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World Evian G8

May 2003: Evian G8 Summit.

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Having the G8 in Town Justifies Lethal Police Actions

16-11-2004 19:15 | Evian G8 | Repression | World

Your Cops are your Responsibility!

The judge investigating the Aubonne Bridge case has concluded that any mistakes made by the police on the bridge were "understandable" because of the stress of the G8 summit taking place nearby, and that the activists shouldn't have put themselves in such a dangerous situation. The report states that it was the activists' fault that the police cut the rope from which two climbers were suspended, whilst blockading a delegation on their way to the G8 summit in Evian in May 2003. Despite being warned by activists on the blockade that there were people hanging from it, a policeman took a knife and cut the rope causing a 20 meter fall of Martin Shaw. Fortunately he survived, but was left with very severe injuries to his back, pelvis and foot. Gesine Wenzel on the other end of the rope was saved at the last moment as activists grabbed the other end of the rope. The judge's declaration, which took 18 months to produce, seems to have been written to give "carte blanche to the police to do whatever they want without fear for any legal consequences", the activist's Swiss lawyer said. [Report]

In response to the judge's decission, the climbers of the Aubonne Bridge Action entered the Chateau in Lausanne on Friday 12th November - the seat of the government of Vaud (Switzerland) - with a banner saying "Your cops are your responsibility!". The two activists, together with supporters and the press, asked the Conseil d'Etat to accept responsibility for the actions of their police force. [Report and Pic]

Martin Shaw and Gesine Wenzel still maintain their demands:
* Charges to be brought against both the policeman who cut the rope and his senior officer.
* Compensation for injuries and loss of earnings

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Martin Shaw leaves hospital after one month

06-07-2003 10:44 | Evian G8 | Health | Repression | World

Aubonne Bridge- Gesine
Martin Shaw, who has been injured during a non violent direct action at the Anti-G8 Protests in Lausanne, near Evian, has been released from hospital.
In a press conference, new video material was presented, which demonstrated the neglicence of the police at the scene.

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Fallout From Recent Protests - Solidarity Update

01-07-2003 18:40 | Evian G8 | Thessaloniki EU | NoBorder Camp | Border Camps | Gender | Repression | Social Struggles | World

warsaw - women on waves
A noborder demo in Warsaw on June 30 ended with 16 arrests. A website with templates for appeals to authorities and more info is prepared. The demo ended a noborder conference and an International Anarchist Meeting preceding the Krynki bordercamp which starts on June 2nd.
A Financial Call for people arrested and injured during the Evian G8 Protests was sent out.
The Uk supporters for people held in prison following the EU summit in Thessaloniki are sending regular updates [Update #2 | Update #3].

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State of Emergency Imposed In Peru

31-05-2003 23:00 | Evian G8 | Globalisation | World

The anti G8 protests at Lac Leman are part of larger, world wide disagreement with governments' politics. In Peru, the "Rio-Group" (a Latin American equivalent of the G8) met last week. A wave of protests against the neoliberal politics of the Peruvian government has now developed into a mass insurrection. The President has declared a state of emergency. Reports: [Friday | update from Saturday | update from Sunday 1st of June

A Ya Basta! delegation from Italy is en route to Baghdad / Palestine, to coincide with the G8. [report][summary of saturday][summary of sunday]reports from monday[1][2][3][4]

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