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UK Smash EDO Newswire Archive

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EDO decommissioners trial update and verdict date demo

22-06-2010 20:34

A short update from the decommissioners trial and verdict date demo info.

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EDO Decommissioners Round 2.

18-06-2010 18:37

The defence get their first victory under their belt as one defendant gets their case dropped at the beginning of the week, followed by the start of the defence case with Decommissioners Ornella Saibene and Robert Nicholls taking the stand along with character references for each.

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Smashingly good start at Decommissioners trial.

15-06-2010 19:35

As the Decommissioners trial in Hove Crown Court enters its second week one of the defendants had their case dropped due to insufficient evidence provided by the prosecution. Back of the net. So thats one down... eight to go.

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Smash EDO events for the next week

04-06-2010 12:24

Support is needed for the decommissioners during next week as the trial finally kicks off. Come along if you can.

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Callout for solidarity with the EDO defendants during the trial

02-06-2010 11:19

Support the decommissioners!

General enquiries: 07538093930
Press: 07526557436

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Demo to Support the Flotilla at EDO/ITT,suppliers to the Israeli navy, Tommorrow

01-06-2010 09:07

A flotilla carrying aid and international activists to Gaza was attacked in international waters on Monday and up to twenty people were killed. The ship was intercepted illegally and taken to Ashdod where its crew are being detained. Another ship, the Rachel Corrie, is still en route towards Gaza

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Support the Decommissioners Public Meeting

25-05-2010 12:09

Public Meeting

Saturday 5th June

5.30-8pm, Community Base, Queen's Road, Brighton

Support the Decommissioners Public Meeting

On 17th January 2009, as Israeli bombs rained down on Gaza, six people
broke into the EDO factory in Brighton and decommissioned the
production line damaging their capability to make weapons to be used
against Gazan civilians.

At this public meeting, just two days before the start of the
decommissioners trial, where they will argue that their actions were
justified, we will discuss EDO's complicity in war crimes worldwide.

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Manchester anti-arms trade activities

13-05-2010 08:58

Target Brimar are calling for solidarity with the EDO Decommissioners in Manchester. On Monday 17th May at 12.30 pm we'll be leafleting outside Barclays on Mosley Street in Manchester City Centre; please join us.

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Decommissioners trial postponed until June 7th

11-05-2010 20:41

plus upcoming Smashing events...

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Smash EDO - Target Barclays Picket 11am Saturday

07-05-2010 21:05


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Dissident Island Radio Tonight - May 7th

07-05-2010 12:41

Sea Shepherd // Merthyr to Mayo bikeride // EDO Decommissioners trial // WAG election analysis // Jammy Bastard

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Reminder - Bad Music Demo at EDO/ITT Today 4pm

05-05-2010 11:36


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US soldier in collateral murder video speaks out against war

28-04-2010 08:40

soldier who saved kids in wikiLeaks massacre video condemns war

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Circus protests continue in Nottingham and Leicester

18-04-2010 22:07

Great British Circus protests continue in Nottingham and a demo is planned when they arrive in Leicester on Tuesday 27th April.

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Bath Bomb #29 Out Now

09-04-2010 13:11

Bath's monthly radical freesheet is out now, chronicling the rise and falling on its feet of Bath's Black Cat social centre, Border Agency harrassment, property questioning, Mayday plots, Tesco encroachment, and the usual...

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wikileaks release US Military Murder cover-up Video

05-04-2010 16:19

shocking proof of murder and wounding of journalists and civilians in afghanistan including children.

people killed while trying to take wounded to hospital

bodies run over by armoured vehicles

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Audio of Smash EDO/Bernardine Dohrn Tel Aviv meeting

31-03-2010 21:30

Here are two audio recordings from people in Tel Aviv and International Indymedia. Please post and pass these on. They are not to be used for profit!

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NZ activists who destroyed govt spy base dome acquitted by jury

31-03-2010 10:26

NZ jury accept 'greater good' defence