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UK Smash EDO Newswire Archive

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Arms fair targeted

23-07-2009 12:28

The Celtic Manor Resort was left with smashed windows and breached security after they hosted a major arms conference this week. There was also protest outside with remarkably light policing and not a FIT camera in sight.

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Smash EDO Bikes not Bombs reminder

21-07-2009 20:35

WEDNESDAY JULY 22: Bikes not Bombs -A Critical Mass bike ride against EDO/ITT.

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2008 US Foreign Military Sales to Israel worth $1.3 Billion

18-07-2009 20:48

FAS Obtains Key Report on US Arms Exports

By Matt Schroeder

17 July 2009

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Support the Decommissioners Facebook group

16-07-2009 11:06

This is to clarify the details of the decommissioners Facebook group. Please circulate this info widely as growing support and awareness is important in the buildup to the courtcase.

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SMASH EDO: Smashing stuff coming up

14-07-2009 19:31

Here is your sporadic Smash EDO update, with information about special noise demos and other goings on...

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UK blocks 5 arms export licences to Israel (out of 182)

13-07-2009 09:23

5 down

177 to go

hardly an embargo

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ITT- EDO MBM 2008 Accounts Report Terminal Decline

12-07-2009 11:43

EDO MBM 2008 Accounts
EDO Rugged Systems 2008 Accounts
EDO (UK) Ltd 2008 Accounts

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EDO in Newport

11-07-2009 11:27

EDO are exhibiting in a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle military conference on the 22nd and 23rd (see below).

Anyone fancy a trip to Newport ??

1. Conference: UV Europe 2009. Newport South Wales. July 22-23
Exhibiters from EDO MBM (Brighton) Bental (Israel) UAV Engines
(subsidiary of Israali arms firm Elbit Systems) and others

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Anti-Militarist Network Gathering, Nottingham

03-07-2009 03:17

The Anti-Militarist Network will be holding its next gathering in Nottingham on the weekend of July 11th-12th.

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Justice minister Jack Straw in Brighton

02-07-2009 12:54

Jack Straw, the justice minister (now) is doing some 'soap box' drama in Brighton in Windsor street next to the Earth and Stars pub.
Few unexpected hecklers down ther. Please go and support.

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Press Release - Campaigners to enact the Bloody History of ITT Today

01-07-2009 08:54

Smash EDO Press Release

Wednesday 1sth July

Campaigners to enact the Bloody History of ITT

for more info call 07538093930 or email

Demonstration at EDO MBM/ITT, Home Farm Road, 4pm

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Smash EDO Public Debate Postponed

30-06-2009 18:56

til a later date in July or August

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History of ITT demo, tomorrow, 4pm at EDO MBM/ITT

30-06-2009 17:15

Wednesday July 1st

The History of ITT: 4pm outside EDO MBM/ITT

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Public Debate - Resisting War Crimes is not a Crime?

29-06-2009 14:26

On January 19th this year,during the bombardment of Gaza six people entered the EDO/ITT arms factory in Moulescoombe and caused extensive damage. On May 4th thousands took to the streets for a mass demonstration.

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Shut ITT protester pleads guilty

29-06-2009 13:47

One man, arrested at Smash EDO's Shut ITT demo (see plead guilty to section 5 of the Public Order Act

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EDO MBM/ITT blockaded

29-06-2009 08:39

Early this morning the Home Farm Road premises of arms manufacturer EDO MBM/ITT were blockaded in solidarity with those made refugees by global military aggression.