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UK Smash EDO Newswire Archive

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Smash EDO in Tel Aviv!

29-03-2010 21:07

Sunday the 28th of March saw the campaign entering the belly of the beast as two Smash EDOers held a public meeting with Israeli anti occupation activists in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Free Benefit Gigs in Taunton: TAH / Decommissioners / Bristol Antifa

21-03-2010 18:14

Upcoming gig listings for benefits gigs at Roadhouse (formally Pen & Quill) in Taunton, Somerset.

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Smash Edo picket Barclays

18-03-2010 12:41

A crowd of protesters stood outside Barclays gates in its main Brighton stronghold yesterday with banners, handing leaflets out and talking to passers by about the corporate bank's associations with arms manufacturers EDO MBM/ITT.

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Smash EDO Iraq commemoration

15-03-2010 12:01

On the 19th March 2003 the first of thousands of people were killed as the U.S and U.K's 'coalition of the willing' launched its skock-and-awe campaign against the people of Iraq.

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Good News in Decommissioners Preliminary Hearing

03-03-2010 22:55

Smash Edo
The prosecution led the days argument they claimed by causing over a quarter of a million pounds worth of damage to EDO/ITT we in no way could have saved lives in the occupied territories. This therefore meant we had no right to a jury trial. The judge then asked the prosecution to provide evidence to substantiate such a claim, the prosecution had nothing to show.

The defence then came back to say there were two linked issues that required consideration.
i) The circumstances in which a judge may withdraw a defendant’s defence;
ii) Whether the facts relied on by the defendants’ amounts to a defence in law.

The points of law up for scrutiny were from the:

Criminal Damage Act 1971,
Criminal Law Act 1967,
The Common Law Defence of Necessity.

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Your sporadic Smash EDO update

16-02-2010 16:31

Upcoming Smash EDO events.

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Bath Bomb #27 Out Now

12-02-2010 12:46

Yes, the new issue of the so-called 'monthly' Bath-based radical free sheet is once again ready for public perusal...

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pixies attack EDO again

05-02-2010 12:17

paint attack in the night

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EDO Decommissioner Elijah Smith has moved prison

28-01-2010 19:20

EDO Decommissioner Elijah Smith has recently been moved from HMP Lewes to HMP Sheppey Cluster (Elmley). He has now spent over one year on remand. Please take a moment to write to him.

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EDO/ITT paint bombed

21-01-2010 13:59

Tuesday night Pixies attacked

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Smash EDO Brighton 18/01/2010

21-01-2010 00:38

Hundreds of protesters attend the Smash EDO demonstration to protest against the Brighton defence contractor which manufactures weapon components used by the Israeli's during the violence against Palestine. Brighton, United Kingdom. 18/01/2010.

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Bristol EDO Decommissioner Elijah Smith a prisoner of war for one year

19-01-2010 17:08

The following article and image has been nicked from Bristol ABC and includes a call for more/better defendant & prisoner support. Full article with links is here

Elijah (James) Smith has now been locked up on remand for one year, ever since his arrest last 18 January 2009 after the EDO/MBM ITT factory in Brighton was trashed by 6 campaigners from Bristol.

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Pix from the Remember Gaza demo Brighton 18 January 2010

19-01-2010 13:14

Pix from the Remember Gaza demo in Brighton

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Smash Edo Gaza Demo

19-01-2010 10:45

Ready to start the march
On the first anniversary of the end of the Israeli war against Gaza, Smash EDO activists in Brighton organised a demonstration against arms manufacturer EDO MBM/ITT who made some of the weapons that killed 1417 Palestinians, mainly the elderly, women and children, during the three-week assault. Pictures Copyright (C) Peter Marshall, 2010, all rights reserved

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Press Release - Gaza Weapons Factory Under Siege

18-01-2010 20:53


For info call 07754135290 or email,

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Smash EDO Demo - 'Remember Gaza' - photos

18-01-2010 19:57

Police attempt to protect the weapons factory
Brighton hosted over 500 protesters calling for the closure of the EDO/ITT weapons factory, which manufactures bomb parts used against the people of Gaza last year.

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Smash EDO demo- First photos up on the argus website

18-01-2010 17:06

The argus have been doing a hilarious time line and have now added some photos.

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Support EDO Decommissioners

18-01-2010 00:10

To: This Petition will be handed into the Foreign Office prior to the trial of the decommissioners

This petition is from the 'Support the Decommissioners' campaign, a support group for six people who broke into EDO MBM/ITT in Brighton during Israel's bombing of Gaza in January 2009. By the 17th January, the night of the break in, Israel had killed over a thousand civilians By the end of Israel's aerial bombardment over 1400 people had died, including up to 400 children. Foreign secretary David Miliband has admitted that British supplied weapons were undoubtedly used during Israel's bombardment.

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1 year inside without trial for smashing edo

17-01-2010 21:09

Elijah Smith is still in jail 1 year on from his part in the decommissioning of the EDO/MBM/ITT factory in Brighton. EDO make parts for the weapons used by the Israeli army to bomb civilians in Gaza. Nobody was injured or harassed during their action, which was one of damage to property only. Elijah and his co-defendants did not resist arrest.