturday 27.

As soon as the lesbian and gay activists gathered by the Kremlin in Manezhnaya Square, strengthened by a contingent of mainly anarchist supporters and some internationals, around 100 fascists and religious fanatics started to attack them, whilst, at the same time, around 1000 riot police pushed and kicked demonstrators out of the square. But despite enduring high levels of harrassment and violence, the activists proved their stubborness in defending their right to protest, and kept coming back trying to gather. As a result over 120 people were arrested, most of which have already been released but charged with disturbing the peace and illegal gathering.

Reports: 1 | 2 | 3. Photos: 1 | 2 | 3

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Echos of international women's day

10-03-2005 05:47 | Gender | World

Actions and gatherings have happened all over the world on this year's 8th of March. In Istanbul, a group of around 150 people gathered in Istanbul on Sunday 6th of March 8. Police intervened after protesters refused to disperse and detained 59 people, including 29 women. Muslim Turkey has promised to do more to improve the plight of women as it legislates reforms required by the European Union before the government begins membership talks in October.

In Ecuador, it is remembered that most of the "drug trafickers" are poor and single mothers who, fed up of telling their children that there is no food today, risk their bodies and lives by swallowing drugs in order to transport them, on behalf of fat cats that never get caught.

In Santiago de Chile, more than 150 organisations seconded the march.

In Madrid no actions were reported - a Community Centre was evicted on the 8th of March.

There have been actions, amongst others, in Argentina 1 (in spanish)|2, in Euskalherria (also in spanish), Portugal (in portuguese),

In San Francisco, CA, USA, a colourful demonstration took 1|pics 2 <"">

women's solidarity, UK and international event listings

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Digitales 2004 In Brussels, Women In ICT

26-01-2004 18:50 | Gender | Indymedia | Technology | Workers' Movements | World

The Brussels ICT-trainingcenter for women Interface3 organised the third Digitales-days event this week. For three days workshops and forums were organised where (mostly) female trainees, ICT-professionals, cyberartistsen media(h)ac(k)tivists from Belgium {1} {2}, the Netherlands {1} {2}, Germany, France {1} {2}, Spain, Italy {1} {2} {3}, the US and Canada could meet eachother. This unique initiative didn't just give women in the ICT training program a chance to meet with female artists and activists. It was also a nice occasion for female cyberactivists to get in touch with each other and exchange experiences. Check out the reports about the whole event on Indymedia Belgium.

{Photos} {Video} {Forum Female (Media)(h)ac(k)tivists}

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NI UNA MAS! Online-Demo against the Mexican government

01-11-2003 00:20 | Gender | World

According to Amnesty International, more than 300 women have been murdered in Chihuahua since 1993, and more than 400 are missing. Operacion Digna demands: "Stop the femizide! Not one more!"

An online demonstration against the Mexican government and the Supreme Court of the state of Chihuahua took place from Oct 31 to Nov 2, 2003, together with JUSTICIA PARA NUESTRAS HIJAS [Justice for our Daughters]. 138,321 computers in 34 countries participated.

petition | street actions | virtual sit-in | General info on electronic civil resistance and the Electronic Disturbance Theater

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Fallout From Recent Protests - Solidarity Update

01-07-2003 18:40 | Evian G8 | Thessaloniki EU | NoBorder Camp | Border Camps | Gender | Repression | Social Struggles | World

warsaw - women on waves
A noborder demo in Warsaw on June 30 ended with 16 arrests. A website with templates for appeals to authorities and more info is prepared. The demo ended a noborder conference and an International Anarchist Meeting preceding the Krynki bordercamp which starts on June 2nd.
A Financial Call for people arrested and injured during the Evian G8 Protests was sent out.
The Uk supporters for people held in prison following the EU summit in Thessaloniki are sending regular updates [Update #2 | Update #3].

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Women on Waves - Fighting for the Right of Abortion

26-06-2003 23:00 | Gender | Health | Repression | World

warsaw - women on waves
The ship from "Women on Waves" (WOW, polish: Kobiety na Falach), arrived the 22nd of june in the harbour of Wladyslawowo. Polish women organisations celebrated the arrival of the floating abortion clinic. Beforehand the landing of the ship was prevented by the authorities.
At the same time abortion enemies attacked the ship with eggs, bottles and stones. The authorities have searched the ship and sealed all drugs.

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