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Protest against monkey export in Belgium

Gateway To Hell | 15.08.2008 12:34 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | Health | World

Once again on the doorstep of the Belgian embassy of the island of Mauritius, in solidarity with Shac prisoner Dan Amos

It is not because this Gateway to Hell campaign is now focusing rightfully so on Nepal, that we forget the horror of the monkey trade from Mauritius. Last week the embassador, Mr. Gunessee, stated in a Belgian newspaper how frustrated he was with the continuation of our protest.

Mr. Gunessee, you can complain as much as you want, this protest only stops when your sick government stops the monkey trade to Western vivisection labs. For more than 1 hour we stood outside the embassy, Rue Bollandistes 68, Brussels. Mauritius, we will never forget the pain you inflict on monkeys.

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